Unpunctual Epiphanies.

Dabbing her gorgeous grey eyes with a tissue, she knew her devil angels are mocking her.

She has waited a while, that lasted for decades, to marry and leave her reserved family. No one else was happier than her when the day finally came.

A broad smile stuck on her face during exchanging rings,  and even while completing the seventh vow. Then what went wrong? She silently screams.

Yes she remembers it crystal clear. It was her father’s then mother’s then her annoying grandparents’ goodbye hug that made her realize what she’s losing. Her whole life has slipped through fingers like dry sand. It happened less than an hour ago.

And now she sits beside a man that she barely knows, one she’s now named after, and cries her heart out. Dabbing her gorgeous grey eyes with a tissue, she smiles at her naïve self and giddy ups for a new life to discover.

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The Antiques Collector.

“I’ve always been fascinated by such old antiques.” The actor-turned-collector told his audience on the inauguration of his art museum.

The people were overwhelmed on discovering  their beloved personality’s passion.
On one corner of the stage, however, his 6 year old daughter wondered why her father has sent her grandpa and grandma to Old Age Home.

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A plenary bond.

I loved her the most,
since the very first time I saw her.
Keeping her happy & safe
has been everything I ever cared about.

Years later, letting her marry the
love of her life was my bravest decision.
But my heart cried the most to see
my sister walk away from me.

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Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)

Complete Parts:

  1. Occult of Strigoikirk(The first)
  2. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Second)
  3. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Third)
  4. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fourth)
  5. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Fifth)
  6. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Sixth)
  7. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Seventh)
  8. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Eight)
  9. Occult of Strigoikirk (The Ninth)
  10. Occult of Strigoikirk(The Tenth)
  11. Occult of Strigoikirk(Grand Finale)

   “What is happening?” Aaron bangs his hand on the table, startling Audra and Lonzo.
“That’s expected.” The eagle-turned-man is walking with a slow pace while one of his handmaiden is covering him with a robe and the other is tightening it. Once they are done, they bow in front of him and leave.
“Where are we?” Aaron snaps aloud, making it clear he is no mood of a gossip.
“Relax, brother. Or shall I say ‘bro’ as they’ve abbreviated it.” He looks over his shoulder at the table where Aaron’s friend are glaring at the two men.

   As Aaron’s brother makes his way, a man comes running in & speaks in a language that Aaron fails to recognize. His tone is rushed and coated with shallow breaths. The only word Aaron understands is when the man addresses his brother as “Majesty”. Majesty’s mood is changed in a snap and he drags Aaron by his elbow into another room.
“Come with me—” Aaron’s attempts to free it are in vain, he is much stronger than tiny Aaron. Like I have a choice.


   On the table, the food is untouched. A sense of tension is covering everyone’s mind.
“Isn’t this an illusion?” Randy shrugs,     “I haven’t really lost two of my best friends, have I?”
Lonzo puts a hand around Randy’s shoulder and wraps him in a hug.
“No matter how many times we’ve fought, I’d never wish something like this happen to any person. Let alone Stephen and Matthew. This is real, my friend. More than anything can ever be right now. And the worst of all, it’s the fact that it isn’t over, yet.”


   The lavish room that Aaron is brought in certainly belongs to his brother.
“Marvellous.” Aaron snaps out of the trance on his cue. “Isn’t it? It took 2 days to complete but a lot more time than that for me to earn it.” His expression is scorned. The candle lit atmosphere gives him a halo effect and somehow Aaron’s attitude towards him is changed.
“What do you remember about me?” Another question, bah! I thought he was going to answer my questions.
   “What about you?” Aaron answers after a thought.
   “Good, just what I hoped.”
“You wanted me to not remember anything about you?” Aaron tilts his head, the knots getting complex with every minute.
“Yes. That isn’t the point, however. My magic is trustable. So, let’s start where it started. I’m Asher, your elder—” “Brother.” Aaron takes a seat on the king sized bed and leans in for a tale he would surely want to hear.


   After 10 minutes of comforting each other Lonzo, Randy and Audra have made peace with their circumstances and have decided to be ready for any worse situation. The maids that helped the eagle-man return. Lonzo and Randy have a tough time keeping their eyes off the overexposed cleavages and sleek hourglass figures. The robes that the maids wear only cover their breasts and a tiny area around the hips, unlike the man who welcomed them. Realizing that they’ve been staring for quite a long time they shake their heads. Surprisingly the maids are gesturing Lonzo and Randy to follow them. Without hesitating, Randy gets up but waits for Lonzo to accompany him.
“Come.” The handmaidens return, giggling and take him holding his hand in their own.


   Surprises of the day will never end, Audra knows and thus when she is made to sit near the door of a wide-spread forest along the river that is ignited by strange objects underwater she isn’t much surprised. After checking the temperature of water a maid comes to her. Without any word she begins to strip Audra off the dirty clothes filled with mud. It was something Audra wanted to do since she got out of the stony slide but she didn’t hope someone else to do it for her. Itchetucknee.jpg

Embarrassed and bare she rushes into the water and just the touch of it makes every muscle of her body relax. The water level is hardly up to her abdomen but she folds her legs to conceal herself. The maid that guided her over here is fuelling her dirty clothes in a hearth across the tiny pond. Once she’s done, she steps in the pond and makes Audra sit on a platform near the shallow end of it. Initially, the maid starts with cleansing her feet with a rocky scrub and now begins to massage her smooth back. With every minute Audra’s queasiness is ebbing and is being replaced by a feeling of comfort. Why isn’t this permanent. With a deep sigh she rests her head and closes her eyes.


   “I wasn’t a part of the Earth?”
“Ah, this isn’t one of those dumb mortal’s movie, brother. I’m talking about humans, you weren’t a part of those humans. You were born like me, a strigoi.”
“Born a Strigoi? Ioan told me Strigois are undead people, like zombies!” At this Asher laughs rolling on his back.
“I don’t know who this Ioan is but he sure has a great sense of humor. Zombies are nothing compared to us.” His vision sharpens in an instant, the hair on his bronze colored body grow with a rapid pace. His hands turn to paws and his back bends into an arch. Within the blink of an eye Asher changes into a bear. Aaron bounces off of his seat and hides behind the bed.Y5K0HVy.jpg

When he pokes out to look if the bear is gone, he is staring at a naked Asher.
“We Strigois are shape-shifters and we can do magic. Those humans have various names for us. Wizards, Necromancer, Alchemist, Enchanter and Strigoi. The name Strigoikirk was given to the village that you stayed in because those humans are the descendants of our worshippers—” Aaron is ever so thankful to the maid that comes in and stops Asher from speaking another word. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to know more about what he is, but he cannot bear to stare at a naked man for so long, having a conversation with him would be a far-fetched idea.
“Come, Aaron. It’s time for us to get clean.”
“But, what about—” “No buts, brother. I can’t bear that human stench coming from you.” And with a disgusted face he walks out of the room leaving behind a spellbound Aaron.
“Do I need to tie a leash around your neck or can you follow me yourself?” Asher screams and for some reason Aaron doesn’t mind listening to his elder brother, after all family is what he has been fancying all his life.

To be continued…
PS- I know I’m late, again. But this time I’ve complete the further parts! “The Sixth” will be posted on next Saturday. Thanks a lot for the support and being an avid reader. Kudos to you!
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My Precious Valentine

Dear Valentine,
Sorry for being late, I know I’ll be late to meet you since it’s midnight and I’m not yet asleep. I even forgot to turn on the light in Ava’s room. She’s been having tough time sleeping alone and I’ve been putting her to the deeper part of sleep myself, lately.
Let’s not talk about me, let us talk about you! How are you? I know you’ve missed me cause I’ve missed you, too much. The last time we met, I truly enjoyed your birthday cake! I still feel the rich chocolaty taste of it and it makes my taste buds tickle. Not that I didn’t like my birthday cake, but yours was the best. Gladly, cakes don’t melt quickly in the winter season.
Are we going to have a cake tomorrow? I’m really confused on how to celebrate our day tomorrow and thus I’m writing this letter. I initially wanted to confess about not having a plan for tomorrow but I guess it would be too embarrassing.

I’m back! It’s 1 a.m. but *dramatically sighs* I finally have an idea! Don’t you think I should get to sleep and stop writing this letter? I don’t know why but it feels so indulging, wow! Why didn’t I ever write you a letter? A documentation of my undying love towards you. A piece of sentiment that we could cherish for life(Be it you or me).
Suddenly, I realize there are so many things that we’ve not done, together. Writing a letter is just one of them. Now, yes, I know we even had them planned but our situations won’t let us complete those so I’ve seized myself from hoping.
But do you remember how we used to stay up all night and talk to each other by making shadows on the curtains of our respective bedrooms? Or how we bunked our school once and got caught! We were so stupid to bunk school and hide in my house while we lived just across the street! Ohh, never did I wonder that I would laugh at it but now it just seems so juvenile. I feel like turning back into a kid and live those days along with you. At least then I’ll have you with me, always.

The time you went to graduate in a foreign country I thought it’ll all be over. The stories that I heard about people who went to study abroad seeded in me a sense of insecurity for us. But the day you returned, you were still mine. The long period that you hugged me at the airport, in front of our families, sure made people turn their heads and get a look at us. I didn’t care, though, nor did you and I know that’s where it all took a climb uphill.
Our parents knew each other, thus our marriage didn’t have a problem at all! A walk down the aisle on the Valentine’s Day and an “You do” was all it took to turn me into your Missus, but only we know how long we had to wait for it to happen. After 2 years of successful marriage conceiving Ava was helluva task! The burned herbs that you inhaled deteriorated the count and quality of your children, nevertheless, I remember how happy I was to finally hold tiny and healthy Ava in my hands. Her smile was something that was forged in our hearts, don’t you agree?
I know you do! She’s one smart kid, too. Her nursery teacher was shocked to come across her smartness when she solved a maths problem of the first grade, and how can I forget about her first play! We were such a happy bunch, why did it happen to us? Why! I still blame your God for this, though I know he doesn’t exist. I’m sorry for this, hon, but listen to me let’s not ruin the fun.

Truly blessed, we were, as you said.

But somewhere I knew that no such thing existed.  

And Indeed it turned true when you decided to follow a diet,

who told you to go and jog in the dawn’s quiet?

Three years ago when you left home for one such run,

you never returned for the morning tea and bun.

An hour later, I got a call from the hospital’s ER,

they told me that they’ve brought you in ’cause you were hit by a car.

Picked up Ava and hurried all the way.

Alas, I reached too late and failed to make you stay.

    When they pulled the oxygen mask off your mouth, I knew it wasn’t a dream. The night before you kissed us good night but now those lips stay still. You were buried six feet under, yet I know you always listen to me, for all the four times I come to visit you annually. Our three birthdays and tomorrow’s anniversary. That’s the only reason why I still struggle to be happy. You didn’t just leave me with an angel, you left behind a part of you. One that will always remind me of you. Happy Anniversary & a Valentine’s day, hubby. We miss you.

Yours Forever,
Eva Adams.

©The Honest Fabler
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My father's a pirate!

I’d been sitting in the crow’s nest on the foremast and enjoying the brilliancy of the glassy ocean when the sky suddenly turned dark and the sea- angrier. The wind blew my hat and I got down to be safer.

“Drop the sails! Wind be turnin’ west, hurry!” My father, Captain Frank Morgan screams from the navigation room. I rush over to the other end of the forecastle deck and loosen the rope that held the sails on the foremast.

“If ye don’t want to die on ye very first sail on board th’ ‘Golden Hind II’ then rush to main deck, Charles Morgan Jr..”

Only if you’d stop screaming. Ugh! I wanted to stop and talk back, but Henry and Louisa- my elder siblings – have warned me not to do so. Each of their first time was hard, but there’s a deadly whirlpool that we’re trying to escape in my case. What a lovely day!

As I open every sail, Sir Morgan gets behind the wheel and struggles to get us out of the strong tides. I hold on to the stairs and get to the navigation room.

The 31.1 meter hull is deserted. Sir Morgan never brings more than one companion on his life size replica of the “Golden Hind” galleon that belonged to the English in 1577. To this day I’ve only heard about it in the bedtime stories that my father narrated, getting on board it is a dream come true! His stories are always about its glory and its journey of 5 times the circumference of our globe. He also marveled on the reason behind its name, Golden Hind, which was previously called Pelican until Sir Francis Drake changed it in the honour of his patron.

Louisa accompanied him for the first time when she turned 10, same was with Henry and now with me. It was my 10th birthday yesterday and I knew my greatest surprise was going to be this! But I didn’t expect him to keep bossing around me and scolding me whenever I called him father. ‘On my ship you address me as “Captain Morgan”, Aye?’ Then he taught me to say “Aye, Aye Captain.”

“Hail th’ wind god! ‘Tis helpin’ us out.” Though his pirate-ish accent seems gibberish to me, I understand he is delighted. The wind has surprisingly turned against the heart of the whirlpool and now we’re heading out of it.

“Yarr! We did it, son. You’d live another day for a sail with your brothers and sisters!” The way he says “brothers and sisters” I wonder if he knows that I only have each of them, nevertheless, I hug him for the brilliant adventure. “Thanks a lot, Sire!”

“You’re most welc-” He chokes before completing the sentence, the ocean is subsiding beneath us. No, it’s sinking away from us, dragging Golden Hind II along with it.

“I hoped the monster didn’t wake up! We’re doomed now, son. Nothing can save us.” His grim face makes me worry, unaware of the danger I climb the ropes to have a better look at the “Monster”.

The water level has greatly decreased now, the monster is swallowing it. We’ll soon be dead!

As we get closer to the monster, the sun clears up and the clouds calm down. The face of the monster, however, brings a smile to my face and I run towards it.

“Hello mom!” I dig my face in her stomach.

“How was your gift, Charlie?” She pinches my cheek and takes me to my father.

“It was amazing!” I jump happily & see that my father’s laughing whole heartedly.

“Sure it was, champ! You did great.” He pats my back and carries me up.

“Next time I want to go with Lou and Henry!” I demand and hug him tight. Through the window on ceiling of the attic the bright moonlight falls on the bottle and I emblazone the glimpse of Golden Hind’s mighty sails forever in my heart.

A replica of “Golden Hind” in a bottle

Recalling the memory of my childhood, I remember the time whence my dad made me sit with him on a mattress on a summer afternoon and he made me close my eyes and imagine that I was sailing in the open ocean on a ship with him. When it came back to me a wave of nostalgia hit me hard! And I thought- What better than writing a fable about it?

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Initiating Collaborations!

Good morning sleepyheads!

I know you’ve wished for a Sunday morning since last Sunday night and are probably still in bed with your coffee or tea, so without consuming much of your time I’ll get straight to it. This past Sunday Riya Rajayyan from AestheticGraphy asked me for a Q&A session on her blog, which I happily agreed to. It turned out great btw! 
From this experience I’ve thought about collaborating with more bloggers! Which would help both the parties be recognized by other’s circle and learn more about each other and make us improve as a blogger and a writer💫.

So, if you have any such ideas or want me write a blog post along with you then feel free to contact me from the Contact Page!

And yes, don’t forget check out the Q&A and Riya Rajayyan’s aesthetically amazing blog!

A very Happy weekend to you! Peace out✌️️

PS- Next part of Occult Of Strigoikirk comes soon, so stay tuned!

Unsighted Love.

“You look prettier under the warm rays of setting sun.”
“Thank you.” She blushed on his sentiment.

Though the light couldn’t enter his eyes,
he never failed to acknowledge the beauty of her heart that called out his name with every ounce of pumped blood.

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Where is everyone?

For centuries we’ve had numerous sightings of UFOs and “mysterious disappearances” of humans & animals alike. Some of these disappeared citizens have claimed to be abducted by aliens.

Some historians even believe that aliens were the ones who’ve helped our ancestors build the marvellous creations commonly known as “Wonders of the World” and other ingenious machines and games like chess.

Then what is it that stops their legacy to turn a reality from a dream?

You’ve guessed it right! Scientific evidence. The lack of scientific proof and the increasing number of hoaxes spread by locals to gain popularity has been highly disappointing. This has led to humans blindfolding themselves from the existence of aliens and treating it as a cringe-worthy topic of fools.(Or at times, a great sci-fi movie, smh.) But how ironic that we forget one small thing, the observable universe is 90 billion light years wide.

Apart from Milky Way it has countless numbers of galaxies and each of these galaxies have stars ranging from 100 bil.-1000 bil. But stars, comets, black holes, white holes, asteroids, or worm holes aren’t everything a galaxy consists of, it has one most essential seed for life- Planets. According to the estimates, the population of habitable planets in our whole universe go as high upto trillions.

Then why isn’t the space filled with spaceships & alien communities!?

The most crucial reason behind it is the expansion of our universe. Universe exapnds at a speed of 67 kms per second in every possible direction. Due to this, the galaxies that lie beyond the local group stay forever beyond our reach. Say you had a very fast space ship that would travel almost at the speed of light and you took off when earth’s atmosphere oxidized for the first time(~2.3 bil. Years ago.) then in today’s date(Feb 2017) you’d still be in the vast expanse of vacuum struggling to reach your desired galaxy.

The local group is a group that consists of 54 galaxies, including our Milky Way, and are mostly dwarfs. Our Milky Way, however, is an average sized spiral galaxy which has 20 billion sun like stars. One-fifth of these stars have a planet in the habitable zone. The habital zone is a distance which isn’t too close to the star nor too far. Even if 0.1% of these planets harboured life, we’ll have a million planets with life in our own galaxy!

So where are the aliens that want to destroy humanity or best case scenario, shake hands with us?

That’s where Fermi Paradox comes in. Fermi paradox is named after Enrico Fermi, who once quoted “Where is everyone?”

There have been varied attempts to explain this paradox, concluding each of them I know: The probability of intelligent extraterrestrial life is very rare but chances are they haven’t yet contacted us OR they are yet in their initial stage thus making it tough to even to interprete our simple signals.

And if the latter is true, then humanity might be the first species to advance as a civilization & explore interstellar travel.

There’s not enough knowledge that can prove that we’re alone in the whole universe and vice versa. But there’s only one way to find out! Until then we, thinkers, have no boundaries to our imaginations.

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