Moonshine Mystery


Brock and Ms. Moonshine

On the moonlit road, I held my umbrella trying to stay as dry as I could get. Ironically, the lady who bumped my shoulder didn’t seem to have the same intentions. The rain started to recede and I could feel the weightless droplets fall on her messy hair.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t see you coming.” She excused, pointing above towards darkness. It took me a while to realize it was a streetlight.  I couldn’t see her. Except for the smooth edges of her face that faintly reflected the moon’s light. But I swear she was pretty. Her voice vibrantly screamed her prettiness.
“It’s okay. Catch your breath, don’t rush so much.” I stumbled, strangers weren’t my favorite people to communicate with.

“Yes, thank you for caring about me so much. I wonder what a stupid job they’re doing at keeping up with the weather, I mean, how can they let a blackout stay for so long. Especially at this odd hour.” Somehow, she broke the ice.

Unlike everyone, I opened up to her my rants and complaints about the lack of attention our local authorities show towards such petty issues which rise up to create greater ones.

“Oh, I so hate our train systems!” I wanted to say “Me too.” but I just stood there. Her voice mesmerized me to an extent where I forgot about the merciless day I had at office and also how the ruthless rains helped to perfectly mess up my Monday.
“It’s getting late.” She was smiling, I could hear it in her words.
“Wait, tell me your name, at least.” I shook my head and found my senses again.

“I like to be called Ms. Moonshine.”

“That’s a nice— Oh, look power’s back!” I cheered as the street lamp illuminated the street but there was no one around.

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The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – Part IX

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Previous parts:

Author’s Note (Password: sister)









1 June 2020

Dear Scarlett,
This is going to be the best thing I’m ever going to write! 1st good news is that the never-ending War in our country is finally over! Hip-Hip Hooray! 2nd great news is that our application has turned out to be the most downloaded one, which ultimately means that we’ve won the competition and Me, Azure and Naveen get to start our career at Microsoft! 3rd best news is no matter what Punim thinks of me I’ve decided to tell her how I feel about her tonight since tomorrow we’re returning home. 4th awesome news is mom dad called me today and they still have no idea about my placement! It’s going to be such a great surprise for them! Good day sisso and this time I don’t need luck!
See ya soon.

2 June 2020

Dear Scarlett,
Today is the best day of my life. Last night as promised, I told Punim that I love her from the bottom of heart! It was weird at first since she started to cry. It was the first time that I saw her cry from the 4 years that I’ve known her, she’s the strongest person I’ve ever came across and I don’t know what made her cry. And just looking at her cry made my confidence wane away from me and even I started to cry. Then suddenly we reached a point when our whining turned into a mirthful laughter, and then to my surprise she wrapped her hands around me (we were in my room, alone) and I inhaled the wonderful cologne of her body which made me shiver a little with ecstasy, and as if she felt what was happening to me she held my shoulders in a strong grip and leaned forward.

Yes! We kissed and it was unlike any kiss I had seen in a movie. No, not because it was my first kiss but because it was full of our love and passion for each other brought together. Then I gently slept next to her in my bed and… okay that’s enough I guess. My cheeks hurt from blushing! Right now, I’m in my room. At our home, settled finally! I told mum dad about my placement and they couldn’t control their emotions, too. The pride in their eyes made my life complete, Scarlett. Punim and I promised to meet every year somehow and we’ll stay in touch. I can see a great future coming up for me! Thanks a lot for being a part of my life, sister! I love you so much. Until next time. XOXO

Your loving brother,

Wrapped Up

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The Secret Sister Of Awan Alee – Part II

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

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Author’s Note


29 August, 2016

Dear sister, 

Hello didi! I missed you a lot, did you miss me too? I thought of a name for you. I’ll name you Scarlett. The name Scarlett since recently I read the cult classic- Gone with the Wind. The name seems bold to me, exactly how I feel about you. By the way, did you know this book GWTW showcases a war, slavery and other such human grievances? It reminded me about the Syrian Civil War. I could completely relate with the feelings of the characters in the book, having no idea of when something will go wrong or if tomorrow would be safe to enjoy playing football with Ayman and the other buddies back home. But the case here is so much opposite, indeed mum dad were right. I like studying here and staying carefree from any other tensions. 

Last night, the three of us managed to sneak out after curfew hours. It was raining, it felt so light against my skin as if it were dew drops. We rendezvoused with our other classmates who didn’t stay in the hostel and played football! It was all fun and games unless a pack of stray dogs started barking and chasing us while we played. It sounds funny now, except for the fact that those canine creatures scare the breath out of me. Okay, okay, I admit it. I have cynophobia. 

That was my 3rd yawn! Now my eyes are watery, guess I should sleep. I just completed studying for the weekly test tomorrow. Wish me luck, good night. See ya soon.

30 August, 2016

Dear Scarlett, 

Today’s weekly test proved that I’m getting good. Hoozah! Mum had called me this evening. She said, “Home seems better that you’re not around to irritate,” but as usual she couldn’t hold on to the lie and then broke down. “We miss you a lot, Awan.” We spent the next 10 minutes talking and then Dad talked, he told me that even he misses me! Now that’s news to me. He’s never said such things to me, not since I’ve hit puberty. Maybe this distance is indeed bringing us close together. They didn’t sound much worried about the war and so I didn’t ask. For as far as I know from reading the daily newspapers and channels I’m sure that they’re safe. I have my unit tests coming up, di. I’ll talk to you when the exams end. Take care and don’t miss me much. See ya soon, good night. 

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Eternal Yearning

Facing the stars I could see the moonlight illuminate Adara’s face. Her deep blue eyes reflected the light just as bright. As moments passed, I failed to stop admiring her perfectly carved vessel for the beautiful soul within it.

What did Adara do all that time? She was unaware of my presence; of me admiring her; of me falling for her more and more everyday. She was lost, her mind wandering with the stars beyond the milky way.

The unfazed expression on her face seeded in me a majestic tree of curiosity.
“A penny for your thoughts?” I shrugged, hoping she doesn’t mind me breaking her train of thoughts.
As my words registered in her mind she stared at me with bewilderment. “Olivia, sorry I slipped out of the surroundings.”

“It’s okay, you can carry on.” I gave a light pat on her thigh and looked away to avoid an awkward situation. She shifted to the edge of her chair and partially leaned on me.
“I was wondering about something worth much more than a penny, Olivia.” Curling strands of hair around her long fingers, Adara winked.
“Shall I get you my credit card, now?” Her laugh was lively, just like herself. A person like her is one in millions, or billions? Perhaps.

“So here it goes.” Adara held my hand and caressed it. “I’ve been having these thoughts for a while, now.” An unusual pause grew my nervousness. “My thoughts right now are your concerns, anyway. I was feeling lonely. The cold breeze didn’t help either. But then…” She bit her lips and I was sure the Scotch had got the best of me.
“Then I pictured you get up,” She stood up and walked around. “& embrace me.” I had to be DRUNK! 
“You took me in your arms, yet we were still cold. So you climbed down, down this roof.” Her gestures were animated, pointing around the roof and down to my bedroom.

‘And then?’ I could hear my heart beating faster. “You returned with a blanket and a sleeping bag. We spent all night in the bag cuddling, sharing our warmth and gazing those stars.” She abruptly stopped.

“You wanna know the best part?” Of course I did. “Our lips never parted.” She traced my cheeks en route my lips and before I knew her tender lips soothed mine; her tongued sucked the soul out of my body; her hands tickling the inside of my thighs. My whole body felt a tremor.

“I—” “Shh..” She silenced me with another kiss. I couldn’t believe she loved me, too.

“Don’t utter a word. This night is never going to end for us, Olivia. It’ll be our eternal yearning.”

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Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

Complete parts:

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  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)

“I see a cave there!” Aaron points towards a tiny opening, towards the right of their path. Asher, in the form of yak, takes a right and stops a few meters before the cave and turns back into his human form.

“We need to stop the war. Make peace. It isn’t possible if I speak to him. Only you can do it, brother. Though I haven’t spent much time with you or been with you throughout your life, at least I know that you are capable. Capable of making our people forgive our father and help him make sense.”
“Can I make that change, all by myself?”
“You can do wonders, brother. All the best.” Asher turns into a bat and rests on a nearby tree. With shaky legs and heavy breath, Aaron steps toward the cave.

“Hello?” His voice echoes in the darkness.
No response.
“Hello? Is anybody there?”
He hears a man coughing.
“Come. Come, Aaron.” The voice says pausing to cough. “I thought you wouldn’t find me at all. Guess my son reached you before my minions did.” He gives a hollow laugh.
“Oh yes, those 3 little ogres that scared your friends. I’m sorry they had to die, they weren’t even suppose to enter our world.” The cold words that fall on Aaron’s ears send a chill down his spine. It’s the feeling of hate that overshadows fear for this man. A murderer of my friends. He can feel his cheeks redden and his fists tighten. I’m their last hope. Aaron reminds himself and decides to let it go, for now.

“That is done now, let’s not bring up what we can’t change.” Aaron’s surprised to see how quick his father’s statement changed, it is as if he knows what is going in Aaron’s mind.

“Do you remember me, son?” Aaron hears footsteps.

“No, I don’t. But I know you now.” Aaron’s words are bitter, he cannot stand calling that person his father. The footsteps sound closer and as his father reaches near him, Aaron can see him. And when he does, his heart skips a beat.

The person in front of him is a dying man, one who can’t even walk straight. Aaron takes an involuntary step backwards, wondering how can a man like his father hold so much power. His father’s wrinkled face is covered with a crooked smile. Dressed in ragged clothes covering his skinny torso, his father walks closer to him.

“I’ve missed you so, so much, Aaron.” His father’s voice isn’t hollow anymore, it’s filled with hurt and love towards Aaron. It’s hard to believe that his father can be the cause of such chaos.

“I wish I could say the same.” Aaron lowers his eyes.

“Do you—? Are—? What did they tell you about me?” He can sense the amount of sadness laced in his father’s voice. “Why are you so far away, son? Come to me, let me touch you.” Aaron’s heart cannot resist the desperation in his father’s tone. Without any second thoughts he leaps towards his father. Before all this happened, even Aaron wished to meet his father some day.

He doesn’t hold back tears when he is wrapped in an awkward hug from his father. Aaron can feel the wrinkled skin of his father, holding loosely onto his brittle bones. Then he reminds what his father has done.

“Did my son or my wife treat you right?” The concern makes Aaron doubt the honesty of his father.

“Why would they not treat me right? They treated me like their family member. And you’re doing the same. What made you leave your family? It was because you, that I had to be sent to live with humans. Why, father? I want all the answers.” Aaron is screaming.

“Oh, my boy. I’ll tell you everything. Sit.” The dying man leads Aaron’s way to a raised stone platform.

“They wouldn’t treat you right if they knew the truth about you.” Aaron is about to raise his voice again since he cannot stand being pitied but his father continues, “You wouldn’t want to be with them either. If you knew the truth.”

“What truth?” Aaron asks, irritated.

“When you were 6, we discovered a hybrid child amongst —”
“Amongst us. And I know what happened back then.”
“Ah, don’t you? That they found out about a hybrid kid and thus your mother sent you away? My child, the truth isn’t something any of them can handle.” His father shakes his head in despair.

“You are the hybrid child, son. My wife knew that but if she told anyone else, she might had to face the king’s judgement. And thus she took you in until the news came up. She only cared about her family and keeping it together, thus she sent you where you belonged. To your mother. A human. Unfortunately, your mother was killed in a car accident the night she found you at her home. Only I know that the accident wasn’t an accident, King Gerrard gave the orders to execute her.
He was the reason an innocent life was lost. I disclosed his truth to my brethren, they trusted me. But it wasn’t enough to prove his truth to our kingdom. He exploited his power and declared war against us. A lot of my brothers and sisters were killed, so I decided to do it all alone. I brought together these creatures and with their help defeated Gerrard. By now, there were many rumors about me. My son, Asher, believed them. He was the one to lead his army and defeat me. I’m proud of his bravery, but he is blinded by his mother. Her clever mind can control a lot more than dreams. She crowned our son as the new King. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy her.
She seeded hatred for me in Asher’s mind. Made it his prime objective to end my existence. Her insecurities weren’t because I had a kid with a mortal, they are because if the kingdom comes to know about your truth then she wouldn’t have the place that she currently holds.”

Aaron’s face is covered with tears. His heavy lungs won’t let a word escape his lips. It isn’t the first time when Aaron’s world has changed completely. This has turned something of a cycle in his life.

“I never wanted to fight them again. But now, she has called me for a fight and I won’t go down easily. I wanted to meet you one last time to tell you the truth. To believe me or not is something I’ll let you decide.” His father says as an endnote and starts to leave.

“Why don’t you live with me? We’ll leave all this behind and live alone.” Aaron manages to speak betwixt his sobs.

“This has gone too far, son.” Aaron can imagine his father’s regretful expression in the darkness.

“No, it hasn’t. We’ll vanish from here. We’ll let these people live how they want to and stay unfazed from them. It’ll be a utopia for me.” Aaron can hear his father laughing heartily.

“Don’t you see me, son? I can’t live a day longer.” The little hope that was ignited for a second in his heart, burns out completely. “When I’ll go, I want to know that you’re safe and happy. Unlike now. Now, you live with a broken heart whose cries can be heard even when I’m miles away. I’ve watched you for all your life, son. And there’s nothing that I want for you, more than happiness. When I’m gone, I want you to know what I truly was. Don’t ever believe people like my wife who put you down, my child. Be with your friends who stood by your side ever since you entered this world. Lonzo, isn’t he? He’s on ground zero battling my ogre’s army alongside your brother. Don’t panic. He’s alright, yet.” His father says sensing the shock in his gasp.

“You have to stop this war.” Aaron shouts.
“I wish, I could.” He says and turns around.

“I know you can.” Echoes a voice coming from the mouth of the cave. Aaron recognizes it without a doubt, Asher.

“Welcome, Son. Such a pleasure meeting you.” His father sounds almost happy to meet Asher, but it isn’t the same with Aaron’s brother.

“Shut up, liar! Don’t you dare call me your son. You can brainwash that naïve kid but never me. Order your troops to fall back or I’ll end your miserable life.” Asher orders on top of his voice but Aaron can sense the tears welling up in his eyes.

“I am everything but a Liar, Asher. And you know it very well. Why—” Before his father can complete, the ground starts trembling and mist covers the room. Caer. Aaron mutters.

“ENOUGH! You cannot tell lies to my kids. I would never bear it.” She materializes between Aaron and his father. The dying sunlight, enters through the opening and ends at Asher’s feet.

“Asher! Aim the spear at this man’s heart!” Caer’s order sets a chain of dominos into motion. Aaron notices Asher picking up a wooden spear and his father spreading out his arms, ready to accept death. Arguing himself on whom to believe Aaron runs between the trajectory of the spear.

The spear damages his rib cage and pierces out of his back. Closely missing his father’s face. With a smile on his face he lands on the ground. In the dim light he sees three worried faces hovering above him. His mother holds his hand but he feels nothing. Asher screams at Aaron to stay conscious but he hears nothing. His father is crying in pain and that’s all he sees in the dying sunlight. With his last breath he mutters “Family.” and closes his eyes to sleep eternally.


Epilogue will be posted on next Saturday.

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The Woods

Deep in the woods when the sun kissed the horizon, we slowed down enjoying the last rays. Suddenly, she entwined her hand in mine and the whole world stopped. The aura around Calypso was heavenly. 

“You’re the best person I’ve ever met, Leo.” She kissed my palm and proceeded closer to me. Her face reflected the warmth and I could feel myself being dragged towards her. I tasted her lips that had the sweetness of the fruits she ate, her hair held the fragrance of the trees.

After waiting for all this time to rescue her, I knew it’ll be worth it. I knew she’ll be my salvation. And I, her guardian. Thus when our lips parted, I didn’t risk opening my eyes only to realize it was all a dream.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)

Wizard, Necromancer, Alchemist or a Strigoi? What really is Aaron?

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  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)


“What news do you bring?” Sitting in the cavern’s cold makeshift throne, his already croaky voice has turned hollower. He knows his power is deteriorating and the anticipation for knowing the result of his greatest mistake of sending three young ogres to captivate his target has increased.
“We brought them…to our world….but…mortals came, too. We…ate 3 delicious…”
“Where is he?” He’s lost all his patience.
“He went to…”

Without waiting for them to complete he burns them to bits with a wave of his hand. I can’t stress myself by wasting my power on these dumb creatures. It was my fault, after all.
“Be ready, I cannot just sit and wait for the end.” He orders and a perfectly coordinated march shakes the ground below his feet.


“How wonderful is this?” Asher is bragging and Aaron knows without even looking, that his face is covered by a smug smile.
“This isn’t quite comfortable.” He shrugs. Sitting naked in a pond getting his body washed by an unknown woman and having his brother in the same pool isn’t Aaron’s definition of wonderful. But before Asher says anything Aaron blurts, “So what were you saying about the descendants? Worshippers?”

“Ah, ever so curious, huh? As I said the name Strigoikirk was given to the village that you stayed in because those humans are the descendants of our worshippers. From one generation to the other, the legends kept on changing and we became the monstrous Strigoi. No one bothered, though. Our people had made a treaty within ourselves that humans are to be left alone.”
“And why did that happen?” Asher’s flawless face turns grim. It’s the first time Aaron sees his brother so helpless.
“It happened due to the rising terror in humans about us. Our power became their enemy, their nightmare. Thus our elders decided to stay away from the mortals, completely.”
“Aren’t you a mortal?” He’s finally asked it.

“I am. But I’ve powers you can only imagine of. This is what differentiates us from humans. Now, don’t interrupt me. The peace treaty was intact for ages, unless our father turned on us. He always admired humans worshipping us, but his wishes became uncontrollable. He wanted us to rule over their domain and be their fake gods. Use their fear for our benefits.” Asher scoffs. “What a stupid thought.”
“What happened then?”

“Then as expected our King talked him out of it. But our father wouldn’t listen. He went rogue, recruited our people and plotted against us. He gained the trust of many elders using deceit, he promised them things that would never happen. He wanted to rule us and play God with those petty humans. King Gerard was against him, and it took all our men and women to fend off his forces.
When he was defeated, his supporters left him. None of them supported spoiling our own blood for whatever reasons. But then came a day that our father killed King Gerard. He entered the castle one night with his wild army of ogres and trolls.”

Aaron tries not to interrupt evaluating the pain in Asher’s voice but he cannot contain himself, “Why do you call such a man our father?”
“Because this is what we’re taught, Aaron.” He places a hand on his shoulder, “This is what we’re taught.”


Wow it’s so soft. Audra wonders when the silky towel touches her skin. The maid, who introduced herself as Ronda, is wiping Audra’s back gently. Once she started talking to Ronda she realised how happy Ronda is being a maid in the castle. “We’re all treated equally,” Audra recalls her exact words. “We treat everyone with respect and equality, except for the elders and the king. Their decisions are unquestionable.” 

“Here are your clothes.” Ronda breaks Audra’s trance and she realises she’s still bare clothed. Funny how she was shy to let Ronda even touch her, and now she doesn’t mind walking naked around her. She’s too kind to think bad of me. Audra smiles and puts on the robe.


“No matter how cruel he turns, he’ll be my birthgiver and I his son. I’ve to respect the bond.” Asher sighs. “But not anymore. I’m the king, now. And I’ve deserved it, after defeating his army for the first time after King Gerard’s demise. I wish I killed him there and then. But, I want to. This time. But the elders won’t agree. The 8 elders that still govern us, even me, advice me not to do so. Thus I had to bring you here.”

“Bring me why?”

“Our father’s losing his power ever since I defeated him. But he’s retreating. He needs support.”

“But why did you want me? I’m normal, I can’t shape shift like you.”
“You were sent to live among humans when you were 6. The time when we discovered about the hybrid child.”
“Hybrid?” Aaron tilts his head and Asher purses his lips.
“Yes. We discovered that someone amongst us had a kid with the humans. Mother didn’t want you to see the havoc that would rise, so she ordered me to wipe your memories and make sure you’re safe amidst the human race.”

“Where is our mother?” Aaron jumps to his feet.
“We meet her after you’re clean. But first we’ll have to make you presentable and do something about your habit of jumping while naked.” Asher laughs looking at Aaron’s dumbfound face and walks away.

The following parts will be posted on Saturdays of every week.
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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)

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“Father?” Aaron fails to be silent. Audra gets up and takes him aside. The dawn has arrived, the sun can’t be seen but its orange rays can be seen on the sky’s canvas.

“I know it’s hard to face or even understand what’s happening, but we’re the ones who aren’t hurt here. I need your help to keep the two of them alright.” She places her hand on his shoulder, it wasn’t until now that Aaron realised he was taller than Audra. Taking in a short but deep breath he shakes off the peculiar voice in his head and widens his chest with confidence.

“Okay, Audi. We’ll keep them safe, together.” When they return, Lonzo has stopped crying and Randy has gained his consciousness.

“Cannibals… Demons..” He’s only speaking words but Aaron can still feel the pain in them.

“Let’s see if we can find anything in the hall.” Aaron motions Audra, with the only option available they get up and Lonzo carries Randy.

The broken door falls down with a thud after receiving a kick from Aaron, but the insides look worse than the facade. Audra starts her search with the cupboard beside the grandfather’s clock, the grandfather clock is surprisingly in a great shape comparing to the mess around it. Its hands are wide away from each other, pointing at 6. Lonzo lays Randy on the damp ground and follows Aaron deeper in the hall.

Aaron knows they’re not going to find anything but fungus and rodents in here, but that’s not what makes him wish to get out of the hall. It’s the swift moment of leaves outside the window. Initially, he believes it to be an illusion but it happens again, and again, and again and now he’s sure what he’s looking at. The cloaked figures.

“Run!” Audra turns behind instantly as the sound of Aaron’s cry falls on her ears. Her hand, on the contrary, falls on the minute hand of the grandfather clock and it makes a rusty noise.

The queer noise catches Audra’s attention and she tilts her head at the clock while it opens like a door with an unanticipated pop.
“Come here.” Audra signals Lonzo and Aaron, taken aback they look at the hole in the wall that’s now visible.

Without a second thought Lonzo hurries Randy and goes behind him. Aaron stays back until Audra has agreed to step in.

The blindness around Audra is unsettling, her eyes are open. She knows for sure, but the darkness that holds unknown secrets make her feel claustrophobic. That’s when it all comes back to her, a decade ago when she fell down in an open manhole. Struggling to breath in the nauseating stench for an hour, the darkness of night made everything invisible. The stony tube-like tunnel is leading down the earth, similar to the underground sewers. Luckily, a few officers on patrol found her in time and she was saved. But what about now?

When Aaron finally opens his eyes, he doesn’t know how long they were in the tunnel. All he knows is that it was long enough to make the dim light of the new environment hurt his eyes. From what his eyes permit, he sees that Lonzo is attending Randy and Audra is panting.

“You okay?” Audra only nods, without even meeting Aaron’s eyes. Rather than being grateful about the dim setting of the room, she wonders what is the source of light. Struggling to get up, she holds onto the helm of Aaron’s shirt.

“Welcome. Welcome. I’m glad you’re here, Aaron.” A deep lively voice fills in the room. The source of it is unknown. “My friends have left to find you. I didn’t join them, for I knew you’d find a way to us.”

“Find me? Why?” Aaron tilts his head.
“Let your brother return, he’ll answer your questions.”
“Brother? What is happening here? First I’ve a voice in my head telling me that he’s my father and now a brother?”

“Mr. Lehmann?” Lonzo is reminded of Aaron’s foster parents.
“My real dad.” Aaron states with a blank look. The man who welcomed them is changing his gaze from Aaron to Lonzo, failing to fathom what they’re talking about.

“I do not understand. I plee you to wait till your brother returns and explains everything to you.” He gestures them outside the tiny room which Audra finds similar to a garage, only without a car and the regular useless stuff.
“A clean dustfree garage of these creatures.” She mumbles to herself. But what are there creatures?

As they trail their host, Aaron observes the outfit he’s wearing. It’s nothing but a maroon robe that hangs loosely from his shoulder, embellished with gold jewelry all over his body that keeps the robe from flying away. The hallway is lit by yellow orbs attached to the ceiling.

“You must be hungry, the wounds on your friend shall be attended to. If there’s anything else you’re inneed of, please, you’re our guests.” He gestures toward the dining table in the center of a huge living room and takes Randy away with him.

Without any second thoughts Lonzo leaps at the pork and beef in front of him, soon Aaron joins him but Audra is still wary. She wants to know what’s happening, she wants to be enlightened with the truth. This is nothing normal, only that she knows.

“An emppy homach hill get you nowah.” Chewing on the leg of a chicken, Aaron speaks up. If it wasn’t his childish manner of speaking she would had missed a chance to taste the delicous warm soup.

“Leave something for me, fatass.” Randy sits beside Lonzo and has a go over what looks like a bird’s wings.

“How on earth are you okay?” Audra’s eyebrows go high on the sight of Randy without his nasty scar.

“These people, I don’t know what they are. I closed my eyes due to the painful feeling I got when they applied something over the cut and when I opened my eyes again.” He dramatically makes an animated hand gesture. “Poof. I’m as good as ever.”

A huge eagle flies and sits at the center chair of the long table, grabbing everyone’s attnetion.

“Aaron. It’s time for an explanation, your brother has arrived.” Dubious of the maroon-robe’s sanity he looks back at the eagle but there isn’t one.

There’s a naked man being attended by two pretty ladies.

“Missed me, dear brother?”

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)

Want to know who’s Lonzo or why Aaron is following him?

The First

The Second

“Somebody help!” The voice is closer, Lonzo sounds breathless. Aaron knows for sure he’s running from something. Audra on the other hand is accompanying him with no idea of what’s happening.

“Aren’t we running into trouble?” She asks, but Aaron doesn’t hear or at least pretends to.

Aaron’s mind is occupied by the screams. He’s trying to figure out the direction of their origin. Straight. I’ve to go straight.

A distracted mind is all a bad opportunity calls in for. Aaron smashes against a tree and lands hard on his shoulder. For a second his ears go deaf and then there’s a wild screech. Initially, he believes it to be because of the dash but even Audra is holding her ears painfully.

Concerned about Lonzo he stands up again and runs. The frequency of sound increasing with each step. It takes forever for the screech to die out. Now, Aaron can see better. In front of him are Randy, and his cronies— Stephen and Matthew, laying unconscious. Giving no time to get himself together, Audra pulls Aaron behind a huge tree.
“Someone’s coming.” She whispers.

The three cloaked figures that arrive move swiftly. It’s impossible to make out their faces due to the movement and the darkness.

The three cloaked figures.

They might had went unnoticed if it weren’t for the rustling of leaves around. There’s a sound of heavy breathing coming from their hidden faces and Aaron is sure from the intensity of it that these do not belong to a human.
Horrified he rests his back behind the trunk of the tree, Audra who’s next to him is standing still with eyes wide open. She gestures him to not move, considering her appalled expression Aaron obeys.

A bong is heard at a distance, in a direction deeper in the forest. The three in-humans turn towards the source of it and run away.

“They’re gone!” Aaron jumps from his cover but Audra is still in shock. Reaching over his classmates, Aaron feels a punch in the gut.

He can taste the bile juice on his tongue and a wave of nausea passes over. Failing to hold up, he pukes. Now he knows why Audra had that look on her face. The three creatures have eaten half of Stephen’s lower body and only a leg is left of Matthew. Randy, who’s a couple of meters away is alive, Aaron knows this because Randy is crying for help. Audra runs to him, “His hand has a severe cut. Give me a cloth.”

Dream. This is a bad, bad dream. Aaron can’t get his mind together, and to make matters worse there’s someone else who’s talking.
No, this isn’t a dream or a nightmare. This is real, you’re in my world. 

“Did you hear that?” He asks Audra, who’s still holding Randy’s arm tight.
“Hear what? Get here and give a cloth, for god’s sake!” Audra screams, making him act fast. Aaron tears a piece of Stephen’s shirt, apologizing to him in the process and helps Audra in tying Randy.

“Where is Lonzo?” Aaron can’t help but ask, he knew he heard Lonzo screaming.
“What were you doing with him?!” Audra holds his shoulder in a firm tight grip and makes him sit back.
“We need to take him back. Help me or I’ll do it alone.” She says and struggles to get the jock to stand up. Reluctantly, Aaron helps her and they both support him to walk. Though Randy is still not conscious enough, he is walking with their help.

The fog has got thicker & the breeze is spine chilling. Struggling with clattering teeth they reach the gate that would lead them in the village. The only weird part about the gate is, that there is no fence protecting the border, only the gate stands. Aaron looks at Audra for an explanation but she’s looking below so he decides to not mention it.

The houses that were on both the sides of the road now look abandoned, it all makes it clear to Aaron that they’re walking a ghost town. But holding on to the last hope of reaching the village hall and reuniting with their friends, Aaron continues.

Come to me, in the cavern that witnesses the daylight die, in the tallest alp beyond the cold forest. I’ve been dying to see you.
This time Aaron realizes only he can listen to the hollow, croaky voice. “What do you want?” He says aloud and Audra looks at him sideways.
“Sorry, it was nothing.” Awkward. 

I can listen to your inner voice. Don’t bother the two mortals.
How can you talk to me like this?
I do not have the time to explain. Come to me. 

“Oh my!” Audra’s voice dies in her throat, Aaron looks up and all his hopes have collapsed. The facade of the Village Hall is disastrous, its roof, the door and the windows everything’s broken. What’s left behind is the walls surrounding it.

hospital3Aaron helps Randy rest down and goes near a shattered window to check what’s inside. To his surprise there’s a person whimpering just below it on the other side. “Lonzo?” His words echo and the person looks up.
“Where were you? I cried for help!” It is indeed his best friend. Safe and sound.

“Why were you screaming?” Aaron opens the window and helps him climb out. The four of them sit together in a circle and Lonzo starts to speak. “When you got out of the hall, I searched for you. I thought you’re sleep walking like the old times and then he” Lonzo points at Randy, “Stephen and that pig Matthew closed my eyes with a blindfold. I somehow managed to shake them away and hide in the trees. I tried to follow you again but you were nowhere to be seen. Then I reached the gate, and these three chased me dressed in cloaks and make weird noises. I turned to fight them but one of them pushed me and I flew yards away! I kept running and screaming for help and somewhere deeper in the forest a blinding light came up, then when I looked back these three smashed into me but their cloaks were gone. I tried to fight but they were already unconscious. Then I thought of returning to the hall but when I reached everyone was gone and it was broken. I’m here since then and didn’t know what to do. Thanks a lot for coming back.” He says  and hugs Aaron.
“The three people in cloaks weren’t our friends, Lonzo. Stephen and Matthews were eaten by them! Randy survived because of a bong sound. They went towards it.” Lonzo tilts his head, finding it hard to believe.

“That’s true, man. Their bodies made me puke. We need to help Randy, his arm is injured severely. He isn’t talking for a long time.” Aaron confirms the news and Lonzo has another breakdown.

I’m running out of time. Help me.
Who are you!? Stop bothering me, I’m already scared.
There’s no reason for you to be scared. These mortals need to.
What mortals? They are humans, just like me. You’re not god!
Who says I’m a God? I’m something better than that.
For one fucking minute, can you stop being vague?
You wouldn’t wish to use that tone with me.
Yeah? That hurt your mighty ego? I’d say anything I want to. Who are you anyway?
I’m your father, Aaron.

To be continued..

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover & Image Credits- Google Images

Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)

The jerk of the stopping bus pushes everyone back to their seat. In the last seat, Aaron is the first to look out of his window, his vision is blinded by the high rising trees and the darkness of the night.
‘It’s alright! Please sit down, everyone.’ Mrs. Martinez’s sweet voice doesn’t scare anyone, she stands up and heads out.

‘It’s going to take a while. The engine’s blown. I’ll talk with the driver on the other bus.’ He tells Mrs. Martinez as she flashes her torch at him. The one-way road is empty on both directions, only light they can see is of a village they left behind a couple of minutes ago & the second bus filled with half of the students on their trail. With heavy steps Mrs. Martinez climbs in the bus, it’s her first trip with senior high-schoolers and they are already behind schedule.

‘Why have we stopped?’ Gareth Hudson is finally awake, though Mrs. Martinez hates her fellow faculty on board he’s the right person to handle this.
‘The engine is blown, our driver- Ram, has went to get supplies. Could you please calm the students?’ Last thing Gareth expected was to get control over the loathsome teens from their favorite ma’am herself. Time to teach them a lesson.

‘Hello kids!’ The fake excitement laced in the bald man’s voice creeps under Aaron’s skin, he braces his ears for yet another torment.
‘Did y’all have a good time while I was sleeping? I bet you did!’ Of every vile feature of Mr. Hudson, his fake Scottish accent was sinister.
‘Help me stop him.’ Lonzo, Aaron’s only best friend, whispers ducking his head behind the seat. On cue, both of them start coughing vigorously.

‘What’s wrong with yer mouths?’ The tiny Aaron Lehmann and his gigantic friend Lonzo Novak have always been the nastiest of all, Gareth is sure it’s just another prank of those brats. Nonetheless he helps the two out of the bus, hoping they’d be better in open air. The air-conditioned bus was much better. He instantly regrets as the summer wind hugs his hairy arms and neck.

‘Sahib! I talked with the village’s head. They can let us stay here tonight, we’ll get back on track tomorrow morning. If you approve they will do the preparations for our stay in the village hall.’ The driver has returned, his crooked run makes Gareth recoil but the news he has brought is good.
‘Did you talk to the rest of my mates on the second bus?’ He nods, still panting and wiping sweat from his forehead. ‘Okay then, let’s get these little eejits out.’

Heaving a sigh, the two best friends lead the way with a torch waiting for their classmates to get off. Aaron almost drops his torch when Audra Emerson steps down from the bus with the grace of a butterfly resting on a flower. Her hazel eyes are all he sees in the dark, a few strands of her dark hair falling in her field of vision are visible, too. Unlike Aaron she has a huge group of friends, one that has surrounded her and thus he can no longer find her.

‘This is the only time I’m going to thank you, jumbo.’ Lonzo doesn’t need to turn for frowning at the voice. Randy Stein, along with his cronies, pats Aaron and Lonzo’s back. Randy’s arrogance has been the reason Aaron and Lonzo hate him, and the rivalry go back to the time when Aaron started schooling in Vodria Primary School. It was the first year that he lived with his foster parents, when he was 10 years old. Where did he live before that? Where were his parents? No one knows. Not even Aaron, which is the reason he never bothers to reminisce his early childhood. Lonzo and Aaron have been together ever since then, Randy embarrassed the two of them which eventually led them to team up against him. Little did they know their alliance would turn into a strong bond of friendship.

‘How about taking back your thank you and shoving it up your—’
‘Watch your filthy mouth, Novak. We Steins are above all.’
‘Yes please, my sweethearts keep walking, it’s getting darker. The locals have to sleep, too, it isn’t nice of us to cause them more trouble.’ Lonzo is well acquainted with the “Prestige” of Steins’ back in his hometown yet every time it gets the better of him. Aaron’s tap on his palm is enough to stop his outburst. It has always been the same, whenever they’re in trouble Lonzo is the sword & Aaron is the shield.
‘Watch your back, losers.’ Randy smirks and runs to catch up with the ladies.


The village hall is located in the center. The road has shrunk and thus the buses are parked beside the mainroad. The locals radiate a welcoming aura to the guests, some offer food while some give them blankets. The place of their stay doesn’t quite attract Mrs. Martinez, but she’s more or less grateful about it.

On their way to the hall, Aaron and Lonzo wander off course. The roads within the village are straight and connected, the temperature over here is chilled. In fact, Aaron can see light mist covering the roads. Am I hallucinating? He could feel each road leading to the same destination, to the heart of the village. Bored of having nothing to entertain they get back on track. It isn’t until they reach their pavilion, that his mouthtown-hallgasps for air. The hall is haunted, a broken house where the villagers do voodoo, or alchemy or anything unearthly. Aaron’s leg turn to lead, he can’t move any further. He will not step in the haunted place.

‘Afraid of ghosts, aren’t you, kiddo?’ Randy laughs, a smug smile across his face. Aaron takes a deep breath ignores him, walking again he murmur to Lonzo about his queasiness. ‘AI drives cars, planes & submarines, we can heat food in seconds, my girlfriend lives across the country and still we talk everyday. We’re in the 21st century and you tell me you’re afraid of ghosts?’ Lonzo is having a hearty laugh, ‘It’s okay, only have to stay for a night.’ Feeling a little better he heads to the huge room where makeshift beds are made for 35 students and 5 of their teachers. The bright yellow bulbs illuminate every corner of the hall.

‘Settle down, students.’ Father Ronald, the beloved Principal of Vodria High School, is standing near the entrance with another old man, possibly the head of the village. ‘As we all know our bus has broken down, & it has got very late to wait for our drivers to fix it, this generous man has offered us this wonderful place to stay tonight.’ Everyone gives a round of applause and the echo rings in Aaron’s ear for a long time. ‘He will fill you with some instructions which I want each and every one of us to follow.’

‘If there’s anything you want please feel free to wake the keeper who would be staying with you. Don’t go beyond the metal gates on the south end. Nor I want anyone to wander in the dark, there aren’t many wild animals but I don’t want any risks. Thank you, hope you have a good time at Strigoikirk.’ At the mention of village’s name, Aaron notices Ioan Dalca’s face lose all it’s colour.

‘What’s wrong Ioan?’ Aaron asks punching him to get his attention. Without blinking Ioan turns his head, ‘In Romanian, Strigoi means an un-dead troubled spirit.’

Swallowing a gulp, he knows it’s going to be a helluva long night.

…to be continued.

©The Honest Fabler

©Cover and Image Credits- Google Images(& the rightful owner)