In the End, he’s One Step Closer.


You want to talk about fair?
If you are, then stop right here,
Because this write-up isn’t fair.
It isn’t fair because life isn’t.

And you wouldn’t ever, ever get back what you give.
Life would throw huge freaking lemons on your pretty face, without caring if it hurt your nose.
You can’t reason with lemons, of course.
You can’t make their lemonade either, these lemons are only metaphorical.

To translate in simple tongue, they’ve no use.
But I’ll be wrong to say that, since these lemons are necessary.

Personally, I feel bananas are an apt term for them.
Why? So one could say that “I slipped over a banana” and not “Life threw lemons at me.”

These lemons are necessary because they break you so that you can make yourself better.
I could rant out to you the life’s cruel ways to treat you but you won’t know until you, yourself, try so hard and it still wouldn’t even matter.

To take one’s own life, there needs to be courage. And a person can never gain this courage in one tragic event. It’s always a collection of events. I don’t know what made a generation’s role model feel so helpless that he thought suicide is the only escape, but I know he had the courage.
Depression, is the ultimate fuel to this. You’re not only a survivor, if you’ve seen depression, you’re a hero the world needs to know about. A ray of hope for others to learn from.

In a population of 7.5 billion people, if one still feels alone enough to stay depressed I don’t know why rest of us should ignore it. I don’t know why any of us should mourn when it’s out of our hands and not help them before it happens. 

Saying “You’re not alone” is pointless unless and until we don’t start being there for them. The saddest part about life is being bound to feel helpless when something like this happens. I so wish someone, if not me, had the power to stop every person from feeling the emotions Chester felt. What has happened, has happened. What’s lost, is lost. But what’s with you, is all that is real. Be kind to those in flesh and bones, if I’m asking too much then let’s not us insult someone or express hatred to what and how others are.

I apologize for this rant and the unprofessional way of writing, but I had to get this out.
Thank you for reading my thoughts, it really means a lot to me than you can ever imagine!

Have a great weekend.

Be happy and healthy.

12 thoughts on “In the End, he’s One Step Closer.

  1. It was extremely sad, losing bennington like this. My friend, who’s a huge lpk fan, can’t stop crying.
    Everything’s a mess. But hey, all we can wish for is that atleast now he can rest in peace… something he wasn’t able to do on earth itself.
    Good post, my friend. <3

  2. It’s hard to believe that we have lost Chester. That one more soul lost his battle with depression. He gave us the song NUMB which was like an anthem for me during hard times. It made me realize that there’s nothing to be ashamed of being numb. In fact, it is something deep only those who go through it can understand.
    Now that I really think about it, it scares me that sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves but we are too weak and too scared to ask for help. That helplessness is the worst feeling.
    Thanks for sharing Ashutosh. I, too, am deeply affected by this news. RIP Chester Bennington.

  3. I felt the same when Robin Williams died too. Given that I struggle with depression, it feels more real every time I hear about another who has taken their life.

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