Announcements & Much more.

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers!

I’m very excited to announce that Occult of Strigoikirk is about to end in the next 2 episodes! But due to the hectic submissions–an engineering student is tortured with– that are to be done, I will be posting the Tenth part in the middle of the week and the Finale on the scheduled Saturday. Hope you guys understand!

Also, the guest post for today has been delayed due to the same reasons. The brilliant writer who was going to do a guest post is, (un/)fortunately, an engineering student as well. So, next week is going to be one interesting week for The Honest Fabler.

And how can I forget THF has reached an amazing number of 604 following bloggers + 1630 Facebook followers + 23 Email followers = 2257 total followers! Now that calls for another party since we’re not even 4 months old yet!

Best wishes to everyone for the upcoming week and don’t forget to stay tuned. Be happy and stay awesome, peeps!

Much love,

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21 thoughts on “Announcements & Much more.

          1. Well, most probably I would go for some ‘honours’.
            ‘Cause I see my brother studying all year long for every papers held ever so frequently.
            (the above statement seems so paradoxical, ’cause my brother’s always in a room, so I barely see him anymore… XD )

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