Unsaid goodbyes.

As a person who’s fond of pets(fishes, in my case), losing even one seems saddening enough. I’ve took care of fishes since last 4 years. Currently I have 4 gold fishes(two of which are 3 years old and the other two a couple of years old.) and 2 freshwater sharks(both 3 years old.). Prior to this I’ve had the good fate of taking care of many other fishes but these are the ones who’ve stayed. The most recent ones are Herbie and Azure, both are Betta fishes. They’ve been closest to me since they were a birthday gift from a person very close to me. But last night when I returned home I realized, Azure has stepped in the afterlife. I hope his soul finds a solace and rests in peace.


You arrived on the day I turned old.
In the bright sunlight you gleamed so bold,
I adored you every morning as if you were gold.

The wings you had were the brightest blue,
Which is why I named you Azure.
Pronounced as Az-u-re(~ray) and not the classic “æʒ(j)ʊə”.

Never thought our journey would end so quick,
You’ve been with me in times thin and thick.

I promise, I’ll never forget you.
For ours was a bond stronger than superglue.

PS- Yes, I talked to my fishes(still do). No, I’m not crazy. I’m Aquaman *evil laugh*

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Google Images

38 thoughts on “Unsaid goodbyes.

  1. This is really sweet! It brought back a lot of memories, and I can relate to how you feel.

    When I was 13, I was gifted a Parakeet, who was the first pet I’d had that wasn’t a fish. Being an only child and an animal lover, I grew really really attached to her. Especially because their average lifespan is about 25 years (she was quite young when I got her), I would think about how she would be around when I had kids. Unfortunately, the year I moved out of the house for university – just under 6 years later – she passed in a heartbreaking way. As I wasn’t at home in my parent’s house and was the university hostel, I just remember getting the phone call from my mum and crying nonstop that day. Even to this day, I miss her a lot. She had her own personality and she brought a lot of joy and laughter into the house.

    Now, I have a hamster at my house at uni, and I’m trying so hard not to get attached to her, because I have to part with her in 6 months, and I won’t be able to have another pet for a long time. It’s a heartbreaking thought.

  2. Oh my gosh. Fifi, my male betta fish died 2 weeks ago. Im still so sad about his death. He was 3 years old and i loved seeing him swim in his tiny aquarium :'(

  3. I’m so sorry about your fish xx have 2 rabbits and a dog myself and especially one of the rabbits is quite old, rather frail too these days. She’s seven years old, so maybe we won’t have her for much longer :/

  4. Aww… This is beautiful, though I can’t imagine having a pet and not being able to touch and feel them whenever I wanted.
    I also liked the way you managed to make it rhyme. Beautiful.

      1. I was referring to having a fish as a pet. I don’t know how it’s like, but I would imagine they’re in the water most of the time? I just feel if I had a pet it would be one I could caress and hug and all that. Do you get me?

        1. Aahh, ohh! Didn’t realize it was all a part of one statement. My bad, sorry. Well, most of the time I would just stare at them. I remember once when I was young and didn’t have a smartphone or internet and even my TV was shut down for a month, every morning I woke up to watch them move. I only wish I could caress them or that I’m able to turnn myself so small that I can swim with em!
          It’s a great feeling though, cause you never know what they think of you so it all depends on your imagination ^-^

          1. Haha it’s the other way around actually! I wanted a dog but both my parents work and I’m an only child so no one to take care of the dog or a cat all day. Birds were another option but somehow caging them didn’t feel right. So fishes is what I chose!

  5. Guess this is something every reader can absolutely wholeheartedly relate to! Loved the rhyme and the emotional pain was very well brought into words of the perfect choice!

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