End of Reign

“Death is inevitable. A reign that is created, must fall apart.”

The body will decompose or fly. The phony sculptures and mighty architectures will not stand still. One day or the other, it will atomize into soil and sand. It’ll worth nothing more than blowing dust. The power, we are fighting for, will fall. The dog tag of the religious illusions will melt. No culture, no belief, no faith will hold us together.

Pseudo brotherhood will die in vain.

The only fact of time-and-space is true. Evolution is just a word. Space between two-time periods is evolution. Cosmic energy that was travelling through space has given birth to this beautiful universe. From nothing all emerge. And after billions of years we took birth with no religion, no greed and no ego.

The experience we gathered, the knowledge we shared and the space between us has given our identity. The starvation and security forced us together. Later, pleasure and power overrun our judgment. Nationality, language, colour, habit, religion, circadian rhythm have bifurcated the freedom of living. And as we progress through time, one after another the light of Mesopotamian civilization, Indus valley civilization, Macedonian Dynasty, Maurya Dynasty, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Mughal Empire, British Empire went off.

The rise of renaissance buried the social abuses and slavery. A new global awareness and care is spreading. Information and education, vision and ambition, rapid creation and destruction are erasing the myths, customs and traditions that don’t pace with time. Old must die, and new finds its place. And when it will reach its pick. Sooner or later the overexploitation and injustice towards this globe and automation will eventually destroy mankind, a new era will take place.

History will repeat itself. Same as dinosaur were once completely erased and we took their place. And eventually this planet will also end once the sun burn out all of its energy. Everything that we know today will turn into nothing.

The Death is the Ultimate Truth.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eighth)

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“Why have you brought me here.” Aaron’s voice is shaky but there is no response. His mother’s body lies in an awkward position with her heading hanging back and forth. With no other option due to the unsafe seat in the clouds, Aaron crosses his fingers and hopes Caer wakes up soon.


“Where’s Lonzo?” Audra asks Randy as she enters in the room allotted to him and Lonzo.
“Probably still bathing with the beauty in the pond.” Randy tosses her an apple from the basket kept on the table in front of him and Audra takes a seat on the bed.  Audra has been given the room adjacent to this, A perfect mirror image. She realizes as she looks around the room unless her eyes settle on Lonzo entering from the door. 990e8b9fea36b0558f4fa68d392f314e

Unlike the other males, Lonzo is wearing a warrior suit instead of a robe. His huge built is embellished by the mighty sword and the helmet with wings.
“Is it Halloween already?” Randy mocks.
“I’m a warrior, I volunteered to go in the war.” He replies, his chin raised high.
“Are you out of your mind?” Audra shrieks. Randy’s expression is equally shocked.
“No, but I have to go. Tell Aaron I love him and that I am going on my own will and that I will miss him.”
“You’re not going anywhere! You’re not going against me.” Randy drags him but the armor has made him too heavy for Randy to move. Audra is pacing the room in short strides, fixing her the hair strand that always keeps falling even after she’s put it in place. Frustrated she collapses on the sitting diwan in the center of the room. “WHY?” She screams.
“I don’t care if I die the second I enter in the battle. I don’t want to go back and live my broken life, Audi. With these broken people who keep breaking everything I try to make. They never care of what I like, nobody does. They all judge things on how good it is for themselves.”
“So you’re going to give your life in a war that you’re not even a part of?” Randy sizes up to him.
“I’m sick of humans.” Lonzo turns to Audra. “Convey my message to him.”
“No, I won’t if—” Before she can complete a wild gong is heard from above and leaps of soldiers rush out. Lonzo turn to them and give each of them a hug before leaving.

Once the warriors have left, Audra chews on the apple silently. Randy gets himself a banana.
“So we wait?” Randy raises an eyebrow.
“We wait.” Audra nods.


“MOM! Wake up! It’s been so long, can’t you hear me?” Aaron’s position is unchanged and so is Caer’s. The gong’s noise has made Aaron extra aware about the war that is going to start between his family and the creatures under his father’s army.

“Obviously I can listen, son. But don’t disturb me.” Her tone is calm, but laced with a little insanity. The type of insanity a mad scientist would get when their experiment works.

The blasts start taking place at a good distance from the kingdom and towards the northern side of the forest, Aaron’s sweating. Unsure what his mother would make him do.
“Yes!” Caer wakes up in a while, “We are losing.”
“So why the ‘Yes!’?”
“Because I know just what to do.”
“And what is it?” He braces himself.
“Come.” With only a word she drags him along her cloud off towards the battleground.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)

Wizard, Necromancer, Alchemist or a Strigoi? What really is Aaron?

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“What news do you bring?” Sitting in the cavern’s cold makeshift throne, his already croaky voice has turned hollower. He knows his power is deteriorating and the anticipation for knowing the result of his greatest mistake of sending three young ogres to captivate his target has increased.
“We brought them…to our world….but…mortals came, too. We…ate 3 delicious…”
“Where is he?” He’s lost all his patience.
“He went to…”

Without waiting for them to complete he burns them to bits with a wave of his hand. I can’t stress myself by wasting my power on these dumb creatures. It was my fault, after all.
“Be ready, I cannot just sit and wait for the end.” He orders and a perfectly coordinated march shakes the ground below his feet.


“How wonderful is this?” Asher is bragging and Aaron knows without even looking, that his face is covered by a smug smile.
“This isn’t quite comfortable.” He shrugs. Sitting naked in a pond getting his body washed by an unknown woman and having his brother in the same pool isn’t Aaron’s definition of wonderful. But before Asher says anything Aaron blurts, “So what were you saying about the descendants? Worshippers?”

“Ah, ever so curious, huh? As I said the name Strigoikirk was given to the village that you stayed in because those humans are the descendants of our worshippers. From one generation to the other, the legends kept on changing and we became the monstrous Strigoi. No one bothered, though. Our people had made a treaty within ourselves that humans are to be left alone.”
“And why did that happen?” Asher’s flawless face turns grim. It’s the first time Aaron sees his brother so helpless.
“It happened due to the rising terror in humans about us. Our power became their enemy, their nightmare. Thus our elders decided to stay away from the mortals, completely.”
“Aren’t you a mortal?” He’s finally asked it.

“I am. But I’ve powers you can only imagine of. This is what differentiates us from humans. Now, don’t interrupt me. The peace treaty was intact for ages, unless our father turned on us. He always admired humans worshipping us, but his wishes became uncontrollable. He wanted us to rule over their domain and be their fake gods. Use their fear for our benefits.” Asher scoffs. “What a stupid thought.”
“What happened then?”

“Then as expected our King talked him out of it. But our father wouldn’t listen. He went rogue, recruited our people and plotted against us. He gained the trust of many elders using deceit, he promised them things that would never happen. He wanted to rule us and play God with those petty humans. King Gerard was against him, and it took all our men and women to fend off his forces.
When he was defeated, his supporters left him. None of them supported spoiling our own blood for whatever reasons. But then came a day that our father killed King Gerard. He entered the castle one night with his wild army of ogres and trolls.”

Aaron tries not to interrupt evaluating the pain in Asher’s voice but he cannot contain himself, “Why do you call such a man our father?”
“Because this is what we’re taught, Aaron.” He places a hand on his shoulder, “This is what we’re taught.”


Wow it’s so soft. Audra wonders when the silky towel touches her skin. The maid, who introduced herself as Ronda, is wiping Audra’s back gently. Once she started talking to Ronda she realised how happy Ronda is being a maid in the castle. “We’re all treated equally,” Audra recalls her exact words. “We treat everyone with respect and equality, except for the elders and the king. Their decisions are unquestionable.” 

“Here are your clothes.” Ronda breaks Audra’s trance and she realises she’s still bare clothed. Funny how she was shy to let Ronda even touch her, and now she doesn’t mind walking naked around her. She’s too kind to think bad of me. Audra smiles and puts on the robe.


“No matter how cruel he turns, he’ll be my birthgiver and I his son. I’ve to respect the bond.” Asher sighs. “But not anymore. I’m the king, now. And I’ve deserved it, after defeating his army for the first time after King Gerard’s demise. I wish I killed him there and then. But, I want to. This time. But the elders won’t agree. The 8 elders that still govern us, even me, advice me not to do so. Thus I had to bring you here.”

“Bring me why?”

“Our father’s losing his power ever since I defeated him. But he’s retreating. He needs support.”

“But why did you want me? I’m normal, I can’t shape shift like you.”
“You were sent to live among humans when you were 6. The time when we discovered about the hybrid child.”
“Hybrid?” Aaron tilts his head and Asher purses his lips.
“Yes. We discovered that someone amongst us had a kid with the humans. Mother didn’t want you to see the havoc that would rise, so she ordered me to wipe your memories and make sure you’re safe amidst the human race.”

“Where is our mother?” Aaron jumps to his feet.
“We meet her after you’re clean. But first we’ll have to make you presentable and do something about your habit of jumping while naked.” Asher laughs looking at Aaron’s dumbfound face and walks away.

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