“How was the city? Did you like it?” She enquired. “Well, it was helpless and romantic but mostly suffocating”, I replied. She sighed, apparently this wasn’t the answer she was expecting.

But I only spoke the truth. I could see people with hollow eyes and dry lips- so void of any feeling.
I could see people getting into those showrooms buying a piece of cloth that costs far more than the actual worth, while children begged outside these very showrooms.
I could see how everyone was in search for some place to escape, for something to disappear in.
And since they were unable to find it, they pretended to be in love or having fun. Pretension was their escape. I could see how history no longer mattered to them, how scared they were of the future.
And somewhere in between these two they were living the present.
And at that moment the world seemed so bitter and unkind as if it’s put there to watch you drown or build a wall to trap you with your sadness.

That was the moment when I knew, that this beautiful world could be brutal but that is the exactitude of time when you need to stay strong, when you need to preserve your kindness and love this world back.
Funnily enough, this vast universe seems to need us as much as we need it!

©Devanshi Gupta – A powerful awe-inspiring writer whose work can make you question the Orthodox customs set by the society and many other abstracts.
Blog- The Voice of Silence.

©Cover credits- Google Images


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