What is Life?

Life is a flower that embellishes our bag of bones,

it is the water that lubricates our throats,

it is a fish– one that goes to the deepest seas but kissing the sky is its only wish,

moreover it is our mother earth,
the mother from whose womb we take birth.

A huge thanks to thegirlonthego8 for the amazing muse! If you guys have a thought about life and can express it in a sentence(unlike me, since I’ve passed the barrier of a sentence) then be sure to check out her BLOGOQUENT Competition and participate in it! Also, don’t forget to explore her diversity rich blogosphere ūüėČ

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Google Images

19 thoughts on “What is Life?

  1. What is life to you is a more meaningful question that what is life. It couldn’t get better if you ask both and congrats you did it in a single sentence. My answer is, magic.

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