Hunger Games

The baker’s son walked out the door
with a burnt bun and a swollen cheek.
“Feed it to the dogs!
You useless thing.”
Yelled his mother after him.

Moments later the pain
was replaced by satisfaction
when the homeless girl ate
after a week of starvation.

©The Honest Fabler(Hunger games- excerpt)
©Cover credits- Google Images

17 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. Aww, so many. Some of the famous ones are sherlock, maze runner, harry Potter and narnia. I need to read divergent series, though. Every other pending series would have to wait until next year. XD
    You know why. This year, no shit.

      1. Lol, yeah I am. XD
        I have exactly 30 minutes of break in my whole day, divided into five parts which gives me exactly 6 minutes every time I rest. Hence, the frequency is more as compared to the amplitude. XD

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