Waiting for life

Will wait till the sun sets in the day sky,
Will wait till it rises in the night sky,
Waiting for the moment when the stems flourish from the seeds.
Waiting for the moment when that little plant touches the cold water
droplets of the night sky, for the first time.
Waiting for the moment it feels the life inside when Morning
light touches its little body.
So many lives will crawl and fly.
So many will sit under and feel their life.
Sings their wordless tune and never stops singing it:
nothing can faze it.

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee
©Image Source – Google images

Looking for humanity

“So students, this lesson has
taught us that a falling apple
made man discover Gravity.”
The teacher concluded, closing the textbook.

A student stood up and asked, “If a falling fruit can
make us discover gravity then why can’t the falling bombs
make us discover humanity?”

©Hrishikesh Thakurdesai – A great friend of mine who writes short tales on some of the deepest topics! Be sure to check out his Instagram and Blog!

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Runaway souls.

“I’m running away.” The troubled-teen held onto her best friend’s hand for the last time.

“Why?” He tilted his head.

“Why? Because I’ve to find myself. Whatever we are now, is what the world has made us. The things we know are what people have told us. We live in a world of influence, I feel dependent on these souls to decide things for me. I can’t bear it. I can’t not be me, anymore. I’m going to be me and I will be made by me. Please don’t stop me. I’ll miss you.” With that said, she was gone with the wind.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images

I let them die.

I am bitter.

I mourn for the people I couldn’t become and I blame the world for it.

They killed the poet

They killed the writer

They killed the playwright

and everything they could’ve written.

They killed the actor

They killed the model

They killed the muse
and everything they could’ve become.

They killed the firefighter

They killed the doctor

They killed the soldier
and everyone they could’ve saved.

They killed the child

They killed the romantic

They killed the dreamer
and everything they could’ve accomplished.

They killed everything I could’ve become and I’m bitter.

Because in the end, I let them die.

©Caffeinated Chi – An amazing blogger friend/guide of mine who’s been a great inspiration and motivation to me! If you love reading mysteries then you’d surely love to read his book:- Divulge 4

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What is Life?

Life is a flower that embellishes our bag of bones,

it is the water that lubricates our throats,

it is a fish– one that goes to the deepest seas but kissing the sky is its only wish,

moreover it is our mother earth,
the mother from whose womb we take birth.

A huge thanks to thegirlonthego8 for the amazing muse! If you guys have a thought about life and can express it in a sentence(unlike me, since I’ve passed the barrier of a sentence) then be sure to check out her BLOGOQUENT Competition and participate in it! Also, don’t forget to explore her diversity rich blogosphere 😉

©The Honest Fabler
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