My first love — Diary


Dear Diary,

It’s funny how I always write in you but never for you.
And it’s surprising how you never complain while I fill your pages with the nonsensical jumble of words. All that belong to my unshaped thoughts and claim to call it a “draft”.
No matter how much I revise a draft to make it perfect, the one inside you will always be it’s purest form. Just like our bond.

You know the secrets of my wild times and the rants of my sad nights, also the time when I fell, and the time when I rose high.
You live in a shelf, hidden from the world but today I’ll make sure you’re known.

Your flawless cover is now adorned with my name and the favorite fandoms but I know you are “you” at heart.
And that’s what makes me trust you with my poems and the plots.
And honestly, if it weren’t you with me everywhere I went, my thoughts would always stay a thought.

So thank you for being you and bearing my pen strokes and tears. You’ve made me what I am.

Truly Yours,
A Writer.

©The Honest Fabler Ashutosh Gursale
©Image source- My first loves!

A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

Whether you’re a pretty little girl,
or a brave little boy,
Just knowing that you’re on your way
fills my heart with joy.

You’ll learn that you’re my miracle.
For you, I’ve waited long.
You’ll see it in my poetry,
maybe even in a song.

May you always know what love is,
from our whole family.
That, my little angel,
is a promise straight from me.

I hope you grow up strong and smart.
Because you stayed in school,
Intelligence will be your art
And wisdom will be your tool.

You can be whatever you want to be
as long as you put your mind to it.
Whenever you hit a rough spot, though,
I’ll be there to see you through it.

Whether it’s music, dance or even sports
I’ll let you try it all.
We’ll shop for tights and soccer shorts
Downtown at the local mall.

I’m not sure of what else to say right now
’cause I’ve really said a lot.
You’ll learn to understand me
’cause I’m the only Mom you’ve got!

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee
©Image Source –

Take Flight

©Written by the multi-talented artist & a writer of pure emotions – Aishwarya Kondvilkar (An Unprofessional Trendsetter.) Her sketches go hand in hand with her words that weigh full of raw emotion. Make sure you check out her blog and her Instagram for marvellous sketches.

Take flight

This is for all the artists out there..the ones who had so many things in their head to recreate on a paper with something as simple as a pencil and colours of any kind..who were waiting to get better and better so that they could show the world exactly what they wanted. The waiting is over. Pick up that medium and just start creating without holding back. You were born to do this. The art is not just in your skills it’s in YOU. No one can compare to that. Let the lines be wobbly and let those colours out of those crooked borders. Just keep creating no matter what. No block or nothing can stop you. It’s you who’s waiting. Waiting to feel inspired and motivated enough. Waiting to feel confident. But that just begins in this exact moment when you decide it has started to flow through you. Let it go. For real. No force is big enough to come between you and your imagination. No force can take that away from you. You are enough. You are powerful enough to impact the world. Even after you are gone. I know. No one cares about your art now when you are alive. I know how it feels to see people praising dead artists and ignoring the live ones. That’s just cuz I’m one of you. But you know what? We matter. Our art matters. Without our art this place would stay bare and colourless and lifeless. We put the colours and life in this world. Keep doing it. Stop doubting yourself. Do it now. Go. 

P.s. The title is a song which was muse for me when I wrote this. This is how that music makes me feel. 

©Cover credits – Google Images

Waking up "Gratified"

I don’t know how to thank you people enough for even reading what I write. I’m a little shaky, overwhelmed by gratefulness.
I started writing the blog exactly a month ago. It was technically because whatever I wrote on social medias, no one noticed it. Which was obvious since not many people knew I write.

This blog, oh this blog!, it’s the place where my write ups got an exposure, they’ve found home. Even if many people didn’t read it, I would had continued to write since I didn’t even imagine anyone would like it. That would had been a possible outcome, but the one that is real seems very unreal! From the last month, the followers have reached from 0 to 205(6 email followers) and 42 countries other than India have read it. This is the most wonderful thing I woke up to, this morning.

I believe this wasn’t only the outcome of my writings, it was because of the marvelous positive feedback from everyone. Especially deepikachaos-xd, mikaR.D Maya &  many others who have been there from the start!

Initially, I didn’t know what to write and thus the topics varied. But now I do know. I write poems & flash fictions of various genre. Exploring is what I like the most. Different character’s have different views, so naturally I like to write First Person Narratives. Third Person Narratives are great, too, they indeed show off the skills of the author & who doesn’t like to learn new things?

This reminds me of the on-going crime/mystery series I started a week ago. I know it’s latest part was extremely annoying since the lack of explanation, but don’t worry, it was intentional and today I’m going to post it’s final part. So stay tuned!

Thanks a lot, everyone. Your feedback means a lot to me. <3

Peace out.