13 Reasons Why.

There was a time when she was ashamed.

Ashamed to step out of the door.

To be judged by those eyes.

To be looked at, by those who owned the eyes.

She didn’t hate the dresses her mom chose for her, she hated wearing her own skin.

She didn’t hate being called a “slut” or a “whiny bitch”, she hated her own name.

Yet she survived.

She survived the mess her life had become, she got back up everytime she was let down.

She fought her own demons and untangled her tangled strings.

But for how long?

For how long would a heart crave for love?

For how long would a heart crave for someone to see through the window amidst the walls, built by itself?

How long….?

Post Script:

The story of Hannah Baker, live and in stereo, though a fiction, it’s the darkest and the purest one I’ve ever read/seen. It may not be your usual TV series, but it’s one that would make you re-think your world.

It’s one story that would re-shape your life.
It’s one, that would break you to millions of pieces, but only so that you’ll be prepared.
Prepared– so you know what you’ve to do when you’ve got your 13 reasons to die.

©The Honest Fabler

©Cover credits- Google Images

Hunger Games

The baker’s son walked out the door
with a burnt bun and a swollen cheek.
“Feed it to the dogs!
You useless thing.”
Yelled his mother after him.

Moments later the pain
was replaced by satisfaction
when the homeless girl ate
after a week of starvation.

©The Honest Fabler(Hunger games- excerpt)
©Cover credits- Google Images

Leo Diaries #3

​Leo’s mind is calm after returning from the trip he went to. With a hearty smile on his dried salty lips and hands covering his body to keep warm against the cool breeze, he notices his previous ride. The driver resting peacefully inside it, tired after a long day’s work, possibly. Under his breath he muses, “Black and yellow or plain white, Ambassadors are AMBASSADORS!” 

​With a low whistle he calls Festus and together they fly away in search of Ogygia.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Ashutosh Gursale
PS- That car is a Premiere Padmini and not an Ambassador.

Leo Diaries #2

Leo sits by the seashore, he witnesses stars descend in the calm waters, he flies along the clouds, even swims the deep blue sea and turns the gravity upside down!

Then why isn’t he happy? Because his Calypso is sleeping peacefully in Ogygia; while he is a loner wandering the west coast.

©The Honest Fabler

©Cover credits-Ashutosh Gursale

Leo Diaries. #1

​Waking up from a sleepy ride, this is all that Leo could see. The beautiful lights blinding his sight, the taxi he took reflecting the colorful eye-catching sources of happiness. Shaking away his sleep, he walks with dizzy steps.

There is something missing, he is incomplete. 

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Ashutosh Gursale

The Woods

Deep in the woods when the sun kissed the horizon, we slowed down enjoying the last rays. Suddenly, she entwined her hand in mine and the whole world stopped. The aura around Calypso was heavenly. 

“You’re the best person I’ve ever met, Leo.” She kissed my palm and proceeded closer to me. Her face reflected the warmth and I could feel myself being dragged towards her. I tasted her lips that had the sweetness of the fruits she ate, her hair held the fragrance of the trees.

After waiting for all this time to rescue her, I knew it’ll be worth it. I knew she’ll be my salvation. And I, her guardian. Thus when our lips parted, I didn’t risk opening my eyes only to realize it was all a dream.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Ashutosh Gursale