Stolen Dreams

The worst part about today’s situation,
is not that we don’t dream.
On the contrary, we have a million dreams!
Dreams, so intense that on turning true
they would shake the society’s foundation.

The rainbow of love would shine high,
Unfazed by the people’s judgement no soul would cry.

The unicorns would be our daily ride.
A ride that we would stride with our
chest swollen with pride.

Ink would flow all over our skin,
We would flaunt them openly with our raised chin.

9-5 would no more be a standard life,
Freedom would be our very first wife.

But, oh, still they say we don’t dream.
Little do they know, it’s them who have
chosen our life’s every stream.
Little do they know, they’ve stolen our
favorite cake’s best cream.

©The Honest Fabler

©Image Source- Google Image

29 thoughts on “Stolen Dreams

  1. This made me sit for a while n think about my life whether is it what i want or should i dream more…amazing post bro! ✌

  2. Interesting! I do dream of a world where part-time jobs are not only for students… I don’t think I’m the only mother who dreams to be able to work only part-time in my field, but cannot.

    Also, unicorn ride. ♥

        1. I got a glance of your blog from the community pool, and absolutely loved the poem. It’s so true, how we get succumbed into our daily life with little or no less time left for our dreams, oh!! and how it takes a toll on us.

          1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot that you took out time to checkout my blog and even share your thoughts on it. And oh! You’ve fablers and I’m a Fabler. That’s nice! Hello, fellow Fabler. 🙂

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    1. Hello, why don’t you mail me through the contact page. It’ll be better for us to communicate. Sorry for the late response.
      Hope you have a great day 🙂

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