|| Womanhood ||

The word which was alien to me struck in my mind. Out of curiosity, I went to search its meaning from the “Collin’s Advance Dictionary” which states —Womanhood. The state of being a woman rather than a girl.

I’m not sure whether the dictionary talks about only physical or mental status into account or not. So, the very term is baffling to me.

I remember once my father called me in the house when I was playing Holi with some guys and girls in the street, albeit, I played in the same manner last year. His strange behaviour puzzled me.

I went straight up to the terrace and watched my brother who is 10 years elder to me continue having fun with them. I was given no valid explanation for such behaviour, apart from the concrete statement that “I’m grown up now”.

I still didn’t find out what does that “grown up” meant at that time, I always wondered, “Have I attained womanhood?”

Simone de Beauvoir wrote in the ‘Second Sex‘ that “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman.” & in today’s context the quotation finds its meaning. I don’t know at what point of time I was termed as a “woman” but the world, present or past is witness to the fact that the very term has brutally mutilated the wings of independence of an individual.

Womanhood is just like a GPS chip that is installed in an experimental animal. A wild animal in a forest which help to trace out their position.
I can relate myself in ‘Oceana’ just like ‘Winston Smith‘ of 1984 being always in the radar of ‘The Big Brother’ . This Big Brother is not an individual but the society of unknown and virtuosity, which is more concerned about me than myself.

I found myself sitting beside ‘Simon de Beauvoir’ struggling to find the lost identity. I found myself among the stones in the pockets of ‘Virginia Wolf’ drowned in the river. I, too, felt suffocated with ‘Sylvia Plath’. I wander madly to search a true and divine love for ‘Kamla Das’. I’m fighting with the Government so that ‘Mary Ann Evans’ could be known by her real name & so that no woman needs the shelter of ‘Masculine Umbrella’ to prove her worth. Even after trying so hard I was lying on the roadside of Delhi and watching my end coming near.

I don’t know whether this struggle will ever end or not but I’m never going to give up. I’ll never let me fail whether Constitution grant me reservation or not.
My ‘Womanhood‘ is my territory and I am learning to reign it. I don’t fear to fight and protect it.
Despite having cropped wings, I managed to flay to the space.
I speak loud in the Parliament so that everyone can wake up.

My Womanhood makes me the creator. I am a Mother and a Nourisher. I am the deity as the holy book suggests but still I have an unending war to fight with my own people and it will continue till the time unknown. In the bottom line I would like to quote a verse in Sanskrit

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ।।

Let you all find whether it is a satire or an irony.

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The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – Part IV

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Previous parts:

Author’s Note (Password: sister)




25 October 2016

Dear Scarlett,

Guess where I’m taking you to? Oh, come on! You suck at guessing. Right now we’re in a plane to Cairo, Egypt since we have a long vacation for the Diwali festival. Hoorah! That’s the good news, the better news is that mom has started running her own clinic and dad’s business is back up, too, and due to that now I’m sitting in the business class. Double-Hoorah! It is 9:06 p.m. and the flight takes roughly 6 hours but it must be 5:30 p.m. in Cairo at the moment which means that I will meet mom dad an hour or two before my birthday!

The girl sitting beside me is cute, don’t you think so? I’ll talk to her soon but for that I’ll have to say “Buh Bye” to you di. Hope our journey goes great! And just in case you get bored I’ve brought The Great Gatsby along. 😉 See ya soon.

14 November 2016

Dear Scarlett,

Last 20 days have been so much to take in! My birthday was awesome, we had dinner together and mom made me cookies along with cake (which she rarely got time to do when we lived in Syria.) Then one afternoon, I talked to mom dad about my religious views and out of the blue they seemed to understand my reasons and didn’t object me. I was so glad! But then of course things have to be balanced between good and bad. So, in the evening while I was enjoying the gentle November breeze my phone rang, it was Umair—an old friend of mine from Syria. He told me that Ayman and his family had passed away in a bombing of a mosque in our city. I’ve had been broken since then. It was a fortnight ago, now I am fine. Period.

I’m suddenly very glad to have left Syria but I feel selfish for feeling so since my childhood friend and his family passed away and I cannot even go to their funeral. I’ve been having this debate with myself since the phone call and now I’m too exhausted. Can you tell me if I am selfish or not?

16 November 2016

Dear Scarlett,

I’m returning home! Technically, I just left home but I have a feeling that I’m returning home viz. my hostel! It feels like home there. I had been homesick and I missed hanging out with my new friends who are now equivalent to my lifelong buddies and obviously not new since we live together from August, that makes it 3 months! On the happy note, our semester is ending soon and that means more studies! I don’t think I’ll be able to write to you for a good month or two. Let’s see. I’m excited ’cause ones the exams end we’ve our fresher’s party. Yes, even I wonder what will be fresh about the fresher’s party but hey, better late than never. I’m going to doze off now. I’m out. Bye, good night.
See ya soon.

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The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – PART III

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Previous parts:

Author’s Note (Password: sister)



25 September, 2016

Dear Scarlett,

I can’t believe the exams were easy!! I’m not really sure if they had intentionally set such easy papers but it was great for me. I called mom to tell her about the exams, they were both glad. She informed me that they left Syria last month. It was the very next day that we spoke.

I became a little restless but she assured me that it was all planned and now we have our own house in the capital of Egypt, that is Cairo! I am overwhelmed. I’m still telling every friend of mine this news ever since the phonecall. But that wasn’t all about the phone call, mom even asked if I pray. I didn’t answer it but I know she knows the answer. I never liked to believe in God and now that the two of them don’t ask me to pray, I’m free to do as I please.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to disrespect neither of their beliefs it’s just that if there was an almighty omnipotent God the suffering over us would have never been caused nor would hundreds of thousands of people have lost their life and every earning in the futile wars.
I’m so tired to argue, I just want to enjoy tonight! Good night, we’re sneaking out tonight too! See ya soon.

26th September 2016

Dear Scarlett,

I’m going to tell you a secret, only on the condition that you won’t scold me. I know you’re going to scold me anyway but before that hear me out: Last night we smoked pot and got stoned. It was the first time I ever smoked anything but honestly the way I saw the world was amazing. I’ve never lost control over myself in such a way like yesterday. Coming back to the hostel room was a tough job since Azure and I could barely walk, Naveen luckily controlled himself and helped our way in.

This morning when I woke up I felt light headed and I sat on my bed for an hour wondering what I did was right or wrong. Initially trying to find the answer to the ethnicity of my actions of last night led to me an epiphany. The world doesn’t have any right or wrong. It is all about what we believe in.

Like, for someone who believes in one religion deeply and completely, sees an atheist as an absurd person or a person who can’t realize the power of god. Besides, an atheist thinks that a religious person is too old-fashioned to see that only one God cannot control the whole universe and make things happen from a miracle. Did you realize it, di! It is what happens always between mum and me. Everything in the world that is based on right or wrong is indeed based on the beliefs of the people.

There was a time when the great Galileo was under house-arrest to prove that our earth isn’t the center of everything, but later the beliefs of majority of the people were proved wrong. Ugh! Figuring out life is so difficult. Lucky are we that we only have to figure out the velocity of objects and currents. All hail engineers! *Sucks at evil laugh but still* HaHaHaHa. *Coughs* Okay, I suck really bad. I better get enough sleep for tomorrow’s football selection. Good night.  See ya soon.

1st October 2016

Dear Scarlett,
The study pressure is increasing! I’ll write to you soon. I am in the football team. Wait for my next letter. Good night.

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The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Before you start your journey with Awan, I would like if all of you read my note about it. 

Author’s Note.

The password is “sister” (Ignore the quotation marks)

17th August 2016

Dear sister,
Hello shaqiqa! How’ve you been? It’s been 18 years since we talked, that’s sad I know but I’ll surely talk to you more often from now on. 🙂 To start with our introductions, I’ll go first: I now live in India, isn’t that awesome? I came here just a few days ago. As you know our country has an active civil war which is just getting worse and thus our parents decided that I should stay away from all of it. Amongst all the places that we could afford, India was better than the rest. No complaints though, I’m happy over here. Last 9 days have been great! (Until today, of course) My hostel room over here is wonderful, I share it with 2 guys- Naveen and Azure. Naveen (aka the buffoon) is the heart of our entertainment. The TV room is always packed with students so unsurprisingly it’s out of our list of places to hang out. It’s our hostel room where we hang around most of the time and Naveen is the one who makes us not want to count the tiles on the floor or the petty cracks on the smoggy walls of our building. Long live the buffoon! Azure, on the other hand, is a bit shy. Like me, he’s new to this country. He’s from Iraq by the way, next to our Syria! We’re the only people he talks to, all day. So far we made many acquaintances since we have to spend 4 more years together (That’s how long it takes to do engineering in India.) and it’s great to know people from so many different cultures and traditions. Oh, it’s so selfish of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry. Let’s get to know you. 

Here’s what I know about you: You’re beautiful, you’re elder to me because I want to call you didi. Didi is what they call an elder sister in Hindi. I like our Arabic term ‘shaqiqa’ too but didi sounds cute, doesn’t it? So, you’re…Uh… Let’s say 22 y/o, not too old and not too young. (PS don’t worry I’ll never mention your age again, promise) Now, you must be wondering why I need an imaginary sister as my diary. It’s due to 

  1.   You’re not my “imaginary” sister, you’re my “only” sister! This brings me to the reason why I’m not happy today.
  2.  Yesterday was a holiday on account of something called “Rakshabandhan”. 

The term being completely foreign to me and Azure, Naveen explained us it’s meaning and I still couldn’t completely get it. But the general idea is that the sister of a brother ties her brother’s wrist a string that translates in Sanskrit to “a knot of protection” and the brother promises to protect her and I guess you understood the meaning and also the reason why I suddenly needed a sister. Today looking at the hands’ of the guys in my classroom I felt envious. It brought all the mixed feelings I ever felt about other people having siblings and me having none, burst out all at once. I kept my peace all day but now that I couldn’t sleep- the clock says 1:23 a.m.- I had to do something and this is how I’m gonna fill in the empty space of my life.

Hush, I’m back. I went to wash my face. You know, I love the feeling of living on my own, oh the responsibilities that I have *sigh* I wish I could tell you all about it now. But tomorrow I’ve to wake up early, water supply is limited from 6-6:30, so good night! Happy dreams. See ya soon. 

PS- The idea of having an imaginary sister as a diary is inspired by my own life. 😛
The next part would be posted next Tuesday, stay tuned!
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