Guilty as Charged.(The Final Part)

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Zelia is leaning on her seat. Heinz has stopped pacing the room, his friend has become the point of their attention.
‘What is the lead, Anne?’ He blurts impatiently.

Roxanne Ariosto, a dignified officer, has a lump in her throat for the first time. She knew this had to be done one day, and the day has already gone. It’s time for everyone to read the evidence, Heinz has to be the first, though. In her official tone she says,
‘I found this evidence. It was in my mailbox. I’m going to disclose it & close the case once and for all. But I know you’ve the right to know.’ She produces the letter neatly folded in her handbag covered in the EVIDENCE bag and hands it over to Heinz.

‘Now I need to go on an assignment. See you soon, Diablo. I’ll be back to take the evidence.’ She gives Heinz a warm hug and bids farewell to Dr. Zhang.

‘I can’t wait to see what this is, could you please hurry.’ Zelia tells Heinz as he unfolds the letter and reads it aloud:

    I hope I’ve given you this letter before the police turns on you, Diablo. It’s been a week since the police know that Devyn Alford, Ethan Perlo & Kane Rinaldi were murdered. On different dates, at different places without any particular patterns. There is left behind no clue about the murders, in fact the police believed they were suicides for the past one and a half year. The first victim’s brain was burst open by himself, the second crashed his car while driving it in a drunk condition and the third jumped off a building.
I’ve always wanted the good to win right from the time my grandpa told me fairy tales. I lived in a world that wasn’t real, it was created by him. The day he left us, I locked myself away from the real world, as always. But I wasn’t happy, anymore. For a long time I didn’t come out of it, never talked to my friends nor anything more than formalities with my family. It is part of a reason that I’ve been there for you. Helped you when you wanted nobody around you, it’s because I know what you feel. A listener is all we need in such times. Even I had one.
He came in my life like a saviour, a guy sent from my Grandpa, to turn me back into normal. He told me stories, too. He made me laugh, he gave me a shoulder to cry on, he dropped me home after school. I can’t think of one good thing he didn’t do for me. But as we grew up, my saviour took a turn for the worse. The attention he received from everyone made him a little selfish & more insecure towards everything. His old friends left him, still he didn’t care since the number of new friends kept increasing.

The newer the friends the shallower his emotions became. I had no problem with those friends but they took away his innocence. I tried to warn him, many a times, but he never made sense. He accused me of being jealous and not being grateful for the help he provided to me when we were tweenagers. But the truth is, I was grateful, without him I wouldn’t have had anything I have now. Which is why I stayed. Day by day, he started controlling me. Whatever I did, who I talked to, where I went and I knew it was enough. The day I talked to him about ending our contact with each other and living our own lives, he created a huge dramatic scene. For the first time his friends saw him cry and I became the bad person. An ungrateful, shameless whore! But I was nothing of such kind. I did my best to avoid a fight, cut out contact with every guy I knew. He picked me up and dropped me, but it was unlike the old times when he hugged me and I kissed his cheek before saying a goodbye.

A year after I got used to the new prison like routine of my life, he crossed the most extreme line. I saw him drag you from the canteen & drive out in his car. I tried to follow but I couldn’t run on my feet for so long. I called for a cab and thought of places where he’ll take you. His house was an obvious choice since his parents were on a vacation & getting rid of the maids and chefs wouldn’t be a tough job for him. By the time I reached his home, you were gone. Taken in an ambulance.
“How could you do this!?” I shrieked at him, entering his huge empty house.
“He got what he deserves. No one lays an eye on my girlfriend. You are my bitch. Only MINE!” He laughed and so did his two minions, descending from upstairs.
“No, I’m not. Not anymore. You’re an asshole! I won’t let you get away with it.” I was crying as I ran away, away from his filthy home. A filth, is all that had become of everything that belonged to him. How could I be with this rodent for so long! I cursed myself all the way to the police station. I checked my phone for directions and the nearest one was 350 meters away. Not quite far, but I had to travel through the suffocating fumes from the factories around. It’s not going to be me who will cry. I wiped my tears and prepared for what statement I would give. Out of nowhere, I heard the sound of a car’s engine and realized it was him. I searched for a cover but there was nothing to hide, he had already seen me. Jumping out the car as he closed in, there wasn’t a hint of smile on his face.

“I’m sorry. I really am, Rox.”
“Don’t you dare call me that! My name is Roxanne. You better learn that.” I clenched my teeth, I tried my best to not punch his scum face.
“I wasn’t me back there. You know how I am, you know exactly what I am. I’ve helped you, I love you the most! We can sit and talk can’t we?” I remember how deep it hurt when he said those words. It felt as if someone broke my glass palace and stabbed with it’s broken pieces.
“Fuck off, Kane!” I pushed him and continued on my way. The street was deserted, there were factories on both sides. After a few steps a hand blinded my sight, I struggled to set myself free, wildly punching and kicking in air without any success.
“We don’t have to do this.” It was Ethan, shivering while tying a rope around my wrists.
“Just shut up and tie that whore, if we let her go we would be in big trouble.” Devyn forced me in the car. “It’s for everyone’s good will.” Ethan whispered and closed my eyes with a cloth.

    When I opened my eyes I was on Kane’s bed, instantly I regretted it’s familiar touch on my skin. My ankles were tied together, my arms behind my back & my clothes were missing. I acquainted my eyes with the bright lights focused on me, I noticed a blinking red light and felt a tremor. He can’t be doing this! Tears of shame covered my face, I turned on my stomach with all the strength I could gather.
“Now, now are we too shy to smile for the camera?” Kane twisted my arm.
“Why are you doing this!” My screams are muffled by the sobs.
“Only a guarantee that you won’t open your mouth. Tell me, will you do that, Roxy?” He held me by my hair and I only shook my head. He let me go. He never released it, nor did I ever spill his secret. The weight of this leverage was very burdening to me, though. Thus I decided to confront him after 3 years of the incident. Time didn’t change that douchebag, he was still the same person who helped me live life again but also the same person who took it all away from me. He threatened me in exchange for “favours” and I did as he said. How could I be such a fool? But that was it, I decided there was something to be done.    People like him are a bane to our world. Caring about nothing, about nobody else’s life but about their own. He ruined your life and I hold myself responsible for that. You know what the consequences of my decisions are. Three men are dead, but I don’t regret anything. I had to write this in letter since I can’t take it anymore.
Those deaths weren’t completely homicides. I shot Devyn from his uncle’s gun after hitting his uncle in the head with a fire extinguisher, I stayed hidden in a duct next to where he stood, so he never realized there was someone other than Devyn. I held him at gunpoint, he had no chance of escape.
Killing Ethan was the easiest. He was in a club in the main city, as drunk as one could be. I just had to call him from a satellite phone that Kane gifted me when we were in high school. Kane was the rightful owner of it, so I had no strings left to me. By calling him I led him to the unfinished bridge on the west coast, he wasn’t sober enough to pull the breaks before plummeting in the ocean.
Then came Kane’s turn. He didn’t suspect of his friends’ death being remotely related to me. In fact I was working on it. So, I told him that his two friends were killed and he was most likely to be his next target. I acted innocent, like the poor little girl he always considered me to be. He took off to his father’s hotel and stayed in there. He locked himself which made my plan a little tedious. Using my contacts, I located his room number and broadcasted a message on his television that I’m waiting on the terrace and I know who the culprit is. He was scared enough to not care why I would call him on the terrace and naive enough to believe I’m harmless. I wasn’t there, I was in the building next to it. When he reached the terrace I used a drone attached with a laser gun to personify the make-belief killer on his back, I lured him away from the only accessible exit and fired some silenced shots. He ran for his life, ironic how he stumbled in the wires of the generator and fell off the 40 storeys.
Thinking about this again, I know if my Grandpa was alive, he’d be upset with me. Which is why I had to confess of my wrong doing. He’s calling me home, he knows I’ve suffered a lot. He wants to save me and only he can. Good bye, Heinz. I hope you’re never ashamed to say your own name. I’ve avenged us both. Forgive me if you can, wish you all the happiness in life.


Heinz runs out of the door, screaming her name to stop her. But she’s long gone. When Zelia comes out to check, she finds him lying on the floor crying his heart out. Picking him up with great difficulty they travel to the couch. Zelia offers him the water bottle he brought, but he rejects it.
‘You can go, Dr. Zhang.’ He says betwixt his sobs.
‘I can’t leave you like this.’
‘Leave me alone. I will get better, I promise. For Roxanne, I have to. I’ll meet you soon.’ An hour ago, if he said those words Zelia might had not believed him. It’s not the same now, she knows he’s not a psychopath. She knows he’s hurt, again. I’m so sorry for thinking bad about you.
‘I hope you do.’


The next afternoon Dr. Zhang’s receptionist lets in the next patient.
‘I didn’t expect you to be back so soon.’ She walks towards him to greet.
‘I wasn’t going to. But last night Anne shot herself.’ He shakes his head in grief, ‘I’m happy she set herself free from the bonds.’
‘That’s kind of you. Come sit.’ She points towards the chair in her lavish office.
‘I can’t stay, Dr. Zhang.’ Surprised, she waits for him to elaborate. He takes out the EVIDENCE bag, ‘It was her last wish to be proved guilty as charged.’

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Guilty as charged.(Part 3)

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There is silence. Dr. Zelia Zhang is stupefied, but not completely. She’s analyzing Heinz Schofield, a man who’s been in solitude for quite a long time. A psychopath, she thinks. But he’s right, he cannot he able to do it on his own. No, Zel, no! If he’s a murderer of three then you know better than believing him.  She’s inclining on sentencing him as a psycho and leave, that’s not going to be an easy task, she knows.

Why did I tell her about hacking in police database. She won’t believe me, never. That’s what I always do, push people away who try to help me. There’s her secret with me, though. Of course, I can’t tell Dr. Zhang who’s giving me, a civilian, inside information. Heinz is blankly staring Zelia, her cat-like sharp eyes are penetrating him. Peeping his soul to see what’s inside. She’s going to think I’m the one. He almost laughs at the thought, Zelia bounces at his move.
‘It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.’ Heinz steps away from her, his trembling hands find his pockets.

‘I don’t feel good, Diablo. Shall we continue our session next time?’
‘Oh-‘ Heinz doesn’t know what to say, ‘Please don’t tell this to anyone.’
‘I’m a professional,’ She purses her lips and gets up. ‘I won’t-‘

They’re interrupted by the doorbell. Heinz’s face has lost all it’s colour, Zelia looks at him with an arched eyebrow.
‘I’ll get it.’ He rushes to the door.

Zelia’s heartbeat is running sky high. It’s his partner who helped in the murders. Now they’ll get rid of me. She takes a few heavy steps towards the door, enough to look at the dark haired woman standing on the other side.

‘Diablo! How have you been?’ Her voice is powerful, unlike her slender five and a half feet body frame. Grabbing the opportunity, Zelia takes her phone and informs her husband to get at apartment no. 402, Bloomy Heights, 14th Street & ASAP. 

‘Come in.’ Diablo turns to let the woman inside, Zelia drops her phone but no one else notices. She takes a seat on the couch next to Dr. Zhang, Diablo is standing, his stance gives Zelia a hint that he’s not much of an introverted individual right now & indeed when he speaks, his words are vivid, ‘This is my only friend. Who I rarely see due to her tedious job.’ He looks at her accusingly & she shrugs.
‘She’s a detective, and currently working on the “unusual homicides” of my former acquaintances.’

‘Are you sure it’s safe to tell her all this?’ She interrupts him. ‘It’s futile.’
‘It’s okay, Anne. She can’t tell anyone, there’s this confidentiality of the clients. And I trust her.’ Diablo declares bluntly, proving he knows what he’s doing. Zelia’s hoping her busy husband takes a look at the phone & rescue her, but now she’s a little less wary of being killed. I need to be a professional. Take a deep breath and fix yourself. Her posture stiffens & she’s back to being an intent listener that she’s always been.

‘This is Roxanne. The kindest soul I’ve ever met. She’s the only thing that has kept me from going insane.’ He laughs & pinches Roxanne’s cheek., ‘Thanks a lot for that.’ Now looking at Zelia. ‘You’re the second person I trust, Dr. Zhang.  I hope you don’t disappoint me.’

‘I won’t’ Zelia gives a smile.
‘The things I know about the case-‘ He looks for Roxanne to stop him, she nods instead. ‘I know them because 6 months ago, after Kane’s death, she told me about it.’ Zelia’s insides are calming, She’s on the good side, I hope Diablo is, too.

‘Anne has come to for a reason, there’s always one. So what is it now, Anne?’ The two of them look at her, anticipating what she has to say.

‘I’ve a new lead on the case.’


End of part 3.
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Guilty as charged.(Part 2)

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His words make me recoil. I hold back the urge to panic. The man who I was sent to have a session with, by his parents since he has cancelled all the appointments they made with me, previously, seemed only a shy introvert, now a murderer? 

‘So you couldn’t get your revenge?’ I ask keeping my tone even, an unfazed smile stuck on my face.
‘Oh yes, of course I did.’ He’s laughing, like he knows something that I don’t.

‘But didn’t he jump off the building?’
‘That he did, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my revenge.’ He sits at my feet, his hands on my knees. ‘Dr. Zhang, you’re doing something that’s changing me. Why didn’t you meet me before all this happened.’ A tear runs down his cheek, he makes no effort to hide it.

‘Before what happened, Diablo?’
‘Before I turned into a person I never was, a man who’s lived half of his life alone even when he was surrounded by people. A sociopath.’
‘It’s going to be alright,’ I stroke his hair. ‘You’ll get better, trust me.’ My voice sounds shaky, I take a deep breath & pull myself together.

‘Will that happen?’ He stands up, his face closer to mine. I feel his warm breath all over my face, his eyes are hopeful. It is time to get done with what I came to do.
‘Yes it will, sit down, please. Tell me more about Kane’s death.’ I say with full of authority.

‘6 months ago, Kane killed himself.’ A smug smile crosses his face. ‘The police declared it as a suicide, but why will he jump off when he had his rich father’s property & everything one would need to live a exquisite life. Do you know why?’
‘Ethan Perlo & Devyn Alford, were the two of his friends who stripped me in his car that day. Ethan died in a car accident a year ago. Drove his car off the bridge into the sea. Drink & Drive, no one to blame but himself. Devyn shot his head off with a police handgun. He stole it from an officer by subduing him in a lonely alley. His body was found in the same alley that night, 2 years ago. Their friend Kane Rinaldi died, too. A suicide. Why did they do it even when their life was as happy as it could be?’

‘Unless those weren’t suicides.’ I wonder aloud.
‘Exactly. None of them were, but the authorities-‘ He scoffs, ‘How could they be so naïve, the man who killed them was smart. Smart enough to fool them to think they were suicides.’
‘And how do you know it was a man who killed them? Anyway, last thing you know they were suicides and that’s why no one suspected anything.’

‘Those 3 brats aren’t brave enough to kill themselves, Dr. Zhang. A man or a very strong woman has done it.’ He shouts in a matter-of-fact tone. ‘None of them were alcoholics, nor depressed. In fact Ethan got a promotion the day before he died. He was partying with Kane, then he got a call that his wife is in labour. In a hospital across the city.’
‘Wait, but he died because he was drunk. Case closed, what else is to dig in that?’
‘Oh, Dr. Zhang, his wife wasn’t even pregnant! The call was meant to lure him on the bridge, they lived in uptown why will they admit her in a hospital across the city which was a 12 mile drive away. Who called him?’ His words make sense, but it is impossible to believe.

‘How do you know all this?’ I can’t make out his expression since the little light penetrating the curtains is lost, leaving us in a grim darkness.
‘Devyn’s case is funnier.’ He’s lost again, in his own trance. ‘He was in all his senses, a respected attorney at law in one the largest firms of our city. The police officer whose bullet cracked his skull was his uncle. He gave a statement that Devyn emailed him to meet in that alley, reason was he needed some insight of an officer on a case he was stuck on. But all he remembers about the meeting is Devyn thumping his head with a fire extinguisher. When they checked Devyn’s email they found a mail received from his uncle, it included details of the address of the alley and the reason to meet being: I’ve been in a pickle lately, I need some legal advice but it has to be private. When enquired his uncle came out clean, he never faced trouble. A clean officer. And If his uncle didn’t email him nor did Devyn email his uncle, there has to be a third person who brought them in the alley. Then there comes the mighty Kane who jumped off his hotel. The workers reported he was behaving queer, queer in a way that someone was chasing him. He didn’t order anything for 20 hours of his stay in. No one saw him, his call records were useless. He didn’t use any devices. Later they found he was high on Cocaine. Something doesn’t fit in though. He was staying on the 22nd floor, that’s half height of the hotel. He jumped from the terrace, no one saw him go there. Not a single pair of eyes! Only the cameras captured him entering the terrace. There has to be someone who’s killed them. A person who killed the three of them.’

His knowledge about the three cases strengthens my doubt that he’s done it. I need to get out of here. I can’t stay in a murderer’s apartment.

‘How do you know this.‘ I demand, out of patience, failing to comfort myself that he’s not a murderer.

‘I don’t play games all the time when I’m in here. I’ve hacked their database.’ He’s lying, no one can be a free man after hacking into government files. I need to get out. I need to inform the police, I don’t care if he’s my client.

‘Do you think I did it?’ He asks, but his tone doesn’t suggest alarm. What a professional. He’s not a sociopath, he’s a psychopath! 


‘That’s what I think, too. That I killed them while I was sub-concious. But this needs a lot of planning than a man who works only half of the time being sub-concious. This is done by someone smarter than me.’ He’s out of his mind!

‘Believe me, Dr. Zhang. I didn’t kill them.’


End of part 2.

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Guilty as charged. (Part 1)

“You’ve never experienced what a roller coaster ride is?”
“No, sir.” He corrected. “Not even travelled through a plane you say?”
“Sir no, sir.”
“This is gonna be fun.” Then Kane turned his back & everyone laughed. 


‘That’s where it started?’ She asks me. The noise of her pen running against the paper is audible even when she’s across the room, sitting in front of me. There’s a scar on her index finger, probably a burn. By the look of it, one can wager it is old- Yes, a good decade or so.

‘Are you with me, Mr. Heinz?’ The name makes me recoil.
‘Call me Diablo, please. I hate those 5 letters together. H-E-I-N-Z!’ It’s rude! No, I should apologize.
‘Sorry.’ I whisper & chew on the dead skin near my nail.
‘It’s okay, Diablo. Let this be. I’m bored, you want to play?’ She points her gaze towards my gaming console. I feel my cheeks redden. No one has ever been to my house since I’ve started working at the grocery store. The pay isn’t best, but I could at least afford the rent this apartment. Living on their own isn’t easy for a

‘Is it okay if we play-‘
‘Yes.’ I jump to my feet, remove the second remote control from the sealed packing. Never had anyone to play, not once.

‘Are you going to charge my parents for this too, Dr. Zhang? I’ve heard your fees are high.’ She’s looking at me with a tilted head.
‘Oh no, no I won’t. I’m paid for consulting my patients, Diablo. This would be free.’ She gives a warm smile & sits beside me.

‘What games do you have?’
‘Name one.’ I gloat.
‘FIFA?’ She says after a pause.
‘Saw that coming.’ I laugh & switch the TV on. ‘Have you heard of any other games?’
‘No.’ She admits & opens the top button of her shirt. I notice another scar, similar to the burn on her finger. I involuntarily pull the sleeve down my right hand.

‘So, how long have you been living here?’ She asks after losing for the second time.
‘Would it concern my treatment?’ I frown at her. Her sweet tone unaffected, ‘We’re not a doctor-patient for now, Diablo. Anyway, I need something to drink.’

I return with a bottle & take my seat.
‘Another round of losing to me?’
‘Since how long are you living here?’ She asks, again.
‘Only a year ago.’

She looks around my one bedroom-kitchen house, tidy is something my house would never be. The curtains are drawn, blocking out the afternoon summer sun. On my balcony I can hear pigeons, they always keep coming back to lay eggs. They’re the only company I have.

‘It’s a great place.’
‘Who are you kidding?’ I hate fake people.
‘I wasn’t lying, you know. Well let’s start from where we left.’

Ugh! Should had seen this coming. I want to scream at her, but the sharp steely eyes of her blunt face seem to possibly penetrate my thoughts. I feel naked, but from how much I’ve known her since the last hour I’m sure she’ll wait for me to speak out even if she could read it. And I decide to spill it out, afterall that’s the reason why my parents have sent her here.

‘You want to know? Okay. What I told you about Kane was a lie. There was no person called Kane in my high school, nor in my life. I lied to you because-‘ Think. Fast. Or else she won’t believe me.

‘Because that’s what I do. Lie to everyone, about everything. Didn’t my parents tell you? Or did they just say “Go fix our mentally ill son.”‘

‘Calm down, Diablo. You’re not mentally ill. No one says that. But your lack of socialization is their concern. They’re worried for you.’ Her palm is rubbing mine, human touch is a funny concept. But I like it. When was the last time I touched someone? Or even talked for more than 10 minutes? Maybe I should tell her. Her touch is calming me down, the way ice melts.

‘Okay. What I told you before is what happened to me because of the first day of high school. I was all excited to start, just like everyone else. But it was me, the unluckiest person to bump into Kane’s girlfriend in the hallway. It wasn’t even my fault. It wasn’t even hers. I said sorry, she did too. Then he came & saw her helping me pick my stuff. That’s where it all went wrong. When I was in the cafeteria, Kane & other seniors sat on my table. I thought they’ll wanna be- friends.’ It’s difficult to even pronounce the word, now. ‘So we were sitting together for a minute now & no one talked. So I decided to try to be an extrovert. I said, “Hey. Are you guys in my year?” And then Kane smashed his hand on the table. Everybody looked at us. Like a cobra he circled me & said, “I’m in senior year. I’m the guy whose girlfriend you bumped into this morning. I’m the guy who’s going to ruin your year.” I watched a few students walk away, as if they knew what will happen. But many others looked up. Nothing attracts humans more than tragedies. Nothing.’ I look at her to check if she’s listening, she gives a slight nod so I continue.
‘Then he asks me where I am from. But I say that I apologized to his girlfriend, I can apologize to him, too. I don’t want trouble. I didn’t. He started laughing, like a maniac. Then he said he was just scaring me & then everyone else gave disappointed sighs. He said it’s all cool & I can go. Funny how he came to my seat but told me to go. I didn’t argue though. Also, I completed my lunch. So I left.’ I realize I’ve been talking too long but Dr. Zhang is listening to me & I feel good, somehow.

‘It was the next day itself, that I knew he wasn’t joking with me. I saw posters on walls, edited photos of my face on the body of a baby. Below it printed in bold “HEINZ NEEDS WALKING GUIDELINES” It was helluva embarrassing, I took down the few I could but they were everywhere. I felt terrified. In every class I went students looked at me, recognizing me as the guy from the posters. Little did I know it was only the start. Day by day they kept passively torturing me. Once, my bike was missing a whole tyre. I complained to the faculties, increasing security around the parking lot was all they did. Then came this day, I was sitting in the cafeteria, alone. No one talked to me for all the 7 months of school, since jokes were being played on me. They’ll be embarrassed to be seen with me. Worst case scenario, they’ll be in trouble. When I was half way done, Kane sat next to me. He said he’s heard that I’m afraid of heights. I said no. So he screamed that I’m lying, and I shouldn’t. I timidly looked around, they were shooting us & I knew it’s serious trouble. Then he asked me have I went to a roller coaster or an aeroplane or dived from the high dive-board. When I disagreed he took me by my collar, dragged me all the way in his sedan. I didn’t know the name of those who were holding me while he drove to his home. In the car, they stripped me. Drew some things on my body that I couldn’t see yet. Tied a ribbon around my crotch & painted my face. When we reached his home, a huge mansion. They pulled me out, a guy was shooting me. I was stark naked only the ribbon on me covered whatever it could. There were black stains all over my body, but I still couldn’t see what they’ve done. I screamed for help but there wasn’t anyone. We came in the backyard and I swear I had a panic attack. There was swimming pool with a diving board. As high as 2 storeys. My legs turned lead. They still dragged me to the top. I was sticking to the board afraid to fall. Then he brought a dog. Tied him to the railing, blocking my way down. All of them were shooting me. Screaming “Jump!” I tried running down but the dog bit me.

“STAY STIFF AND JUMP OFF, HEINZ!” Kane screamed but that’s not what I did. I slipped while escaping another bite from his dog. I fell straight, luckily. It took me forever to hit the water. I was hospitalized, the water rubbed the stains off my body. I had a scar on my forearm. I was terrified, shook till the weak heart of mine. They told the doctors that we were partying when his dog accidentally bit me and I slipped in the pool & passed out. I stayed home for the next 2 weeks. My parents believed them, I didn’t tell anyone what the truth was. They uploaded the video, blurred my face, it went viral. What a bummer, didn’t I say humans are most attracted by tragedies? When I was home, I plotted revenge. Something painful, more painful than what I faced. Something they won’t get away with. Against all the three of them, I plotted revenge.’ I say with a triumph smile.

‘And did you have your revenge, Diablo?’ She asks, her tone even.

I laugh. ‘Kane died 6 months ago. Jumped off a building.’


End of part one.

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