best day

Best Day of My Life.

This is how the day started, the best day of my fucking life.

As usual, I laid on the sand with the waves tickling me time and again. The morning sun wasn’t as harsh as it used to be and I was grateful to my Gods sculpted in stone.

The breeze coming from West was cold and I knew what to expect. Today, I didn’t see any kids come to play by the beach, probably because their schools must’ve restarted all over. As a consequence, it was a peaceful day by the ocean.

There was no life around me for the better part of the day but as the sun kissed the ocean, kids were back with their parents. I was almost submerged in the salty water but I liked it this way. The sun, though for a brief period of time, laughed at me and the water helped me cool down.

I was able to make out the children’s laughter over the rustling waves and somehow, I realized, I missed it.
I would normally spend dusk, enjoying the romance of fire and water but if I did the same today, it won’t be my favorite day. Heh?

Around 5 minutes later, I heard a boy making his way towards me while holding on to a beautiful girl who held her dress so it won’t submerge. It was scary how he stood right next to me and went down on his knees.
The water level was as high as his waist and I was worried if he would lose balance due to the waves.

“I love you.” He screamed so loud that I’m sure the kids must’ve stopped their game.
I don’t know what she said because the breeze stole her words before it reached me but she tried to hug him and they both fell onto me.

As he helped her stand up, his hand accidentally grabbed me. He picked me up and rubbed his shaky fingers on my skin.

“This is my gift to you, my love.” She took me away from his fingers, in her own.
“Oh, dear! What a cute pebble. I’ll always keep it with me.”
She promised him and here I am, listening to her favorite song while she sleeps next to me on her bed
as I lay on the night stand.
Indeed, this is the best day of my fucking life!

Prompt: This is how the day started, the best day of my fucking life.
Image Prompt: Pinterest.

©The Honest Fabler — Ashutosh Gursale
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