Her eyes, resembled those of Medusa.
Even a naïve look of innocence would stun the mightiest men.

Her lips, resembled Aphrodite.
Tiny little curves to make every problem look insignificant.

Her heart, it was queen Hera’s.
The might to hold together a family & still be flawless.

Her intelligence, undoubtedly a gift of Athena.
None could challenge her wit nor her wise.

The goddess had billion suitors,
But her heart craved for the only atheist on Earth.

© The Honest Fabler
© Cover credits- Google images

Raw emotions.

I want to feel your skin against mine,
Without any definite borders between.

I want to take in every scent of yours,
With every breath of mine.

I want you to lay beside me,
With your eyes staring deep into mine.

Take a peek in my soul through the window,
Without falling too hard in the rock bottom.

Tickle me behind my neck,
With your soft lips and the wet tongue.
Or maybe there, where even your touch
sends a shiver down the spine.

Kiss my lips or bite them,
It doesn’t matter since it’s a part of you.

Take my hand and abandon your dysphoria,
For together we’ll stay happy in our utopia.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images

A lover's plea.

I don’t know how to begin,
And put forth all the love I hold for you, within.

Rhyme some verses to make you smile?
Or betray the poet in me to break the stereotype?

Shall I start with your lovely eyes?
Or maybe something that holds more surprise?

I wonder, how you look so perfect?
Or is it my blurred vision that can’t find a defect?

Are you an obstacle that distracts me?
Or is it my own fault that you attract me?

You never asked me to love you, not once.
Or did you smile so adorably on purpose, all these months?

Whatever the case be, I just want you to listen.
Listen to my heart that calls your name with every breath in.

You might not know me as your lover.
But I promise, my love for you will never be over.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits – Google Images

Here she comes.

“Come to me,
Close in on me.
Yes! She comes.
Here she comes,
but does she?”

All day and all night, I waited.
Blamed myself, it was me who I hated.

I showed her the way,
Through the labyrinth of walls that none could slay.

Cocooned by a shell, my loner heart,
Her claws were the one to rupture it apart.

Her lips; they touched my skin.
In places the believers would call it a sin.

I remember the time we had our last kiss,
I still wonder if ever she looks back to reminisce its bliss?

She left me for my fallen glory,
She left me, since I couldn’t get the trophy.

Losers are what she loathed,
But even a winner turns a loser once he has gloated.

A shame I didn’t have a strong will,
Now I wait with patience to be executed by the thrill.

The headlights they’re blinding me,
The weight, the velocity, the crash they’re the factors that set me free.

Finally the train comes and ends my pain,
Since I know there’s nothing left to live and gain.

“Came to me.
Closed in on me.
Yes! She did.
Here she did.”

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images


​His heart; it had captivated my soul.
A utopia made from my sanity that he stole.
A blink of his eye and my lips would curl up.
A kiss of his lips and my eyes would light up.
Lost in dreams of the fairyland,
A place where even I could lead a music band!
My sanity, he stole; my heart, cocooned in a mould.
The zeal of his love was so rich, costlier even than pure gold.
He’s my muse, since happiness is everything he’s ever gave.
He’s my master and I’m his loyal slave.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images

I let them die.

I am bitter.

I mourn for the people I couldn’t become and I blame the world for it.

They killed the poet

They killed the writer

They killed the playwright

and everything they could’ve written.

They killed the actor

They killed the model

They killed the muse
and everything they could’ve become.

They killed the firefighter

They killed the doctor

They killed the soldier
and everyone they could’ve saved.

They killed the child

They killed the romantic

They killed the dreamer
and everything they could’ve accomplished.

They killed everything I could’ve become and I’m bitter.

Because in the end, I let them die.

©Caffeinated Chi – An amazing blogger friend/guide of mine who’s been a great inspiration and motivation to me! If you love reading mysteries then you’d surely love to read his book:- Divulge 4

Cover credits- Google Images

The devil I worship.

A lover of justice,
A believer in equity.
The one I worship is the greatest entity.

It treats you the same,
As it treats myself.
The one I worship praises us for our true self.

You might trail behind it,
Or you might want to be ahead.
The one I worship works best when you wake early from bed.

It flies to the highest skies,
It even blows away like a dandelion.
The one I worship is mightier than a lion.

You have it in abundance,
But be careful it is only a glitch.
The one I worship would save you nine with only a stitch.

24 is how much you get,
Use it wise and enlighten your future days.
The one I worship waits for none, just like the waves.

Smart are those who are its friends.
If you turn its foe then it’ll never let you go.
Cause the one I worship is a devil from the hell below.

©The Honest Fabler (2016-2017)
©Cover credits- Google Images

PS- If you haven’t guessed already, the devil I worship is time. And these days I’ve turned its foe, as you know I’ve not been posting frequently and I’m late with the next part of Occult of Strigoikirk. I’m really sorry for this but I hope you guys understand the lack of time. I’ll try my best to manage time and get on track once and for all! Have a good day.

Peace out.

Lost brothers.

You were there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry,
You were there for me to be my partner in crime.
You were my driver when I needed a lift back home,
You were a brother who was the reason they called me Gay. 

But meeting you after so many years, all my heart felt is: 

गेले ते दिवस, राहिल्या त्या फ़क्त आठवणी।
(Translation: Gone are those days; what remains is only memories.) 

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits-Google images


Our hearts were as pure as gold,
I remember we were only 16 years old.

We thought our love was our world,
Little did we know that we could see just a fold.

Holding each other is how we stood,
Facing the obstacles as best as we could.

Making stories I stayed awake at night,
While you perfected the art of stroking the brush right.

We were so innocent, I remember,
Praising the tiniest milestones we’d conquer.

We went through days bright and dark,
Keeping the promise of completing the journey that we’ve embarked.

Oh, my Queen, you’ve made me the King.
I avow to you that your name would be written on my ring.

I might lose battles at times,
But I know you’ll always give me the right guidelines.

Shout for me from the heart whenever,
I’ll always come to you cause I’m yours, FOREVER.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- A greatly talented photographer friend of mine! I’d really want you guys to check out his awesome gallery on instagram at @psycho_ladka (Mihir Koyande)

Post script Update: 

A huge apology to the people who’ve reached me for collaborations. I’m up-to-date with the mails a little too late but I’ll surely accept every opportunity!✌️So if you’ve mailed me, then expect a mail from me within an hour. Thank you so much for the love!❤️