A Mother’s Wisdom

An hour past midnight.

The cold winter winds blew in through the open window & I tightened my grip on the blanket.

My room’s door was shut, the phone placed on my ear turned static. I couldn’t believe the words I just listened to.
“It’s over. I can’t be with you.”

The sentence screamed in my mind and I realized it isn’t a dream. A sudden gasp left my mouth followed by loud sobbing. I knew everyone’s asleep so I muffled my mouth in the blanket.
10 minutes. 15… 20… 30… An hour… Two? Or more? I don’t remember how & when I fell asleep. 

A heavenly morning.

All I remember is the next day my room’s door was ajar, the sunlight warming my cold face and illuminating the room with a shade of white. Everything else stood as still as it was last night, only more brighter than ever.

I wondered if I were dreaming it.
“Good morning, Alfred.” Ah, no. Not a dream. I heived a sigh as my mother entered the room.
“Good-” I choked as I witnessed my mother levitate like a feather, her feet didn’t touch the pale ground.
A halo floated over her head.
An angel.
“Shh. Calm down, Al.”
“Am I-?”
“No, you’re not dreaming. Here, I brought you nectar, it’ll ease your wounds.”
“I have no wounds.” A little pound in my heart reminded me its state. “Except for my broken heart.”
“It is for those broken pieces.” Her smile radiated happiness. Though an angel, she’s still my naïve, caring mother. I suppressed a laugh and took the silver glass.

As I touched the liquid with my tongue, I recoiled. It’s bitterness was unbearable and everything twisted and turned like a hurricane.

A bright day.

“Easy there. Sit straight, Al.” It was my mother, again. Now in her human form. I gulped down the nectar, ignoring it’s taste and I felt better.
My body, which couldn’t stop shivering, now seemed to have finally got a grip & calmed down.
“You’ll feel better.” My humanly mother, said.
“Was it a dream?”
“I reckon you were dreaming, heard you talking in sleep. Last night, you left the window open and when I entered your room, you were burning hot with fever. Tried keeping the temperature down with a wet cloth but I think my grandma’s magic soup still works the best.” Her laugh was melodic. “I overheard you last night, sorry. But it’s going to be alright, you know.”
I gave her a puzzled look, realizing only her angelic part was a dream. The tragic call was a reality.

“If people in your life want to stay, they will stay even if they have a million reasons not to. But when they don’t want to, they’ll make reasons of their own. Don’t feel bad for what happened, Al. You couldn’t change her decision. You loved her, truly, I know. Yet you are far too young to keep mourning. As you’ll grow, people will take leave from your life at every nodes. They’ll change their paths and bid you farewell. And when they do, you can’t hold on to them or you’ll lose your own balance. Get well soon, honey. I’m always there for you, a door away.”

“Mom” I called her as she stood up to leave. “Happy mother’s day.”

Post Script:

First of all, I’d love to wish a very very Happy Mother’s Day to every angel. There’s something truly heavenly about them which is why they need to respected & loved & reminded of it, everyday. :’)

Second of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting often these days. Also, The Secret Sister of Awan Alee, is at hold due to my examinations. But I promise once the exams are done I’ll be back with daily posts as usual & complete the series!

©The Honest Fabler

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The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – Part IV

Previous parts:

Author’s Note (Password: sister)




25th October 2016

Dear Scarlett,

Guess where I’m taking you to? Oh, come on! You suck at guessing. Right now we’re in a plane to Cairo, Egypt since we have a long vacation for the Diwali festival. Hoorah! That’s the good news, the better news is that mom has started running her own clinic and dad’s business is back up, too, and due to that now I’m sitting in the business class. Double-Hoorah! It is 9:06 p.m. and the flight takes roughly 6 hours but it must be 5:30 p.m. in Cairo at the moment which means that I will meet mom dad an hour or two before my birthday!

The girl sitting beside me is cute, don’t you think so? I’ll talk to her soon but for that I’ll have to say “Buh Bye” to you di. Hope our journey goes great! And just in case you get bored I’ve brought The Great Gatsby along. 😉 See ya soon.

14th November 2016

Dear Scarlett,

Last 20 days have been so much to take in! My birthday was awesome, we had dinner together and mom made me cookies along with cake (which she rarely got time to do when we lived in Syria.) Then one afternoon, I talked to mom dad about my religious views and out of the blue they seemed to understand my reasons and didn’t object me. I was so glad! But then of course things have to be balanced between good and bad. So, in the evening while I was enjoying the gentle November breeze my phone rang, it was Umair—an old friend of mine from Syria. He told me that Ayman and his family had passed away in a bombing of a mosque in our city. I’ve had been broken since then. It was a fortnight ago, now I am fine. Period.

I’m suddenly very glad to have left Syria but I feel selfish for feeling so since my childhood friend and his family passed away and I cannot even go to their funeral. I’ve been having this debate with myself since the phone call and now I’m too exhausted. Can you tell me if I am selfish or not?

16th November 2016

Dear Scarlett,


p data-p-id=”65536ef03d17b3697d229b3729542657″>I’m returning home! Technically, I just left home but I have a feeling that I’m returning home viz. my hostel! It feels like home there. I had been homesick and I missed hanging out with my new friends who are now equivalent to my lifelong buddies and obviously not new since we live together from August, that makes it 3 months! On the happy note, our semester is ending soon and that means more studies! I don’t think I’ll be able to write to you for a good month or two. Let’s see. I’m excited ’cause ones the exams end we’ve our fresher’s party. Yes, even I wonder what will be fresh about the fresher’s party but hey, better late than never. I’m going to doze off now. I’m out. Bye, good night.
See ya soon.


p data-p-id=”65536ef03d17b3697d229b3729542657″>©The Honest Fabler
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Waiting for life

Will wait till the sun sets in the day sky,
Will wait till it rises in the night sky,
Waiting for the moment when the stems flourish from the seeds.
Waiting for the moment when that little plant touches the cold water
droplets of the night sky, for the first time.
Waiting for the moment it feels the life inside when Morning
light touches its little body.
So many lives will crawl and fly.
So many will sit under and feel their life.
Sings their wordless tune and never stops singing it:
nothing can faze it.

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee
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Today I saw a girl,
Something about her made my heart twirl.

Her pearly eyes never met mine,
Yet I knew our hands would fit in just fine.

Her chubby cheeks,
rosy lips,
dimple chin,
squishy nose.
Why can’t I form an original prose?

Her sublime beauty had surely perplexed my mind,
I was lost in a trance & words are something I still can’t find.

© The Honest Fabler

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White Lady

Every day passes without you in my life,
But not a moment passes without you in my heart .

Yes I Miss You…

Try to search you in every person I know.
You never go away,
You walk beside me every day.

Unseen, unheard but always near.
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Won’t you help me to cross the road?
Or help me sing a song?
Help me make others smile,
Or help me do everything you like me to do!

No I am not crying…

If tears could build a staircase up to heaven,
I’d come up there and be with you twenty-four seven.

Miss You White Horse…

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee
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One Lovely Blogger Award

One Lovely Blogger Award

A heartiest thanks to Juliana for this lovely award nomination! Do check out her amazing blog and I bet you’ll relate to every post on it!


  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 Facts About Me

  1. I like to skate.
  2. I’m a newborn fan of Heavy Metal and Rock!
  3. I love to try new food items. I don’t have any dislikes, everything edible is my favorite!
  4. I’m the only child in the family, so naturally, the most loved.
  5. I’m a good listener. The perks of being a writer, is that you’ve to learn from people. And to learn people you’ve to listen. But the best part of it? It makes you a good listener and people confide in you. *Touchwood* :’)
  6. I LOVE BOOKS. That must’ve come as a surprise.💥 (Sense the sarcasm, is needless. Hopefully)
  7. I started poems purely because I loved to rhyme. I never thought that my “thoughts” would be so meaningful unless I started making poems. Initially, I put together anything that rhymed, now, well not the same case. XD

Nominees for this award!

Riya Rajayyan(AestheticGraphy)

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Sanjita(Cluster of Stars)


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◆ Jaismine (Thunder Poet)


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Shreyas Mogal (An Unknown Wanderer)

Have a great day everyone!
Peace out!

The Lost Star

The Lost Star

In the darkest part of the night, we met.
We giggled and laughed and danced to the
moon’s melody under the twinkling starlight.
We cherished our happy moments made at
night, every morning.

Then came a day when she joined those stars,
making them shine brighter!

But what about me?
I had now lost my guiding light.

©The Honest Fabler
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Eternal Yearning

Facing the stars I could see the moonlight illuminate Adara’s face. Her deep blue eyes reflected the light just as bright. As moments passed, I failed to stop admiring her perfectly carved vessel for the beautiful soul within it.

What did Adara do all that time? She was unaware of my presence; of me admiring her; of me falling for her more and more everyday. She was lost, her mind wandering with the stars beyond the milky way.

The unfazed expression on her face seeded in me a majestic tree of curiosity.
“A penny for your thoughts?” I shrugged, hoping she doesn’t mind me breaking her train of thoughts.
As my words registered in her mind she stared at me with bewilderment. “Olivia, sorry I slipped out of the surroundings.”

“It’s okay, you can carry on.” I gave a light pat on her thigh and looked away to avoid an awkward situation. She shifted to the edge of her chair and partially leaned on me.
“I was wondering about something worth much more than a penny, Olivia.” Curling strands of hair around her long fingers, Adara winked.
“Shall I get you my credit card, now?” Her laugh was lively, just like herself. A person like her is one in millions, or billions? Perhaps.

“So here it goes.” Adara held my hand and caressed it. “I’ve been having these thoughts for a while, now.” An unusual pause grew my nervousness. “My thoughts right now are your concerns, anyway. I was feeling lonely. The cold breeze didn’t help either. But then…” She bit her lips and I was sure the Scotch had got the best of me.
“Then I pictured you get up,” She stood up and walked around. “& embrace me.” I had to be DRUNK! 
“You took me in your arms, yet we were still cold. So you climbed down, down this roof.” Her gestures were animated, pointing around the roof and down to my bedroom.

‘And then?’ I could hear my heart beating faster. “You returned with a blanket and a sleeping bag. We spent all night in the bag cuddling, sharing our warmth and gazing those stars.” She abruptly stopped.

“You wanna know the best part?” Of course I did. “Our lips never parted.” She traced my cheeks en route my lips and before I knew her tender lips soothed mine; her tongued sucked the soul out of my body; her hands tickling the inside of my thighs. My whole body felt a tremor.

“I—” “Shh..” She silenced me with another kiss. I couldn’t believe she loved me, too.

“Don’t utter a word. This night is never going to end for us, Olivia. It’ll be our eternal yearning.”

©The Honest Fabler
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Random Shower thoughts

‘What took you so long in the shower, Flynn?’ Sydney asked her newlywed husband before their first night together.

‘Because I’m lucky.’ Flynn said jumping on the bed with only a towel wrapped around his waist, wet strands of hair dripping on his forehead.

‘Have you decided to turn weird the very first night after our marriage?’ Sydney tilted her head, concerned about Flynn’s well being.

‘Don’t you get it, Sydney? I’m so lucky to be alive. Alive, in the same timeline that you exist. Our souls have been sleeping for all eternity and they probably would sleep again after our deaths. Comparing the time of our lives with this eternity is pointless, but this little time that we get to be awake, to breathe, to love, it’s– it’s all so aesthetic to imagine. I know we’re just starting our marriage but I want it to be the best time of our lives. And by best I don’t mean that everything would be perfect all time, you know.’ His manner of speaking had turned rapid, thus he paused to breath and Sydney gave him a nod to continue.

‘Times change, the happy times come and go. But when the worst times come, I want to be there for you. I want to have your back and even shield you if need be. I want to teach our kids the truth about disappointments and let them know that it’s alright to face “Failure”. Because, honey, our time to be alive is very tiny and who’d want to spend it in regrets? Of course, we’ll teach them to dream big but also make them aware about the hurt that expectations bring along with them. Even hard work doesn’t give a 100% output, but we’ll teach them to be happy, no matter what. We’ll be happy, too.’

All this time Sydney listened to her husband intently, without taking her eyes off his enthusiastic expressions. 

‘I’ll do just that.’ She chimed like a bird lost in the mesmerizing song of nature. Teasingly she climbed atop him and turned the lights off the night lamp.

©The Honest Fabler
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My first steps.

Hola amazing readers and fellow bloggers!

This is to tell you all something I’ve been planning to do since the time I got my very first 30 followers. I remember Deepika has been there since Honest Fabler had only 2 followers. Kudos to the humble soul and every person who has considered Honest Fabler good enough to be followed.

Now, back to the topic. Back then it was something I only dreamt of and said to myself “Bleh.”

Well, turns out I was wrong. And thus Today, it gives me immense pleasure and butterflies loaded with excitement to announce that-


will never be the same from this Saturday i.e. 15 April, 2017. WordPress has been the sweetest and the best community I’ve ever been a part of. Every single person here has the heart of gold & I consider myself lucky to meet such people as my peers. It’s all because of you guys that this is even happening. If it weren’t for your criticism and appreciation, I might’ve never took this step. Let’s not make you anymore curious because from 15 April 2017 The Honest Fabler will change it’s home. Didn’t guess it yet? Let’s say it: From 15 April, 2017 The Honest Fabler will be found at-


The reason of the hype is that I’m not getting a custom domain from WordPress, but a whole new independent website.
There’s nothing more that I could ask from you other than continuing this journey with me, just on a different address.

A bigggg thank you to everyone of you. You’re all my motivators.

Peace out 😍✌️

PS- Don’t worry the blog posts would be safely restored on the website and the ongoing series would continue, too.