The rants of a lost Wizard.

Locked in the shelf,
never to be opened again.
That’s where my childhood is.



Pages of love, friendship, leadership and nights where we snuck away with the Marauder’s map came together are all but gone.

One can never forget the day when Hagrid brought Harry to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey in Sirius’s flying motor or when they re-united on the stranded island on 31st July 1991!

We grew along the trio, learning through their mistakes, living their adventures, defeating our inner ‘Death Eaters’ and crying our hearts out over the deaths of the most hated Professor Snape or our beloved Dumbledore!.

But who knew that the boy who lived under a staircase would inspire so many from his little acts of kindness like caring for house elves, or his greatest act of putting the Elder wand at rest in Dumbledore’s tomb.(He broke the Elder wand in the movie. Bah!)

From an alphabet to a legacy! The wizarding world has been a haven to all.💜

Joanne’s imagination didn’t only give her fame but us, muggles, a world to believe in.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Ashutosh Gursale

34 thoughts on “The rants of a lost Wizard.

  1. It’s not just an adventure to read, it’s an adventure to live. It’s like living in her world, her magical world!!
    Though you should’ve put “spoilers” in the title. I never knew that he did not break the elder wand in the book because I am yet to read the whole series!
    Cheers! 🙂

  2. Muggle to muggle, I must confess to have gotten a whole lot of magic from my mom’s side of the family. Life gave me a profession were I could let my magician’s flag fly. But, even at home; I practice magic. The key is knowing when to get your kid off the shelf.

  3. Great post as always. Cheers to all Potterheads!

    Oh btw, you may want to check/edit that part above your site title (I’m looking from a mobile view) … I think you may have left that part with its default text because it says “Edit this message in the Customizer”.

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