The Cure.

From beginning of time I’m walking a journey too long.
It was I, who fixed my belongings that were wrong.

Never had anything fed by a silver spoon,
Perseverance has been my greatest boon.

I walk a straight path, neither a right nor a left.
This is the rhythm that I’ve always kept.

Initially I struggled but now I sign pay cheques,
It’s a story full of glory. My path to the apex.

Cars, planes villas are all I got,
But my heart aches for something I have not.

When I started the journey I didn’t know,
That the apex can’t be shared with friends, family or the unknown.

In the empire of my solitude I live,
Where to even fall asleep I need a sedative.

What is it about the human touch?
I’ve been starving for an epoch and I need it very much.

Is it too late for me to start again?
To take a turn from my straight path,
To make a memory I’ll reminisce whenever I bath.

Is it too late to live the life I would had?
Smile to the faces that won’t ever be sad.
Then I know for sure my hollow life won’t be as bad.

Today, I see around from the top.
For I know it isn’t always about being pure,

But about finding your broken heart a permanent cure.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images

To her, with love.

How I wonder you were a stranger once,
Just another pretty face amidst the rush.
But then you became my rumination,
To defend me from the demons in my mind.
You turned into an ally,
And stepped in my fight against the world.
Who knew an imagination of sorts could be my macrocosm.
Who knew you’d ever be real, real enough that I’d make you my muse.
Your soul is mine and mine is yours,
The body never matters cause you’re my thought.

 ©The Honest Fabler

©Cover credits- Google Images