The life of a being in one round chapter.

If you are frightened of dying & still holding on, you will see devils tearing your life away.
But if you have made your peace,
then the angels will retaliate and the devils will ask for mercy, freeing you from the earth.
The fact people are taking a horoscope post so serious is comical.
Horoscopes don’t determine the way a person acts and treats people.

I’m a Leo and according to “moderate believer” we are the devils.
Personally I wear my heart on my sleeve and bend over backwards for good people. It’s all about our heart and mind and the way we act within.

As mentioned by Victor Hugo:

“How can one possibly believe, that every ray of a star is a thread attached to a man’s head?”

We shall overrule our stars and have a greater influence upon planets of the firmament .
Astrology relies heavily on our “selective memory”, a tendency to remember successful “predictions” and forget missed predictions.
Play your Celestial variables, we all are angels if we act like one.

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee

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Random Shower thoughts

‘What took you so long in the shower, Flynn?’ Sydney asked her newlywed husband before their first night together.

‘Because I’m lucky.’ Flynn said jumping on the bed with only a towel wrapped around his waist, wet strands of hair dripping on his forehead.

‘Have you decided to turn weird the very first night after our marriage?’ Sydney tilted her head, concerned about Flynn’s well being.

‘Don’t you get it, Sydney? I’m so lucky to be alive. Alive, in the same timeline that you exist. Our souls have been sleeping for all eternity and they probably would sleep again after our deaths. Comparing the time of our lives with this eternity is pointless, but this little time that we get to be awake, to breathe, to love, it’s– it’s all so aesthetic to imagine. I know we’re just starting our marriage but I want it to be the best time of our lives. And by best I don’t mean that everything would be perfect all time, you know.’ His manner of speaking had turned rapid, thus he paused to breath and Sydney gave him a nod to continue.

‘Times change, the happy times come and go. But when the worst times come, I want to be there for you. I want to have your back and even shield you if need be. I want to teach our kids the truth about disappointments and let them know that it’s alright to face “Failure”. Because, honey, our time to be alive is very tiny and who’d want to spend it in regrets? Of course, we’ll teach them to dream big but also make them aware about the hurt that expectations bring along with them. Even hard work doesn’t give a 100% output, but we’ll teach them to be happy, no matter what. We’ll be happy, too.’

All this time Sydney listened to her husband intently, without taking her eyes off his enthusiastic expressions. 

‘I’ll do just that.’ She chimed like a bird lost in the mesmerizing song of nature. Teasingly she climbed atop him and turned the lights off the night lamp.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images