Happy World Books day🖤

The darkest secret & the brightest truth; the complicated eternity & the simplest life. They all live in our stories, they all reside in the books.

A very happy World Books Day to all the readers worldwide! Let’s take a moment and appreciate these little paper bound happy beings!

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Stolen Dreams

The worst part about today’s situation,
is not that we don’t dream.
On the contrary, we have a million dreams!
Dreams, so intense that on turning true
they would shake the society’s foundation.

The rainbow of love would shine high,
Unfazed by the people’s judgement no soul would cry.

The unicorns would be our daily ride.
A ride that we would stride with our
chest swollen with pride.

Ink would flow all over our skin,
We would flaunt them openly with our raised chin.

9-5 would no more be a standard life,
Freedom would be our very first wife.

But, oh, still they say we don’t dream.
Little do they know, it’s them who have
chosen our life’s every stream.
Little do they know, they’ve stolen our
favorite cake’s best cream.

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The Lost Star

The Lost Star

In the darkest part of the night, we met.
We giggled and laughed and danced to the
moon’s melody under the twinkling starlight.
We cherished our happy moments made at
night, every morning.

Then came a day when she joined those stars,
making them shine brighter!

But what about me?
I had now lost my guiding light.

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The Secret Sister Of Awan Alee – Part II

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Previous parts:

Author’s Note


29 August, 2016

Dear sister, 

Hello didi! I missed you a lot, did you miss me too? I thought of a name for you. I’ll name you Scarlett. The name Scarlett since recently I read the cult classic- Gone with the Wind. The name seems bold to me, exactly how I feel about you. By the way, did you know this book GWTW showcases a war, slavery and other such human grievances? It reminded me about the Syrian Civil War. I could completely relate with the feelings of the characters in the book, having no idea of when something will go wrong or if tomorrow would be safe to enjoy playing football with Ayman and the other buddies back home. But the case here is so much opposite, indeed mum dad were right. I like studying here and staying carefree from any other tensions. 

Last night, the three of us managed to sneak out after curfew hours. It was raining, it felt so light against my skin as if it were dew drops. We rendezvoused with our other classmates who didn’t stay in the hostel and played football! It was all fun and games unless a pack of stray dogs started barking and chasing us while we played. It sounds funny now, except for the fact that those canine creatures scare the breath out of me. Okay, okay, I admit it. I have cynophobia. 

That was my 3rd yawn! Now my eyes are watery, guess I should sleep. I just completed studying for the weekly test tomorrow. Wish me luck, good night. See ya soon.

30 August, 2016

Dear Scarlett, 

Today’s weekly test proved that I’m getting good. Hoozah! Mum had called me this evening. She said, “Home seems better that you’re not around to irritate,” but as usual she couldn’t hold on to the lie and then broke down. “We miss you a lot, Awan.” We spent the next 10 minutes talking and then Dad talked, he told me that even he misses me! Now that’s news to me. He’s never said such things to me, not since I’ve hit puberty. Maybe this distance is indeed bringing us close together. They didn’t sound much worried about the war and so I didn’t ask. For as far as I know from reading the daily newspapers and channels I’m sure that they’re safe. I have my unit tests coming up, di. I’ll talk to you when the exams end. Take care and don’t miss me much. See ya soon, good night. 

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Isle of Fortune

Set Sail to the Isle of Fortune

First of its kind Quiz app Isle of Fortune launches

Summary: Skill based quizzing game app that allows players to win cash prizes

Bangalore, April 18, 2017: Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based mobile game and application developer, today announced the launch of their first game app – Isle of Fortune. A general knowledge based quiz app, Isle of Fortune’s key differentiator is the opportunity to win cash prizes as one plays.

Available for free downloads on the Google Play Store and with an easy to use interface, Isle of Fortune promises to keep players hooked.

The Game

Once downloaded, users will have the option of playing 2 games within the app:


The Isle of Fortune Game: A daily quiz with unlimited free attempts, with the fastest time per day emerging as the winner. This game runs daily for 24 hours starting at 00:01 hours GMT every day and ending at 23:59 hours GMT on that same day. Players can win a daily cash prize of USD 100 or its local equivalent in their location.


The Grand Game: A weekly quiz, with the fastest time of the week emerging as the winner. This game runs weekly starting from 00:01 hours GMT every Monday and ending at 23:59 hours GMT the following Sunday, and has a cash prize of USD 1000 every week or its local equivalent. Players have to purchase coins in order to play and win. There are multiple purchase options for the users ranging from unlimited games in the week to just a single game, depending on the Player’s interest.

Game format and rules

To start playing, on opening the app a simple registration process has to be completed – this can be either through an existing Facebook account or by creating an Isle of Fortune account. Post registration the user can choose which game she/he wants to play.

While Isle of Fortune is free to play, the Grand Game players need to purchase coins if they do not have sufficient amount of them already. Players can also choose to purchase a daily or weekly pass to play The Grand Game for an unlimited number of times in the selected time period.

Both games follow the same format as outlined below:

·         The format is a 10 question game, across topics ranging from general knowledge, movies, sport and current affairs.

·         A right answer takes the player to the next question; a wrong answer causes a penalty of 5 seconds to be added to the player’s time.

·         Players are entitled to use 3 lifelines which can strategically help them set their best possible time. The lifelines are:

Ø  50-50 – eliminate 2 wrong answers

Ø  Q Swap – The existing question is replaced with a new one

Ø  Two Tries – The user gets two chances to answer a question before the delay timer starts

Each lifeline costs the user 2 gold coins and each of them can be used only once in each game.

Besides answering the questions correctly, the key to winning either game is speed, as the player with the best time will be declared winner each day or each week, as per the game played. In the event of 2 players with the same fast time, a tie-breaker decides the winner.

Winners of either game (Isle of Fortune orGrand Game), will be notified by the Isle of Fortune team, via email, the day after they have won. The team will further guide winners on how to receive their prize.

Speaking on the launch, Arjun Rao, Managing Director of Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd, said, “I am very happy to launch our first game, which will be the first of many unique formats and themes. The game targets everyone with a passion for learning, people who like competing on a global level against people from all walks of life from around the world and for those who love a good rewards program. We will work hard to keep things interesting as we grow, with the constant inclusion of special games, interesting rewards and bespoke content.”

Isle of Fortune can be played across India, except in the states of Tamil Nadu and Nagaland, due to state legislation that prevents users from winning prizes from online games.

An international launch is next on the agenda as Isle of Fortune opens for downloads in Australia (excluding Queensland), parts of the USA where the game is permissible, the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore, followed by various countries in South & Central America, Africa and select Asian countries by the end of May 2017. A Mandarin language version and a Spanish language version are in the pipeline as the company prepares to have a truly global presence for its current and future knowledge based offerings.

For more information on the game, how to play it and how to win, please visit www.isleoffortune.com and take a look at our video, screenshots and FAQ section. [Also refer to attached document: A Guide to Isle of Fortune]


About Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd

Based in Singapore, Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd isan organization that was setup to create, operate and manage global content and gaming concepts to bring together the world of mobile gaming with any unique domain. We pride ourselves on being an ideas company that aims to bring to life exciting and innovative projects that are compelling and entertaining.

Game download link:

Android: Isle of Fortune

Eternal Yearning

Facing the stars I could see the moonlight illuminate Adara’s face. Her deep blue eyes reflected the light just as bright. As moments passed, I failed to stop admiring her perfectly carved vessel for the beautiful soul within it.

What did Adara do all that time? She was unaware of my presence; of me admiring her; of me falling for her more and more everyday. She was lost, her mind wandering with the stars beyond the milky way.

The unfazed expression on her face seeded in me a majestic tree of curiosity.
“A penny for your thoughts?” I shrugged, hoping she doesn’t mind me breaking her train of thoughts.
As my words registered in her mind she stared at me with bewilderment. “Olivia, sorry I slipped out of the surroundings.”

“It’s okay, you can carry on.” I gave a light pat on her thigh and looked away to avoid an awkward situation. She shifted to the edge of her chair and partially leaned on me.
“I was wondering about something worth much more than a penny, Olivia.” Curling strands of hair around her long fingers, Adara winked.
“Shall I get you my credit card, now?” Her laugh was lively, just like herself. A person like her is one in millions, or billions? Perhaps.

“So here it goes.” Adara held my hand and caressed it. “I’ve been having these thoughts for a while, now.” An unusual pause grew my nervousness. “My thoughts right now are your concerns, anyway. I was feeling lonely. The cold breeze didn’t help either. But then…” She bit her lips and I was sure the Scotch had got the best of me.
“Then I pictured you get up,” She stood up and walked around. “& embrace me.” I had to be DRUNK! 
“You took me in your arms, yet we were still cold. So you climbed down, down this roof.” Her gestures were animated, pointing around the roof and down to my bedroom.

‘And then?’ I could hear my heart beating faster. “You returned with a blanket and a sleeping bag. We spent all night in the bag cuddling, sharing our warmth and gazing those stars.” She abruptly stopped.

“You wanna know the best part?” Of course I did. “Our lips never parted.” She traced my cheeks en route my lips and before I knew her tender lips soothed mine; her tongued sucked the soul out of my body; her hands tickling the inside of my thighs. My whole body felt a tremor.

“I—” “Shh..” She silenced me with another kiss. I couldn’t believe she loved me, too.

“Don’t utter a word. This night is never going to end for us, Olivia. It’ll be our eternal yearning.”

©The Honest Fabler
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Nexa’s Sleep

The air directly hit his face, dragging with it the untrimmed strands of hair and his bushy beard. His lips were dry, a few fresh cuts let out sour blood on the tip of his tongue.

What a day.‘ He let out a deep sigh, his words lost in the nothingness of the night. Taking a look inside the train’s car, he noticed he was alone except for a homeless man and a child sleeping on the floor.
At least he has someone to care for.‘ He pitied himself, looking at the two men with eyes full of grief. His mind travelled back to the night when the earthquake annihilated his home, along with his entire family. How he survived in the mess, is still a miracle.

That was 3 years ago, he has reached far from that now. Or so he likes to think so.
His family didn’t haunt him anymore, they’re nothing more than a bad dream. A bad dream that he’s reminded of when his days are sad, which is everyday.
After the disaster, he lived in an orphanage only to be sent in the home for “Special youth”, but he knew he wasn’t special. He was diseased.
Diseased with the tumor of his spiritual family. He talked to them, he listened to them blaming him for not accompanying them in the afterlife.

They would never stop.
Not when he was alone and never when he was being checked by the doctors. Nobody knew why he behaved so out of the norms, nobody gave it a try.

But, oh, she did. That was the reason why he sneaked out so late. She was coming to meet him.
She always talked to him through telepathy, kept him sane when his family scared the life out of him. Yet he never saw her. Not that it was necessary, for he knew tonight he’ll recognize her the moment he sees her.

And so he does, she’s right in front of his train’s door. He walks up to talk to her but she glides away from him.
“Nexa, wait!” He shouts her name, but she doesn’t stop. ‘Nobody loves a man who can’t care for his family.‘ It was his mother’s voice. ‘You let us die.’ His sister scratched her nails in the metal wall.
“Stop!” He screamed and saw Nexa’s aura alluring him. ‘I’m coming, dear.’ He said and jumped out of the door to touch her.
The moment he did, a layer of white silk gulped him in. There were no more screeching nails, nobody to blame but only Nexa’s lullaby and a cradle with peaceful sleep.

©The Honest Fabler
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PS- Nexa is a personification of death.

Writing Tips #5(First Person/ Second Person/ Third Person Narrative)

“Welcome again, my people.” He sang his cliché intro with full enthusiasm, hoping his words would lighten up the day of his readers. “This is technically the first new write-up on the website,” There he goes again with his new website. “So Kudos and let’s begin!”

It’s better if the third person shuts up, now! I’m sorry for the delay, it won’t be happening anymore. Yep, even you can’t trust that. Never mind him.

As we’ve been discussing lately about the basic skills of writing a story, today we’ll move forward to the way one colors the canvas of their story. A quick look on our progress:

#1 – Word Count and Story Length
#2 – Choosing the genre/ Conceptualizing the story
#3 – Sequencing the Plot
#4 – Character Development
#5 – First Person/ Second Person/ Third Person Narrative
#6 – The Power of Foreshadowing

Most commonly known types of narration are:

  1. First Person Narrative
  2. Second Person Narrative
  3. Third Person Narrative

There’s nothing new to add in them, other than some insights to each type. An important question would be discussed in the latter part of the post.

First Person Narrative

In a first person narrative, the narrator uses the pronoun “I”. He/She is a character in the story, although their involvement in the story may be a subject of question. Thus, it is divided into further types:

Major/Minor Character

A first person narrator who is a part of the active story helps the reader relate to it from that particular character’s point of view.

Major Character:

The kind of narrative where the main protagonist or the antagonist narrates the story, makes the reader well acquainted with the character’s personality, hence he/she becomes a key element of the story. If you opt to choose this kind of narrative, you’ll have to forget your instincts as a person and dive into the mind of the character since it is them, who’s speaking and not you.

Example- Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan.
Verdict – Use only if your story revolves around a specific set of characters and not the remaining world.

Minor Character:

This character can stand anywhere in the hierarchy from the major character’s best friend to a janitor who’s overlooking the story taking place in an office or anywhere else where he/she works. The character may not be of any importance in the active story, but they become important for the reader since they are the eyes of the reader. The one thing you need to remember when using this narrative is that you should try to mix judgement of the character while narrating, just to add a pinch of originality to it.

Example- Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Verdict – Use when you want to make the reader relate to the story, deeply. And not prioritize the character narrating it.

Second Person Narrative

The thing about second person narratives is that it divulges the reader so much into it, that it technically seems as if the reader is being dragged. (A personal observation.) This happens mostly because it uses the word “You” forcing the reader to be a participant of the story and doing things they might not wish to. So, honestly I have no unbiased view on this type. My apologies.

Third Person Narrative

When it comes to showing off your skills as a narrator, there’s no better option than a third person narrative. Here, the writer is the person narrating the story which makes it an opportunity to be your best self. It is, naturally, divided into two parts as well.

Character Oriented

In this narrative the narrator(you) knows only as much the characters of the story have discovered and can portray only their thoughts and feelings. To the maximum extent, they can describe scenarios and settings such as day and night.

Example- Harry Potter by J.K Rowling.
Verdict – An optimized way to keep the reader well updated with the characters and flaunting your skills as a writer/narrator.

World Oriented

These narrators can be aptly termed as Gods. They know everything that is happening in a story and will let the reader know it. The best part about this narrative, is that since the reader knows everything prior to the characters his anticipation to know their reaction increases.

Example- Unwind by Neal Shusterman.
Verdict – An optimized way to keep the reader well updated with the characters and flaunting your skills as a writer/narrator.

Greatest Question: In what tense does the story take place?

Another question we all come across is “What should be the tense of the story?”, to be honest it depends on how we Sequence the Plot

That’s it for today, writers! I’m glad you invested your time in reading this article. If it turns out helpful, then be sure to comeback next week to learn the power of foreshadowing.

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