A writer’s journey.

The fresh breeze coming from the ocean leaves a salty taste on his lips, but it doesn’t matter, Arush is already lost in a trance. The water touches his ankle every time a wave pushes them out towards land. He opens his collar button and takes a deep breath in. As he unbuttons his shirt, he can feel the mask of the corporate man fall off.

It’s the first time in ages that he has come by this lonely part of the shore. He reminisces every happy memory he has here. But one particular memory is very vivid.


‘How many shapes did you see today?’ His sister ran towards him, while he was lying on the warm sand.

‘None.’ He said, looking accusingly towards the distorted clouds. ‘I feel like my imagination has ended, Naina. Why? Why can’t I see a shape today!’ Arush hears his 8-year-old self crying and an unexpected smile crosses his face.

‘Oh, little brother!’ He hated being her “little brother” and so puffed his cheeks. ‘Oh my cute little Aru.’ she corrected, ‘Imagination never ends. It’s as abundant as the water of our ocean. Especially your imagination doesn’t have an end, like the horizon that we see the sun take shelter in, every evening.’ Back then, Aru didn’t understand a thing his elder sister told him. Eventually, she guessed Arush’s understanding isn’t as mature as she thought it to be, so she made him stand up.

‘Come have a look at this.’ She did something with her long fingers and pointed on the sand.

‘A rabbit!’ Arush jumped in delight and Naina joined his laughter.

‘Can I try, too?” He asked, his voice timid.
‘Of course, little brother.’ And then she taught many other shadow animals.


A tear rolls down his cheek. It is the first time that Arush has returned home, after getting a job last year in the foreign land. He was overwhelmed for days and nights with work.
Now Arush waits, excited, to give a news to the little brother’s sister who taught him to imagine.

‘How many shapes did you see today?’ His sister wraps him in her arms and neither of them can hold back their emotions.

‘I heard you’ve been promoted to the manager! Congratulations, Arush.’ She says, while eating from a packet of bhel in her hand.

‘Yes. It came in the last week. I warned mom not to tell anyone. Does dad know?’ Arush doesn’t really sound concerned if his dad knows about it.

‘Is anything wrong?’ That’s what he likes about Naina. She can sense his every little emotion.

‘I quit my job. I’ve something to show you, that’s the reason I wanted to meet you here.’ Naina finds it tough to not react to the abruptness, yet she only nods.

Arush reaches out to his bag and fetches a paper bag for Naina.

‘Remember you showed me how imagination can never end? Even though I never got it as a kid, I understood it a little late. And when I did, I wrote it down. I wrote pages, those pages turned into chapters and those chapters built a story. I wasn’t confident about it but I sent the draft to various publishers. Surprising enough, I received my acceptance letter two days ago. I’ve a scheduled meeting tomorrow and I want you to be with me, when I walk in there.’ Naina’s jaw is left open and even in the faint moonlight Arush can see pearls in her eyes.

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Occult of Strigoikirk – Epilogue would be posted soon. Stay tuned.

Sophism Of Our Mind- The Finale.

The finale to an old tale:

Sophism Of Our Mind

Sophism Of Our Mind – The one before Finale

The Following Friday

“Dude, did you look at the crowd?” After his hit concert Kade’s more amazed than anyone else.

“Yes, 15000 people on your first concert. We 3 were among them, thank us douché. You’ve had a great promotion team, certainly.”

He leaps on me and hugs chokes me tight. “Alright, the drinks on me boys.”

As we slip on the stools in front the bar an old lady comes up and winks at us.

” ‘eard you were a hit, bunny? ‘hat do you want tonight?” Bunny?

“Your best serve, but don’t go hard on these kids!” And certainly she does the opposite. With her wrinkled hands she picks a bottle from the shelf and wiggles it around her arms and fills 4 pints for each of us, topping it with olives.

“Did she just call you Bunny?” I ask him out of curiousity.

“Been a regular customer.” He answers with a lopsided smile.

After half an hour and 2 more bottoms up, our minds are floating in the high quality vodka we gulped in. I check time on the watch hanging on a corner which points at 12:30. Since we have only one night to do our task, I take everyone to our hotel’s row house that is across the street. The 100 meter road turns into a long walk due to heavy rain and the availability of only 2 umbrellas. When we get in, everyone kicks off their shoes and passes out.


The only thing I’m thankful to my corporate life is, waking on an alarm’s slightest tick. It is 2:45 a.m. I wash my face and wake up others. After exactly 10 minutes we are all up with mild headaches.

“Bring up the ouija board, would you?” Alden says lousily, the effects of the hangover still vibrant.

The actual makeshift Ouija that we used.

“Give me that ash tray’s lid, that’ll be a good planchette.” I extend my hand and Alden passes it to me. I light up the candles, dim the light setting in the room and read the opening ritual from a saved memo in my phone.

In the name of GOD, Jesus Christ, The Great Bortherhood of Light, the ArchAngels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel, please proctect us from the forces of Evil during this session. Let there be nothing but Light surrounding this Board and its participants and let us only communicate with Powers and Entities of The Light. Protect us, protect this house, the people in this house and let there only be Light and nothing but Light, AMEN

“Do you have to say that?” Seth asks without looking up. Everyone’s staring at the planchette restingS G, thus I don’t mind leaving him unanswered.

Time passes without any movement, everything’s static, our bodies have turned stiff. Except for the wild storm outside. The mild rain has turned into raging thunder, as I blink away my sleep something unexpected happens. The planchette moves a little towards F.

The sudden movement shocks everyone. “Who did it?” Kade’s face has turned pale.

“Calm down.” I stammer, but to steal our sanity the bell rings.

Seth, unfazed, walks to the door and opens it. What freaks us more, is that no one’s present on the other side. He shuts it and runs back to us.

The bell keeps ringing, we just stare at each other. Helpless, I build up courage and open it again. Hoping someone would grab me and cut my throat or a monster that would suck my soul out.

Instead, nothing like that happens. Once I examine the surroundings, I find a broken stop sign stuck between the varenda and the bell, beside it lies our wet umbrellas. Dumbfounded, I remove it and show it to my cronies. After placing it in the dustbin, I take the umbrellas to the only bedroom & open them to dry.

We all have a hearty laugh and continue with the ritual.


It’s been an hour but the planchette has not moved any further. Disappointed, I call out to stop. No one opposes, of course.

Seth takes the Ouija and shoves it in my bag.

“Wait! We had to perform a closing ritual.” I shout but they’re all too tired to listen.

Reluctantly, I follow them to bed. Unlike my friends I can’t sleep. And to top it off, I can hear footsteps? Or is someone banging the door? 

I listen carefully. The voice is repeating after fixed intervals of a few seconds. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Who’s there?” I scream, exerting pressure on my vocal chords. “I asked Who’s there?”

No one answers, as expected. I let my friends sleep on the king sized bed and walk to the bedroom door. Nothing. No broken stop signs doing it now, are there? I struggle to keep calm.

To be sure I go the main door and get similar results. I check the windows, but nothing’s there, too.

Too scared to be alone I rush to the bedroom door but it’s locked. I bang on it with my hands, my feet in fact I throw my whole body on the door. I knew we shouldn’t had done this, I knew we should had used the closing ritual. Now the gates are open and I’m going to die, first! My body’s shivering with fright when Kade opens the door.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, but I silence him with a finger and make him listen to the footsteps on the wooden floor. Knock. Knock. Knock.

He screams and jumps under the blanket cover waking Seth and Alden. When they wake up, I tell them about our mistake and how we should had completed the ritual.

Without wasting a moment we rush out and bring in the Ouija board. With my sweaty hands I unlock the phone and find the closing prayer and recite it.

Thank you for the wisdom and insight you have granted us. Thank you, Oh Lord for answering our questions through the beings and Angels of the Light. Protect this house and the people who have been here during our stay in your Realm. In the name of The Light we thank you ! AMEN !

Still unsure if our ghost has left us we listen quietly. No knocks anymore, we heave a sigh and go to the bedroom

“I fucking hate you, Andrew.” Kade says watching the Late Night Show. His mind is so indulged in it that show that he drops a bottle as he places it on the edge and scares himself. 

“Shut up and sleep.” Embarrassed he shuts off the TV and we head to bed.


The next morning I’m the first one up.

“Wake up sleepy dickheads.” I throw a jar of water on them and they sit upright.

“What?” Seth’s long hair are messed up.

“I found our last night’s ghost.” I point at the two umbrellas that I opened last night to dry. Due to the strong winds coming through the window the umbrellas turn left to right and it’s exactly the sound that I heard last night.

We look at each other and laugh our guts out.

The End
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