When I started The Honest Fabler, I had it in mind that no one has the time to read my thoughts and imaginations, nor would anyone be interested even if they have time.

But that’s the story of 2 months ago.

Week after week with the increasing number of achieved milestones I’ve been in debt of my fellow bloggers and readers, but today– but today!!!!!– we’ve reached 500+ followers.

I thought that this “Thank you” post would be better than last. But boy, I was so wrong. I’m spellbound and everything one becomes when they can’t speak without shaking.

With an open heart I want to tell you all how amazing you’ve been as readers and also great friends. Without you guys I might had still been writing poems at the last pages of my journal and imagined of universes that would only be a dream.

For whatever I ever achieve as the Fabler all credit goes to you.❤️ Best wishes.

Peace out.


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