18 thoughts on “The Pokémon diary.

  1. Damn you brought the memories back.
    I actually walked 40kms, like yeah 40kms, just in my area with that game open. Will reinstall it again someday soon after the exams

  2. I’m a Pokemon Go addict. I’ve been ferociously holding down 15 gyms in my area for months. I started a battle group on FB with over 300 members and we go together to stack gyms. There’s a page, a battle chat and a social chat. We have a gorgeous park near me with all the uncommons, rares and very rares. My top tier is maxed out and my second tier is close. I completed a NA dex a long time ago and was glad to see Gen 2 come out. So far, I have 68 of the Gen 2 pokemon. I’ve captured 16,797 pokemon in all and hatched 1330 eggs. I know, without a doubt, that my sidekick in my second book in the Naked Eye series will be playing pokemon when she unravels the next case…lol Love the new transfer method, makes things so much easier.

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