Umbrella – An Impromptu Fable


The Polka Dotted Umbrella

It wasn’t my choice to get polka dotted umbrella, but my mom insisted and I couldn’t reject.

I was 10, back then. Yet I understood enough and hated the girly color of it.
At times, when the rain came in after our school ended I avoided to take it out and would rather get wet. I was sure my school mates won’t let me just live with it. Especially, Ronit, my next door bully. When we were children, we were the best of friends but these days he didn’t even acknowledge me in school.

Obviously, my mom knew I did it on purpose and still tried to explain me how the judgement of others don’t matter. So, I did it. Three months after I got the umbrella, on an afternoon after school the rain pour started. I remembered her words and dared to open it. It took me a lot of courage to take the embarrassing shade out but I was close to my home & the road was almost deserted. I sighed with relief.

But oh, I wasn’t so lucky. I noticed Ronit waiting under a roof of a grocery store and my feet went cold.
I froze in my tracks and waited for him to go ahead. If he saw me now, my school life would be a mess.
I waited for a minute or two, but then the most unexpected thing happened. He checked left, then right.
‘All clear’ he must’ve said it and he took out the same umbrella I held in my hands.
“Another Polka Dots!” I laughed a little too loud but muffled my face.
He must’ve heard my laugh, for sure, because he stared right at me with his eyes open in terror.
His secret is in the open! He ran to me, his cheeks burning red with embarrassment.
“Look, Arush. I-”
“It’s okay, look.” I pointed towards my own display of embarrassment and he looked up.

He started laughing when he realized we are in this, together. “Our little secret?” He offered me his hand. “Our little secret!” I shook it & all those years of lost contact came back to me in that moment. Little did I know, an Umbrella would break our invisible barrier.

©The Honest Fabler
©Image credits – Ashutosh Gursale (@frames&fables)

Cheers to a-Happy New Year!

​The frenzy of a drink would last a night,
but the tremor it’d bring would ruin your life.

There’s magic in some places that’d get you high,
The nature is a plane that can make you fly.

Oh, forbidden are such places for a modern man,
Let go of your idée fixe and you’ll find the rune.

But the rune won’t be suffice for you to pass,
You’ll have to tune in with every little whistle till the loud bass.

The day you do get to see the beyond, I assure you,
You’ll speak a language unknown,
Live a story that’s yet untold.

And above all you’ll be a mystery,
That no one can unfold.

Wish you all a very happy & a prosperous new year ahead!❤💫

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images

A farewell to 2016.

Dear Santa,

Surprised I’m writing to you, now? After not writing to you last year, like everytime? To be honest, last Christmas my brother told me that you’re a figment of imagination, created to make children like me happier. I don’t feel bad for the lies honestly, nothing’s your fault. But I do have a list of complaints against you.
Last year was too much to take in. Overwhelmed with sadness, hurt and a little pinch of happiness! I hate you for taking away the people who I admired and all the dark days whole world witnessed. But I’m grateful, too, cause these events brought the whole world together. It united the farthest corners of the world and gave a common cause to each of us. To value our fellow humans.

David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ was the first song my brother made me listen to and I instantly fell in love with it. He passed away only after 2 days of his 69th birthday. It sucked so much to read the news on a bright morning.

Look up here, I’m in heaven

I’ve got scars that can’t be seen

I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen

Everybody knows me now.

-“Lazarus”, released 17 December 2015.

Alan Rickman, (I’m a Potterhead who’s read every Harry Potter book there’s ever been. Thanks to my brother, to lend me those from his collection.) the great actor potrayed Severus Snape so exquisitely, it was impossible to not respect his skills and love the man himself. I just started to get over David Bowie’s loss but then lost him, too.
The terrorist attacks of Tripoli, Libya where ISIS killed 300 West African migrants and the 8 martyrs who lost their life the Pathankot’s gunfight were deeply saddening.

The following months weren’t very happy for me. We came to a new city as daddy got a new job. Making new friends and leaving behind my 11 year old best friends wasn’t easy for me. Mommy had to sing me lullabies for a week to make sleep peacefully!

Muhammad Ali’s loss was another bad news in the mid-2016 but the year didn’t seem to take it easy at all as there was a mass shooting in a club of Orlando. The next day I saw people wearing rainbow flags, daddy told me it’s to support the victims, which felt good. Spider-Man has joined Avengers in the movies! Also there was an 8th Harry Potter book! And I knew that’s a wish you completed for me. It was then I thought the year isn’t completely hopeless, is it?

I got my first skateboard as a birthday gift. I fell a lot of times but daddy said that’s how we learn. So I didn’t stop learning. A week later, my favorite football team won their first huge international title. I was so happy and to add to it, my bossy brother supported the other team. When the new academic year started, it became easier to make friends. I still missed my old friends, but I kind of like my new friends, too. Especially Carlos.

This reminds me, why I’m writing to you. Carlos. He’s an orphan and now lives at a Foster’s home. We became bestfriends within the starting weeks, itself. He always likes to say funny things. Everyone likes him. On last day of school before holidays started, I told him that you aren’t real and he started laughing. I felt embarrassed and when I confessed of feeling so, he said, “That was rude, I’m sorry. I realized Santa isn’t real after my parents’ demise. Since then I never received gifts left under the Christmas tree by Santa, cause he was never the one to gift me, my parents were.” And then he smiled, a queer warm smile. One that radiated such happiness, that I had tears of joy.

I invited him over on Christmas eve and we had lots of fun. So, Santa I just want you to take away the blame for whatever hardships everyone faced and also to take the credits of the happy moments in our lives. And though now I know you don’t exist, I do know why you should.

Thank you, Santa.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.💫

©The Honest Fabler

©Cover credits to a dear friend of mine.