Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

Complete parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)

“I see a cave there!” Aaron points towards a tiny opening, towards the right of their path. Asher, in the form of yak, takes a right and stops a few meters before the cave and turns back into his human form.

“We need to stop the war. Make peace. It isn’t possible if I speak to him. Only you can do it, brother. Though I haven’t spent much time with you or been with you throughout your life, at least I know that you are capable. Capable of making our people forgive our father and help him make sense.”
“Can I make that change, all by myself?”
“You can do wonders, brother. All the best.” Asher turns into a bat and rests on a nearby tree. With shaky legs and heavy breath, Aaron steps toward the cave.

“Hello?” His voice echoes in the darkness.
No response.
“Hello? Is anybody there?”
He hears a man coughing.
“Come. Come, Aaron.” The voice says pausing to cough. “I thought you wouldn’t find me at all. Guess my son reached you before my minions did.” He gives a hollow laugh.
“Oh yes, those 3 little ogres that scared your friends. I’m sorry they had to die, they weren’t even suppose to enter our world.” The cold words that fall on Aaron’s ears send a chill down his spine. It’s the feeling of hate that overshadows fear for this man. A murderer of my friends. He can feel his cheeks redden and his fists tighten. I’m their last hope. Aaron reminds himself and decides to let it go, for now.

“That is done now, let’s not bring up what we can’t change.” Aaron’s surprised to see how quick his father’s statement changed, it is as if he knows what is going in Aaron’s mind.

“Do you remember me, son?” Aaron hears footsteps.

“No, I don’t. But I know you now.” Aaron’s words are bitter, he cannot stand calling that person his father. The footsteps sound closer and as his father reaches near him, Aaron can see him. And when he does, his heart skips a beat.

The person in front of him is a dying man, one who can’t even walk straight. Aaron takes an involuntary step backwards, wondering how can a man like his father hold so much power. His father’s wrinkled face is covered with a crooked smile. Dressed in ragged clothes covering his skinny torso, his father walks closer to him.

“I’ve missed you so, so much, Aaron.” His father’s voice isn’t hollow anymore, it’s filled with hurt and love towards Aaron. It’s hard to believe that his father can be the cause of such chaos.

“I wish I could say the same.” Aaron lowers his eyes.

“Do you—? Are—? What did they tell you about me?” He can sense the amount of sadness laced in his father’s voice. “Why are you so far away, son? Come to me, let me touch you.” Aaron’s heart cannot resist the desperation in his father’s tone. Without any second thoughts he leaps towards his father. Before all this happened, even Aaron wished to meet his father some day.

He doesn’t hold back tears when he is wrapped in an awkward hug from his father. Aaron can feel the wrinkled skin of his father, holding loosely onto his brittle bones. Then he reminds what his father has done.

“Did my son or my wife treat you right?” The concern makes Aaron doubt the honesty of his father.

“Why would they not treat me right? They treated me like their family member. And you’re doing the same. What made you leave your family? It was because you, that I had to be sent to live with humans. Why, father? I want all the answers.” Aaron is screaming.

“Oh, my boy. I’ll tell you everything. Sit.” The dying man leads Aaron’s way to a raised stone platform.

“They wouldn’t treat you right if they knew the truth about you.” Aaron is about to raise his voice again since he cannot stand being pitied but his father continues, “You wouldn’t want to be with them either. If you knew the truth.”

“What truth?” Aaron asks, irritated.

“When you were 6, we discovered a hybrid child amongst —”
“Amongst us. And I know what happened back then.”
“Ah, don’t you? That they found out about a hybrid kid and thus your mother sent you away? My child, the truth isn’t something any of them can handle.” His father shakes his head in despair.

“You are the hybrid child, son. My wife knew that but if she told anyone else, she might had to face the king’s judgement. And thus she took you in until the news came up. She only cared about her family and keeping it together, thus she sent you where you belonged. To your mother. A human. Unfortunately, your mother was killed in a car accident the night she found you at her home. Only I know that the accident wasn’t an accident, King Gerrard gave the orders to execute her.
He was the reason an innocent life was lost. I disclosed his truth to my brethren, they trusted me. But it wasn’t enough to prove his truth to our kingdom. He exploited his power and declared war against us. A lot of my brothers and sisters were killed, so I decided to do it all alone. I brought together these creatures and with their help defeated Gerrard. By now, there were many rumors about me. My son, Asher, believed them. He was the one to lead his army and defeat me. I’m proud of his bravery, but he is blinded by his mother. Her clever mind can control a lot more than dreams. She crowned our son as the new King. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy her.
She seeded hatred for me in Asher’s mind. Made it his prime objective to end my existence. Her insecurities weren’t because I had a kid with a mortal, they are because if the kingdom comes to know about your truth then she wouldn’t have the place that she currently holds.”

Aaron’s face is covered with tears. His heavy lungs won’t let a word escape his lips. It isn’t the first time when Aaron’s world has changed completely. This has turned something of a cycle in his life.

“I never wanted to fight them again. But now, she has called me for a fight and I won’t go down easily. I wanted to meet you one last time to tell you the truth. To believe me or not is something I’ll let you decide.” His father says as an endnote and starts to leave.

“Why don’t you live with me? We’ll leave all this behind and live alone.” Aaron manages to speak betwixt his sobs.

“This has gone too far, son.” Aaron can imagine his father’s regretful expression in the darkness.

“No, it hasn’t. We’ll vanish from here. We’ll let these people live how they want to and stay unfazed from them. It’ll be a utopia for me.” Aaron can hear his father laughing heartily.

“Don’t you see me, son? I can’t live a day longer.” The little hope that was ignited for a second in his heart, burns out completely. “When I’ll go, I want to know that you’re safe and happy. Unlike now. Now, you live with a broken heart whose cries can be heard even when I’m miles away. I’ve watched you for all your life, son. And there’s nothing that I want for you, more than happiness. When I’m gone, I want you to know what I truly was. Don’t ever believe people like my wife who put you down, my child. Be with your friends who stood by your side ever since you entered this world. Lonzo, isn’t he? He’s on ground zero battling my ogre’s army alongside your brother. Don’t panic. He’s alright, yet.” His father says sensing the shock in his gasp.

“You have to stop this war.” Aaron shouts.
“I wish, I could.” He says and turns around.

“I know you can.” Echoes a voice coming from the mouth of the cave. Aaron recognizes it without a doubt, Asher.

“Welcome, Son. Such a pleasure meeting you.” His father sounds almost happy to meet Asher, but it isn’t the same with Aaron’s brother.

“Shut up, liar! Don’t you dare call me your son. You can brainwash that naïve kid but never me. Order your troops to fall back or I’ll end your miserable life.” Asher orders on top of his voice but Aaron can sense the tears welling up in his eyes.

“I am everything but a Liar, Asher. And you know it very well. Why—” Before his father can complete, the ground starts trembling and mist covers the room. Caer. Aaron mutters.

“ENOUGH! You cannot tell lies to my kids. I would never bear it.” She materializes between Aaron and his father. The dying sunlight, enters through the opening and ends at Asher’s feet.

“Asher! Aim the spear at this man’s heart!” Caer’s order sets a chain of dominos into motion. Aaron notices Asher picking up a wooden spear and his father spreading out his arms, ready to accept death. Arguing himself on whom to believe Aaron runs between the trajectory of the spear.

The spear damages his rib cage and pierces out of his back. Closely missing his father’s face. With a smile on his face he lands on the ground. In the dim light he sees three worried faces hovering above him. His mother holds his hand but he feels nothing. Asher screams at Aaron to stay conscious but he hears nothing. His father is crying in pain and that’s all he sees in the dying sunlight. With his last breath he mutters “Family.” and closes his eyes to sleep eternally.


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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)

Complete parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

It’s time for you to step in.” The sudden rise of his master’s voice doesn’t surprise the Minister. In fact he was waiting for his master to let him go. Without any further delay he nods and teleports himself to the battlefield.

The flames reaching out to the sky give him a satisfaction of winning the battle. His satisfaction, however, turns to be a chimera when he notices the tiny figure flying towards the cavern where his master rests. Right in time. He scoffs and ascends upward.


“Stop right there, Caer. Proceed no further or I shall summon lightning from the darkest—”. Without warning a misty hand blinds the Minister and he can feel the gravity pulling him down to earth.

The Minister

“What is it?” Aaron’s dumbfound from the sudden appearance of a flying cloud of darkness. “The Minister.” Caer answers, concentrating on the shell plummeting down to the ground.

“Warned you.” They hear an echo before the lightning strikes. Caer loses her balance and her grip around Aaron, but he grabs her hand in time. “The next one wouldn’t miss.” The Minister’s smoke rises up again to their altitude.

Aaron realizes Caer doesn’t talk much. She flies into center of the fog, with a clap she blasts the surroundings. The air around them flies away along with the smoke that belongs to the Minister.

As she continues to proceed, the Minister jumps ahead and blocks their way. He grows in size, spreading his particles in every possible direction. When he reaches the apparent limit, his hands start to solidify. Climbing up his torso, the gaseous particles turn solid and form scales on his body.

With the huge figure blocking their way there is no way left for them to slip from. Aaron looks at Caer who’s still in a trance, helpless he awaits the Minister to have his go on them. But as soon as the Minister slings his arm, Caer abandons her cloud along with Aaron and jumps onto his hand. Aaron, now descending towards the ground struggles to find a glimpse of his mother on the giant. When does see her, she is running towards the neck of the Minister while he is trying to flick her away.

The midget Caer has caused enough troubled for the Minister, his solid state is unstable due to her magic. After numerous failed tries to get rid of her, he decides to shrink in size and end it once and for all.

Exactly what I wanted. Smirks the queen of dreams as she plummets down to the earth from the shoulder of the giant Minister. His size is proportional to hers and she knows it is less tedious to defeat him, now.

“I don’t need to be big to make you taste the dust, Cae—”. Before he can complete, the queen runs at him and swings her leg. But rather than kicking him in front, as he expects, she jumps above him and lands behind his back. She takes a full swing high kick aimed at his head but he blocks it with his sharp claws.

“Not so easy.” He twists her and pierces his claws an inch deep in her arm. The greatest surprise is when she there’s no expression of pain on the queen’s face. Rather, she looks like she’s dozing off.

Caught off guard, a dense fog covers everything around them. Something about it makes the world an image of undefined borders for the Minister. Unaware of what’s happening he slips through the grasp of consciousness.

Aaron, who has been watching from a safer distance, wonders what is going inside the smoke. When he squints eyes a little more, he still isn’t able to differentiate any figure from the other.  “Go to that man, Aaron. Make him stop this chaos. You are our last hope, I’ll cage the Minister in his dream but you will have to hurry. You will find him in the cavern that witnesses the daylight die, in the tallest alp beyond the cold forest.” tallest-mountain-world_7c9cfcca224a8224_jSUborOOQ3-9bCNmP5pPng

It’s his mother’s voice that rings in his ears, repeating the words of his father. He looks around for his mother with no success. Instead, he spots the tallest mountain and starts accelerating towards it.

On the way, he only hopes that he doesn’t come across another Minister or a monster.

Once he reaches the foot of the mountain, he curses himself to jinx his faith. Since he notices a huge wolf run towards him. Moreover, Aaron has nowhere to hide. He covers his face and expects the wolf to attack him at any moment.

The wolf doesn’t attack him for a very long time, thus Aaron looks up to see his brother laughing at him. Naked.

“You!” Aaron punches him in the stomach.

“We’ve a long way to go. Giddy up.” says Asher and turns into a yak.

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Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)

Complete parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)


“TEN!” Lonzo shouts the number of Ogres he’s killed and lifts his sword in excitement.
“Crouch.” His comrade warns and shoots the rat faced Ogre with an arrow piercing his heart.

Rat Ogres alongside Trolls.

“We can do this, brothers. Stay strong!” Says the commander and Lonzo is pleased but the feeling vanishes when he looks at the arriving army of ogres and trolls. We’re still on the frontline. He challenges himself and stands in his stance. For my friends and my life. With his chest wide, he slices the head of upcoming enemies.


“There are so many of them.” Aaron’s jaw is left hanging after seeing the number of enemies sitting at a corner waiting for their job to be done by the frontlines of their army.
“How will we even win?” He tilts his head.
“This is what it is. Their numbers are of creatures with power but no skills. Our men are warriors. From a dagger to a magical spell we have it all. Look! The ogres and trolls are all dead.” His mother’s eyes are still closed but Aaron knows she is right the moment he glances at the battlefield.


“We’ve won!!!” Lonzo realizes he’s the only one celebrating when everyone else looks at him with a queer look.
“Warrior, it has only begun.” The commander walks up to him and rests a hand on his shoulder. “You’re brave. What is your name, warrior?”
“Lonzo.” He manages to speak from his sweat-drenched helmet.
“Everyone stand at ready, here they come to die. For our families and Lonzo. Yoorah!”

“Yoorah! Yoorah! Yoorah!” The war cry does something, or is it the commander’s touch? Lonzo cannot decide but his adrenaline has increased. The armour is no more heavy, it’s a part of his body, he can move faster; his feet, they feel lighter than before. He raises his sword, but there isn’t one. His sword is replaced by a stick, a polished shiny wooden stick. After a moment’s surprise he realizes what has happened, it is the commander’s stick. He swings it around his body and it leaves behind a trail of star-dust, its halo is calming him.


When the first Balor reaches his ranks, Lonzo is the first to attack. He uses the stick to jump over its flaming whip and clings onto the wings with one hand and brings the stick in position with another. As he prepares to smash the Balor with the stick, its end turns into a spear.


As soon as the edge touches the scales on the monster, it vaporizes to dust. With a surprised laugh he turns and continues his fight, for he is aware that war won’t stop until every side has lost everything at stake.


“Where are we going?” Aaron cannot take the suspense anymore, the queasiness due to the altitude doesn’t help, either.

“Amidst all the havoc the pawns create, their shameless King rests in the solace of his cavern. By his side, the faithful minister whose intellect and power challenge mine. To make you reach out to your father, we’ll have to surpass the minister’s hurdles. Once you meet your father, only you can change the course of war. Only you can talk him out of this or silence him. He trusts you, that’s for sure. And I do, too.” Her lip edges curl up in a pale smile. Aaron realizes what kind of responsibility he has been given, I’ll be the murderer of my own father. One who I’ve never met. The feeling of guilt is making him drown.
“Where is Asher?” He asks, hopefully.
“Asher is helping the battalion, look right there. He’s turned in a Lion.” Again she points without opening her eyes but is still right. Aaron gulps down the guilt and mentally fights the feeling of running away.
“How will we get rid of the minister?”
“That, we’ll have to see.” A nervous laugh escapes her throat.


Few minutes of rest in the battle.

“The enemy is growing stronger.” Commander turns to Asher, now in his human form.
“And so are we. Enough wasting time with sticks and swords. I want each and everyone to turn into their strongest forms. I’m trusting you, Commander. Fight till your last breath. May the elders be by your side.” With the final greeting he turns into an eagle and flies toward the approaching armies.

Seeing his mentor confide trust in him makes his voice louder when he shouts the last command, “Brothers, the enemy may come from hell to our lands. We are the warriors; We are the saviors and we shall be the one who will send these rodents back to their stinking hell! If they bring fire, we’ll use flame to burn them alive. If they bring water, we’ll drown their filthy corpses in it. Our King has went to defeat theirs. It is our duty to fend off these creatures from our motherland until our last breaths. Come together Warriors, turn into the mightiest and the strongest forms of your existence. We’ll die today but we will make our last stand the strongest. We will bite them, we will chew them and break them to bits. Yoorah!”

As everyone around him turns into an Elephant or a Bear, Lonzo waits with a blank look on his face. To his aid, the commander turns into a Rhinoceros and carries him on his back.


Hells Army Coming From The Flames Of Hell

The rising flame from below scares Aaron and the view of the approaching army scares him even more. Aaron knows only one thing, he has to stop his father and stop him fast. At any cost.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eighth)

Previous parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

“Why have you brought me here.” Aaron’s voice is shaky but there is no response. His mother’s body lies in an awkward position with her heading hanging back and forth. With no other option due to the unsafe seat in the clouds, Aaron crosses his fingers and hopes Caer wakes up soon.


“Where’s Lonzo?” Audra asks Randy as she enters in the room allotted to him and Lonzo.
“Probably still bathing with the beauty in the pond.” Randy tosses her an apple from the basket kept on the table in front of him and Audra takes a seat on the bed.  Audra has been given the room adjacent to this, A perfect mirror image. She realizes as she looks around the room unless her eyes settle on Lonzo entering from the door. 990e8b9fea36b0558f4fa68d392f314e

Unlike the other males, Lonzo is wearing a warrior suit instead of a robe. His huge built is embellished by the mighty sword and the helmet with wings.
“Is it Halloween already?” Randy mocks.
“I’m a warrior, I volunteered to go in the war.” He replies, his chin raised high.
“Are you out of your mind?” Audra shrieks. Randy’s expression is equally shocked.
“No, but I have to go. Tell Aaron I love him and that I am going on my own will and that I will miss him.”
“You’re not going anywhere! You’re not going against me.” Randy drags him but the armor has made him too heavy for Randy to move. Audra is pacing the room in short strides, fixing her the hair strand that always keeps falling even after she’s put it in place. Frustrated she collapses on the sitting diwan in the center of the room. “WHY?” She screams.
“I don’t care if I die the second I enter in the battle. I don’t want to go back and live my broken life, Audi. With these broken people who keep breaking everything I try to make. They never care of what I like, nobody does. They all judge things on how good it is for themselves.”
“So you’re going to give your life in a war that you’re not even a part of?” Randy sizes up to him.
“I’m sick of humans.” Lonzo turns to Audra. “Convey my message to him.”
“No, I won’t if—” Before she can complete a wild gong is heard from above and leaps of soldiers rush out. Lonzo turn to them and give each of them a hug before leaving.

Once the warriors have left, Audra chews on the apple silently. Randy gets himself a banana.
“So we wait?” Randy raises an eyebrow.
“We wait.” Audra nods.


“MOM! Wake up! It’s been so long, can’t you hear me?” Aaron’s position is unchanged and so is Caer’s. The gong’s noise has made Aaron extra aware about the war that is going to start between his family and the creatures under his father’s army.

“Obviously I can listen, son. But don’t disturb me.” Her tone is calm, but laced with a little insanity. The type of insanity a mad scientist would get when their experiment works.

The blasts start taking place at a good distance from the kingdom and towards the northern side of the forest, Aaron’s sweating. Unsure what his mother would make him do.
“Yes!” Caer wakes up in a while, “We are losing.”
“So why the ‘Yes!’?”
“Because I know just what to do.”
“And what is it?” He braces himself.
“Come.” With only a word she drags him along her cloud off towards the battleground.

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Occult of Strigoikirk (The Seventh)

Complete parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

“Dopa la bal, Master.” The man who rushed into their meeting earlier in the bedroom has returned.
“What kind of disrespect is this? No one’s allowed in the bathing ponds when I am here, especially when I’m accompanied by my brother. Do I have to tell my own Commander about this?” Asher’s covered himself with the fur of a tiger and his voice has turned deeper.
“I’m very sorry, Master.But we need to prepare for an attack, right now! I thought you need to be informed about the unusual movement in the northern forest. It was massive, massive enough to be considered as the cue that we have been waiting for. We’ve to prevent them from reaching us.”
“Niamh, take him to mother.” Asher turns his head and addresses the maiden. “Come Daed, we’ve a war to win.” Aaron, who’s still in awe by the addition of wings to his brother, follows Niamh with only a towel around his waist. As they lead out she gives him a robe and they continue on their route.

“How does my mother look?” Aaron’s curiosity is rising at every dark corner they turn at.
“Nobody knows.” Patience is what Aaron lacks at the moment, but Niamh seems to have a blank expression. “Never mind.” He mutters and walks  quietly.

After ascending numerous stairways, Niamh leaves Aaron in front of a tiny door and vanishes without a notice. Before Aaron can do anything the tiny door opens with a rather wild screech that makes him cover his ears.

“Proceed in.” A voice calls from inside and Aaron steps in.
“Hello?” Aaron can listen to his echo, but the room is still dark as the night. “Mom? Where are you?”
“In a place which you can see, a place where you can run, breath, and live but nothing’s real for you.” The voice is more clear, as if the source is right above Aaron.
“For me?”
“Yes, for you. Can you tell me such place?” The hostility towards Aaron in her voice is apparent.
“A dream?” Aaron doesn’t need time to think on that, since a dream is what he wishes this reality to be.

“A dream, splendid. I am in a dream, but I dream reality.
I can go everywhere without going anywhere.
I can be somewhere but you can find me nowhere.
I am Caer, the queen of dreams and subconscious. Welcome, Aaron. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Queen of dreams? Can I see you?”
“Queen of dreams since I can travel through dreams and send my consciousness to places I wish to, when I’m dreaming. I am the eyes of our kingdom. I can see everything I wish to. But no, you cannot see me. Not yet.”

Since his hope of seeing his mother is let down, it hurts for Aaron to admit. He stands there for a while, silently looking around at the empty room and holds back the dam of his emotions.

“Don’t be sad.” Her voice is now as distant as she’s always been. Only an imagination. As a kid when Randy teased him for living with his foster parents, Aaron would always wonder where his mom dad were? And if they were even alive?

Standing here, Aaron knows the answer to his question. They are alive. But he isn’t as happy as he imagined he would be. His father, doomed as a traitor and soon going to battle to kill his brother or vice versa; his mother, a possible psychotic queen of dreams who wouldn’t even show herself to Aaron.

Over thinking about his sorrows led to a tear escape from the corner of his eye. It slowly traced his cheek but the following tear drops increased its velocity. As it left Aaron’s face and made its way to the ground, in the blink of an eye Caer  catched with her fingertip. Her fingertip is covered with scarce fog similar to her whole body which is levitating mid-air and she sits with her legs-crossed.
“Tears are an epitome of emotion. These emotions will define what kind of person you are, Aaron. Use them wisely. Don’t waste it on people like me or your father.”

Her blunt advice catches AaronDigital_Artwork_BW_Abstract_Person_Clouds_64187_detail_thumb off-guard and all the pain accumulated over the years surfaces up. Tears flood his face, his lungs short of breath and it hurts. It hurts so much that his body aches. Looking at Aaron in such despair, Caer carries him in her aura and they fly atop the room. The room doesn’t have a ceiling and thus they reach in the skies.

“Breathe.” Caer orders him. Surprisingly, Aaron’s sobbing stops and he breathes normally after a second or two. She rotates him a bit and sits next to him on a cloud.

“I will tell you everything, but I’ve to help Asher win the war. Will you help me?”
“Me? How? I’m a mort—”

“You’ll do just fine.” She gives him a triumph smile and slips into deeper part of sleep.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)

Wizard, Necromancer, Alchemist or a Strigoi? What really is Aaron?

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)


“What news do you bring?” Sitting in the cavern’s cold makeshift throne, his already croaky voice has turned hollower. He knows his power is deteriorating and the anticipation for knowing the result of his greatest mistake of sending three young ogres to captivate his target has increased.
“We brought them…to our world….but…mortals came, too. We…ate 3 delicious…”
“Where is he?” He’s lost all his patience.
“He went to…”

Without waiting for them to complete he burns them to bits with a wave of his hand. I can’t stress myself by wasting my power on these dumb creatures. It was my fault, after all.
“Be ready, I cannot just sit and wait for the end.” He orders and a perfectly coordinated march shakes the ground below his feet.


“How wonderful is this?” Asher is bragging and Aaron knows without even looking, that his face is covered by a smug smile.
“This isn’t quite comfortable.” He shrugs. Sitting naked in a pond getting his body washed by an unknown woman and having his brother in the same pool isn’t Aaron’s definition of wonderful. But before Asher says anything Aaron blurts, “So what were you saying about the descendants? Worshippers?”

“Ah, ever so curious, huh? As I said the name Strigoikirk was given to the village that you stayed in because those humans are the descendants of our worshippers. From one generation to the other, the legends kept on changing and we became the monstrous Strigoi. No one bothered, though. Our people had made a treaty within ourselves that humans are to be left alone.”
“And why did that happen?” Asher’s flawless face turns grim. It’s the first time Aaron sees his brother so helpless.
“It happened due to the rising terror in humans about us. Our power became their enemy, their nightmare. Thus our elders decided to stay away from the mortals, completely.”
“Aren’t you a mortal?” He’s finally asked it.

“I am. But I’ve powers you can only imagine of. This is what differentiates us from humans. Now, don’t interrupt me. The peace treaty was intact for ages, unless our father turned on us. He always admired humans worshipping us, but his wishes became uncontrollable. He wanted us to rule over their domain and be their fake gods. Use their fear for our benefits.” Asher scoffs. “What a stupid thought.”
“What happened then?”

“Then as expected our King talked him out of it. But our father wouldn’t listen. He went rogue, recruited our people and plotted against us. He gained the trust of many elders using deceit, he promised them things that would never happen. He wanted to rule us and play God with those petty humans. King Gerard was against him, and it took all our men and women to fend off his forces.
When he was defeated, his supporters left him. None of them supported spoiling our own blood for whatever reasons. But then came a day that our father killed King Gerard. He entered the castle one night with his wild army of ogres and trolls.”

Aaron tries not to interrupt evaluating the pain in Asher’s voice but he cannot contain himself, “Why do you call such a man our father?”
“Because this is what we’re taught, Aaron.” He places a hand on his shoulder, “This is what we’re taught.”


Wow it’s so soft. Audra wonders when the silky towel touches her skin. The maid, who introduced herself as Ronda, is wiping Audra’s back gently. Once she started talking to Ronda she realised how happy Ronda is being a maid in the castle. “We’re all treated equally,” Audra recalls her exact words. “We treat everyone with respect and equality, except for the elders and the king. Their decisions are unquestionable.” 

“Here are your clothes.” Ronda breaks Audra’s trance and she realises she’s still bare clothed. Funny how she was shy to let Ronda even touch her, and now she doesn’t mind walking naked around her. She’s too kind to think bad of me. Audra smiles and puts on the robe.


“No matter how cruel he turns, he’ll be my birthgiver and I his son. I’ve to respect the bond.” Asher sighs. “But not anymore. I’m the king, now. And I’ve deserved it, after defeating his army for the first time after King Gerard’s demise. I wish I killed him there and then. But, I want to. This time. But the elders won’t agree. The 8 elders that still govern us, even me, advice me not to do so. Thus I had to bring you here.”

“Bring me why?”

“Our father’s losing his power ever since I defeated him. But he’s retreating. He needs support.”

“But why did you want me? I’m normal, I can’t shape shift like you.”
“You were sent to live among humans when you were 6. The time when we discovered about the hybrid child.”
“Hybrid?” Aaron tilts his head and Asher purses his lips.
“Yes. We discovered that someone amongst us had a kid with the humans. Mother didn’t want you to see the havoc that would rise, so she ordered me to wipe your memories and make sure you’re safe amidst the human race.”

“Where is our mother?” Aaron jumps to his feet.
“We meet her after you’re clean. But first we’ll have to make you presentable and do something about your habit of jumping while naked.” Asher laughs looking at Aaron’s dumbfound face and walks away.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)

Complete Parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

   “What is happening?” Aaron bangs his hand on the table, startling Audra and Lonzo.
“That’s expected.” The eagle-turned-man is walking with a slow pace while one of his handmaiden is covering him with a robe and the other is tightening it. Once they are done, they bow in front of him and leave.
“Where are we?” Aaron snaps aloud, making it clear he is no mood of a gossip.
“Relax, brother. Or shall I say ‘bro’ as they’ve abbreviated it.” He looks over his shoulder at the table where Aaron’s friend are glaring at the two men.

   As Aaron’s brother makes his way, a man comes running in & speaks in a language that Aaron fails to recognize. His tone is rushed and coated with shallow breaths. The only word Aaron understands is when the man addresses his brother as “Majesty”. Majesty’s mood is changed in a snap and he drags Aaron by his elbow into another room.
“Come with me—” Aaron’s attempts to free it are in vain, he is much stronger than tiny Aaron. Like I have a choice.


   On the table, the food is untouched. A sense of tension is covering everyone’s mind.
“Isn’t this an illusion?” Randy shrugs,     “I haven’t really lost two of my best friends, have I?”
Lonzo puts a hand around Randy’s shoulder and wraps him in a hug.
“No matter how many times we’ve fought, I’d never wish something like this happen to any person. Let alone Stephen and Matthew. This is real, my friend. More than anything can ever be right now. And the worst of all, it’s the fact that it isn’t over, yet.”


   The lavish room that Aaron is brought in certainly belongs to his brother.
“Marvellous.” Aaron snaps out of the trance on his cue. “Isn’t it? It took 2 days to complete but a lot more time than that for me to earn it.” His expression is scorned. The candle lit atmosphere gives him a halo effect and somehow Aaron’s attitude towards him is changed.
“What do you remember about me?” Another question, bah! I thought he was going to answer my questions.
   “What about you?” Aaron answers after a thought.
   “Good, just what I hoped.”
“You wanted me to not remember anything about you?” Aaron tilts his head, the knots getting complex with every minute.
“Yes. That isn’t the point, however. My magic is trustable. So, let’s start where it started. I’m Asher, your elder—” “Brother.” Aaron takes a seat on the king sized bed and leans in for a tale he would surely want to hear.


   After 10 minutes of comforting each other Lonzo, Randy and Audra have made peace with their circumstances and have decided to be ready for any worse situation. The maids that helped the eagle-man return. Lonzo and Randy have a tough time keeping their eyes off the overexposed cleavages and sleek hourglass figures. The robes that the maids wear only cover their breasts and a tiny area around the hips, unlike the man who welcomed them. Realizing that they’ve been staring for quite a long time they shake their heads. Surprisingly the maids are gesturing Lonzo and Randy to follow them. Without hesitating, Randy gets up but waits for Lonzo to accompany him.
“Come.” The handmaidens return, giggling and take him holding his hand in their own.


   Surprises of the day will never end, Audra knows and thus when she is made to sit near the door of a wide-spread forest along the river that is ignited by strange objects underwater she isn’t much surprised. After checking the temperature of water a maid comes to her. Without any word she begins to strip Audra off the dirty clothes filled with mud. It was something Audra wanted to do since she got out of the stony slide but she didn’t hope someone else to do it for her. Itchetucknee.jpg

Embarrassed and bare she rushes into the water and just the touch of it makes every muscle of her body relax. The water level is hardly up to her abdomen but she folds her legs to conceal herself. The maid that guided her over here is fuelling her dirty clothes in a hearth across the tiny pond. Once she’s done, she steps in the pond and makes Audra sit on a platform near the shallow end of it. Initially, the maid starts with cleansing her feet with a rocky scrub and now begins to massage her smooth back. With every minute Audra’s queasiness is ebbing and is being replaced by a feeling of comfort. Why isn’t this permanent. With a deep sigh she rests her head and closes her eyes.


   “I wasn’t a part of the Earth?”
“Ah, this isn’t one of those dumb mortal’s movie, brother. I’m talking about humans, you weren’t a part of those humans. You were born like me, a strigoi.”
“Born a Strigoi? Ioan told me Strigois are undead people, like zombies!” At this Asher laughs rolling on his back.
“I don’t know who this Ioan is but he sure has a great sense of humor. Zombies are nothing compared to us.” His vision sharpens in an instant, the hair on his bronze colored body grow with a rapid pace. His hands turn to paws and his back bends into an arch. Within the blink of an eye Asher changes into a bear. Aaron bounces off of his seat and hides behind the bed.Y5K0HVy.jpg

When he pokes out to look if the bear is gone, he is staring at a naked Asher.
“We Strigois are shape-shifters and we can do magic. Those humans have various names for us. Wizards, Necromancer, Alchemist, Enchanter and Strigoi. The name Strigoikirk was given to the village that you stayed in because those humans are the descendants of our worshippers—” Aaron is ever so thankful to the maid that comes in and stops Asher from speaking another word. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to know more about what he is, but he cannot bear to stare at a naked man for so long, having a conversation with him would be a far-fetched idea.
“Come, Aaron. It’s time for us to get clean.”
“But, what about—” “No buts, brother. I can’t bear that human stench coming from you.” And with a disgusted face he walks out of the room leaving behind a spellbound Aaron.
“Do I need to tie a leash around your neck or can you follow me yourself?” Asher screams and for some reason Aaron doesn’t mind listening to his elder brother, after all family is what he has been fancying all his life.

To be continued…
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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)

Previous parts:

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The second

The third

“Father?” Aaron fails to be silent. Audra gets up and takes him aside. The dawn has arrived, the sun can’t be seen but its orange rays can be seen on the sky’s canvas.

“I know it’s hard to face or even understand what’s happening, but we’re the ones who aren’t hurt here. I need your help to keep the two of them alright.” She places her hand on his shoulder, it wasn’t until now that Aaron realised he was taller than Audra. Taking in a short but deep breath he shakes off the peculiar voice in his head and widens his chest with confidence.

“Okay, Audi. We’ll keep them safe, together.” When they return, Lonzo has stopped crying and Randy has gained his consciousness.

“Cannibals… Demons..” He’s only speaking words but Aaron can still feel the pain in them.

“Let’s see if we can find anything in the hall.” Aaron motions Audra, with the only option available they get up and Lonzo carries Randy.

The broken door falls down with a thud after receiving a kick from Aaron, but the insides look worse than the facade. Audra starts her search with the cupboard beside the grandfather’s clock, the grandfather clock is surprisingly in a great shape comparing to the mess around it. Its hands are wide away from each other, pointing at 6. Lonzo lays Randy on the damp ground and follows Aaron deeper in the hall.

Aaron knows they’re not going to find anything but fungus and rodents in here, but that’s not what makes him wish to get out of the hall. It’s the swift moment of leaves outside the window. Initially, he believes it to be an illusion but it happens again, and again, and again and now he’s sure what he’s looking at. The cloaked figures.

“Run!” Audra turns behind instantly as the sound of Aaron’s cry falls on her ears. Her hand, on the contrary, falls on the minute hand of the grandfather clock and it makes a rusty noise.

The queer noise catches Audra’s attention and she tilts her head at the clock while it opens like a door with an unanticipated pop.
“Come here.” Audra signals Lonzo and Aaron, taken aback they look at the hole in the wall that’s now visible.

Without a second thought Lonzo hurries Randy and goes behind him. Aaron stays back until Audra has agreed to step in.

The blindness around Audra is unsettling, her eyes are open. She knows for sure, but the darkness that holds unknown secrets make her feel claustrophobic. That’s when it all comes back to her, a decade ago when she fell down in an open manhole. Struggling to breath in the nauseating stench for an hour, the darkness of night made everything invisible. The stony tube-like tunnel is leading down the earth, similar to the underground sewers. Luckily, a few officers on patrol found her in time and she was saved. But what about now?

When Aaron finally opens his eyes, he doesn’t know how long they were in the tunnel. All he knows is that it was long enough to make the dim light of the new environment hurt his eyes. From what his eyes permit, he sees that Lonzo is attending Randy and Audra is panting.

“You okay?” Audra only nods, without even meeting Aaron’s eyes. Rather than being grateful about the dim setting of the room, she wonders what is the source of light. Struggling to get up, she holds onto the helm of Aaron’s shirt.

“Welcome. Welcome. I’m glad you’re here, Aaron.” A deep lively voice fills in the room. The source of it is unknown. “My friends have left to find you. I didn’t join them, for I knew you’d find a way to us.”

“Find me? Why?” Aaron tilts his head.
“Let your brother return, he’ll answer your questions.”
“Brother? What is happening here? First I’ve a voice in my head telling me that he’s my father and now a brother?”

“Mr. Lehmann?” Lonzo is reminded of Aaron’s foster parents.
“My real dad.” Aaron states with a blank look. The man who welcomed them is changing his gaze from Aaron to Lonzo, failing to fathom what they’re talking about.

“I do not understand. I plee you to wait till your brother returns and explains everything to you.” He gestures them outside the tiny room which Audra finds similar to a garage, only without a car and the regular useless stuff.
“A clean dustfree garage of these creatures.” She mumbles to herself. But what are there creatures?

As they trail their host, Aaron observes the outfit he’s wearing. It’s nothing but a maroon robe that hangs loosely from his shoulder, embellished with gold jewelry all over his body that keeps the robe from flying away. The hallway is lit by yellow orbs attached to the ceiling.

“You must be hungry, the wounds on your friend shall be attended to. If there’s anything else you’re inneed of, please, you’re our guests.” He gestures toward the dining table in the center of a huge living room and takes Randy away with him.

Without any second thoughts Lonzo leaps at the pork and beef in front of him, soon Aaron joins him but Audra is still wary. She wants to know what’s happening, she wants to be enlightened with the truth. This is nothing normal, only that she knows.

“An emppy homach hill get you nowah.” Chewing on the leg of a chicken, Aaron speaks up. If it wasn’t his childish manner of speaking she would had missed a chance to taste the delicous warm soup.

“Leave something for me, fatass.” Randy sits beside Lonzo and has a go over what looks like a bird’s wings.

“How on earth are you okay?” Audra’s eyebrows go high on the sight of Randy without his nasty scar.

“These people, I don’t know what they are. I closed my eyes due to the painful feeling I got when they applied something over the cut and when I opened my eyes again.” He dramatically makes an animated hand gesture. “Poof. I’m as good as ever.”

A huge eagle flies and sits at the center chair of the long table, grabbing everyone’s attnetion.

“Aaron. It’s time for an explanation, your brother has arrived.” Dubious of the maroon-robe’s sanity he looks back at the eagle but there isn’t one.

There’s a naked man being attended by two pretty ladies.

“Missed me, dear brother?”

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)

Want to know who’s Lonzo or why Aaron is following him?

The First

The Second

“Somebody help!” The voice is closer, Lonzo sounds breathless. Aaron knows for sure he’s running from something. Audra on the other hand is accompanying him with no idea of what’s happening.

“Aren’t we running into trouble?” She asks, but Aaron doesn’t hear or at least pretends to.

Aaron’s mind is occupied by the screams. He’s trying to figure out the direction of their origin. Straight. I’ve to go straight.

A distracted mind is all a bad opportunity calls in for. Aaron smashes against a tree and lands hard on his shoulder. For a second his ears go deaf and then there’s a wild screech. Initially, he believes it to be because of the dash but even Audra is holding her ears painfully.

Concerned about Lonzo he stands up again and runs. The frequency of sound increasing with each step. It takes forever for the screech to die out. Now, Aaron can see better. In front of him are Randy, and his cronies— Stephen and Matthew, laying unconscious. Giving no time to get himself together, Audra pulls Aaron behind a huge tree.
“Someone’s coming.” She whispers.

The three cloaked figures that arrive move swiftly. It’s impossible to make out their faces due to the movement and the darkness.

The three cloaked figures.

They might had went unnoticed if it weren’t for the rustling of leaves around. There’s a sound of heavy breathing coming from their hidden faces and Aaron is sure from the intensity of it that these do not belong to a human.
Horrified he rests his back behind the trunk of the tree, Audra who’s next to him is standing still with eyes wide open. She gestures him to not move, considering her appalled expression Aaron obeys.

A bong is heard at a distance, in a direction deeper in the forest. The three in-humans turn towards the source of it and run away.

“They’re gone!” Aaron jumps from his cover but Audra is still in shock. Reaching over his classmates, Aaron feels a punch in the gut.

He can taste the bile juice on his tongue and a wave of nausea passes over. Failing to hold up, he pukes. Now he knows why Audra had that look on her face. The three creatures have eaten half of Stephen’s lower body and only a leg is left of Matthew. Randy, who’s a couple of meters away is alive, Aaron knows this because Randy is crying for help. Audra runs to him, “His hand has a severe cut. Give me a cloth.”

Dream. This is a bad, bad dream. Aaron can’t get his mind together, and to make matters worse there’s someone else who’s talking.
No, this isn’t a dream or a nightmare. This is real, you’re in my world. 

“Did you hear that?” He asks Audra, who’s still holding Randy’s arm tight.
“Hear what? Get here and give a cloth, for god’s sake!” Audra screams, making him act fast. Aaron tears a piece of Stephen’s shirt, apologizing to him in the process and helps Audra in tying Randy.

“Where is Lonzo?” Aaron can’t help but ask, he knew he heard Lonzo screaming.
“What were you doing with him?!” Audra holds his shoulder in a firm tight grip and makes him sit back.
“We need to take him back. Help me or I’ll do it alone.” She says and struggles to get the jock to stand up. Reluctantly, Aaron helps her and they both support him to walk. Though Randy is still not conscious enough, he is walking with their help.

The fog has got thicker & the breeze is spine chilling. Struggling with clattering teeth they reach the gate that would lead them in the village. The only weird part about the gate is, that there is no fence protecting the border, only the gate stands. Aaron looks at Audra for an explanation but she’s looking below so he decides to not mention it.

The houses that were on both the sides of the road now look abandoned, it all makes it clear to Aaron that they’re walking a ghost town. But holding on to the last hope of reaching the village hall and reuniting with their friends, Aaron continues.

Come to me, in the cavern that witnesses the daylight die, in the tallest alp beyond the cold forest. I’ve been dying to see you.
This time Aaron realizes only he can listen to the hollow, croaky voice. “What do you want?” He says aloud and Audra looks at him sideways.
“Sorry, it was nothing.” Awkward. 

I can listen to your inner voice. Don’t bother the two mortals.
How can you talk to me like this?
I do not have the time to explain. Come to me. 

“Oh my!” Audra’s voice dies in her throat, Aaron looks up and all his hopes have collapsed. The facade of the Village Hall is disastrous, its roof, the door and the windows everything’s broken. What’s left behind is the walls surrounding it.

hospital3Aaron helps Randy rest down and goes near a shattered window to check what’s inside. To his surprise there’s a person whimpering just below it on the other side. “Lonzo?” His words echo and the person looks up.
“Where were you? I cried for help!” It is indeed his best friend. Safe and sound.

“Why were you screaming?” Aaron opens the window and helps him climb out. The four of them sit together in a circle and Lonzo starts to speak. “When you got out of the hall, I searched for you. I thought you’re sleep walking like the old times and then he” Lonzo points at Randy, “Stephen and that pig Matthew closed my eyes with a blindfold. I somehow managed to shake them away and hide in the trees. I tried to follow you again but you were nowhere to be seen. Then I reached the gate, and these three chased me dressed in cloaks and make weird noises. I turned to fight them but one of them pushed me and I flew yards away! I kept running and screaming for help and somewhere deeper in the forest a blinding light came up, then when I looked back these three smashed into me but their cloaks were gone. I tried to fight but they were already unconscious. Then I thought of returning to the hall but when I reached everyone was gone and it was broken. I’m here since then and didn’t know what to do. Thanks a lot for coming back.” He says  and hugs Aaron.
“The three people in cloaks weren’t our friends, Lonzo. Stephen and Matthews were eaten by them! Randy survived because of a bong sound. They went towards it.” Lonzo tilts his head, finding it hard to believe.

“That’s true, man. Their bodies made me puke. We need to help Randy, his arm is injured severely. He isn’t talking for a long time.” Aaron confirms the news and Lonzo has another breakdown.

I’m running out of time. Help me.
Who are you!? Stop bothering me, I’m already scared.
There’s no reason for you to be scared. These mortals need to.
What mortals? They are humans, just like me. You’re not god!
Who says I’m a God? I’m something better than that.
For one fucking minute, can you stop being vague?
You wouldn’t wish to use that tone with me.
Yeah? That hurt your mighty ego? I’d say anything I want to. Who are you anyway?
I’m your father, Aaron.

To be continued..

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)

Don’t know how Aaron end up in Strigoikirk? Read it here:

The First

Ticktock, TickTock, Ticktock. Aarons mind is restless. Each little sound is a sign of the undead. Waiting for him to sleep, to drag him under. In the middle of the earth where the demon, Strigoi- as Ioan said, live. Their realm.

But why me? After an hour of restless tossing & turning it’s the first time a right question has come to his mind. Why would any Strigoi want to hurt him? Who is he anyway, just another 16 year old betwixt the bunch of students visiting the creepy village for the first time.

I’m stupid. He starts laughing, covering his face with hands to block out the noise.

The laugh gets hysterical, his adrenaline meter is on top gear now. He shakes Lonzo but he mutters something inaudible.

After number of failed tries, Aaron decides to leave on his own. He needs to utilize his fervor somewhere, But where? He’s no more afraid of the paranormal, in fact he’s set to be the ghost to scare people.

He walks up to the key-keeper who’s still asleep. He takes his lantern and checks the grandfather clock- 2 a.m. He still has a lot of time. His mind is running rounds of extreme ideas, Scaring girls would be easier. But the girls are sleeping on the other end of the hall & it’d be difficult for him to return undetected.

His feet drive him out of the hall. The wind outside is cooler than it was earlier. Aaron still can’t believe he was sweating in the bus this afternoon. Must be the trees around. He covers his free palm in the pocket of his jeans and walks around.

The lantern seems useless since the moon is bright enough to illuminate his path.

He completes a round of the hall, without any successful chance of executing his prank. Not wanting to get frustrated he decides whoever comes up in front of him he will walk to them with the lantern, speak in a hushed intended to be scary voice and then run away.

The surroundings are empty, No one is as brave as me. He gloats, and starts moving in the southern path of the village.

Fun always lies in places restricted. Further on his way, his patience starts to deteriorate. The road is deserted and plain. No person or an animal in his view.

The adrenaline is soon replaced by the solitary feel and epiphany of being alone in the dark. Aaron takes a turn, but his heart skips a beat when he sees her.

“Where d’you think you’re going?” Up close, Audra’s moontlit face looks angelic. Her eyes are a couple inches higher than that of Aaron’s, thus involuntarily he stretches his spine.

“I-I” Though they’ve been in the same school, he has never talked to her personally. There have only been formal talks in the classroom in front of people and in a group, he has never talked to Audra personally. Being left alone in a forest at midnight is a far different concept.

“Speak.” Her voice is demanding, but in a soothing way and suddenly he wants to tell her everything.

“I was feeling sick so came out for a walk. Why are you out?”

Audra’s looking straight at him, with a confused look of examination. Taking her own time she replies, “You’re going to the southern gate?”

Aaron didn’t see this coming, but he can’t deny for he knows she’s a person who loves adventure.

“Yes! Yes I am. Are you, too?” He’s taking a calculated risk.

“Oh my gosh! Great.” She seems to have released her breath which she held back.

“My friends are such chickens, they didn’t even agree to step out of the hall. So I snuck out. Glad I met you, Aaron.”

At the mention of his name, he admires her voice. Her sweet, sharp voice that has the power to make him do anything is working it’s charm.

“Alright, but don’t go out of my sight.” Increasing the depth of his own voice, Aaron walks with an inflated chest.

The ghostly woods lose their scariness after 5 more minutes traveling south. The trees are nothing more than wooden towers and leaves are nothing more than an obstacle.

At the end of the path, an open spot of 10 meters is spread around. Across it though, are trees denser than the ones they came through. Across it, the woods turn into a jungle. The only thing stopping them is a 4 feet wired fence. If it had been Aaron alone he might have crossed it but it’s the question of his manners, so he walks ahead to search for a gate that the village’s head talked about.

“Look there’s something!” Audra doesn’t wait for Aaron, she’s already running towards the black metal gate on the border of the village and the jungle.00b995de5aa2347629e5ac6af77c9f0d

“Guess we’ve reached! What’s next?” Aaron dramatically moves his hands in the air suggesting he’s tired.

“Next is, we go in! There’s a street lamp, too. Hopefully there’s something that might interest us.” Audra takes a look at him and realizes he isn’t likely to accompany her. “Or it’s okay if you’re sleepy and tired. I’ll go alone, don’t worry.”

Her words can’t leave Aaron’s mind. Especially now that it can be embarrassing if anyone knows. “I’ll come, don’t worry!” He steps up, giving her no chance of cross questioning him.

At this point, Aaron isn’t sure if it’s his imagination or reality but the temperature is cooler than it was in the village or the road. The first street lamp is the only one that provides them light further. In the obscured side from the village, Audra leans over a tree. Asking for water after the long fruitless journey. She isn’t going to give up so easily though. She has to prove it, since everyone’s wondering if ghosts are real.


A few more yards ahead Aaron spots a park bench. A royal one, with an eerie design in an atypical place, lit up by a small lamp over it. Contrasting the darkness of the night, it’s shining in pearly white color.

Grabbing the opportunity he rests on it. Audra takes a seat next to him.

“You know me?” She asks Aaron.

“Of course, who doesn’t? By the way, how do you know my name?”

“I’m good at remembering names.” She laughs in a weird pitch. “Just kidding, I heard Mrs. Martinez talking to you outside the bus when we started our journey.”

Aaron joins in her laughter. He’s starting to enjoy the tremor of the night. He wants to do something, along with Audra. Lonzo is going to be shocked!

“Help!!” There’s a scream on the other side of the forest, Audra and Aaron jump to their feet. Puzzled, they search for the source of the voice.

“Go away!” Lonzo. That’s him. How? 

Without another thought Aaron bursts in a sprint towards his friend.

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