Why does happiness play hide and seek in our lives?

After waking up this Sunday morning, I decided to dig in my nutella jar but found it to be almost empty. Which made me a little upset but then I wondered why happy moments in our life don’t stay forever. Funny how an empty nutella jar triggered such a deep thought in my mind.

But yes, if we all give a flashback on our lives, there’s always some moments which we wish to change. Which we wish never had happened or if we could erase them from our memories. It hurts me to admit but it’s indeed a fact that these embarrassing or hurtful memories are the most vital ones in our lives. The lack of happiness in those moments ignites our passion to be happier, to work harder and to get better. 

Better, the word itself means to improve. The moment you claim a moment of your life to be the best, you ultimately say you won’t get any better in the future. Mistakes are a part of life. Learn from them and move on and enjoy each phase of your life, for it won’t ever return.

If there were no ups and downs in the rollercoaster of life, what fun would it be to keep going on a plain ride?


So, if you find yourself fondling on your mistakes, let out a deep sigh, turn the lid and spread nutella on it. 😉

Peace out.

How long will you be a passerby, tell me who am I!

​I reside in those lost places that you’ve forgotten the path to. 

I’m that dying flame which you couldn’t save.

I’m the one who’s always been with you, yet you never cared enough to sense my presence.

I’ve seen every step you took, 

from those trembling crawls to the hasty scoots.

Be it the first time you cried over a balloon you couldn’t get,

Or the 7th grade crush who you could never forget.

Over the years we grew, 

together in our own worlds but you never knew.

Why don’t you still see?

Break the bounds and rescue me,

For ’tis true that I’m a dying flame.

Residing in a lost place that you couldn’t name.

But you’re not the one that I blame, 

My anonymity is my greatest shame.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

It’s a summer night, your Wi-Fi & A/C are working good. Your laptop and mobile are low on battery but you’re ever so thankful to your charger.  But what if, right now, there’s a blackout with no definite guarantee to come back any time soon?

(“But we’ve a generator, Ashutosh!” Imagine it isn’t working too.)

What would you do?

Sit alone in the room and wait for it come back like a vampire waiting for night to come? Then why not use this time to do things that you can’t do when you’re busy with your work!

This summer when there was a blackout in our city due to a huge short-circuit in a transformer, that’s exactly what I wanted to do but my lazy limbs didn’t wish to walk. If it wasn’t my grandma, who had come to visit us, to drop her glasses “accidentally” out of the window, maybe I wouldn’t even be writing this blog. After forcing me out of the house it took me another helping hand to find those glasses betwixt the flower garden. The person who helped me was a complete stranger. Only his voice, for me to imagine his face. His silhouette was of a broad shouldered 6 feet man, 3 inches taller than mine. The surprising factor was, he lived in the apartment above mine. And what a shame it was for me to meet him for the first time.(We’ve lived here for a year, now.) That night we didn’t return home. We wandered around for an hour or two, talking about our busy lives. He asked me about my college life and even reminisced his days.

It’s really funny for us to get so busy on the internet, that we forget there’s a life away from the world of web. A life which we exist in, but have our attention invested in the virtual world. There’s nothing wrong with it, though. But excess of anything can be harmful. And on that dark night, I found myself a friend from another generation. 🙂

Wish you guys a happy weekend!

Peace out.

The Value Of Appreciation.

Once when I was returning late back home after a long day, I came across a pet dog in my neighborhood who kept barking randomly at strangers. It was a German Shepherd, and probably an adult. It’s vicious teeth scared many and forced pedestrians to keep as much distance as they could. That night when I reached home, I casually brought up this topic at dinner. My cousin, who grew up with dogs told me about dog’s behaviour being similar to humans. 

“A dog is often like your child. If you keep criticizing it, reprimanding his doings and not even let him out for a walk, what do you expect him to turn into? A joyful buddy who’ll cheer you when you’re sad? That won’t happen unless you give him the equal amount of joy. You see, appreciation and love is the key to spread joy.”

Back then, none of my kin gave it another thought. But today, when I received a great number of good response from many of my friends and some other bloggers, I realized what my dear cousin truly meant.

Our lives have meaning when we do things we love, and above all when others appreciate it. Dale Carnegie, was the writer of “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” which was originally published in 1933 but still remains a bestseller. In this book, he has mentioned in every chapter & on each page how important it is to appreciate people. When we criticize someone, it’s natural that they would feel the need to justify their doing and not see the reason why they’re being bombarded. Carnegie even referred Thomas Hardy, a fine novelist, who left writing fiction forever only because of the criticism he faced. 

And if it’s true for dogs and humans, then it might be true for every living being. Thus, the next time when you want to tell someone to improve at something rather than criticizing them why not appreciate their effort and leave a happy trail. 🙂

We welcome Spidey with a Homecoming.

The most awaited movie for Spidey fans, has finally let us have a sneak peak with an official trailer!

After waiting for decades to see our young superhero join forces with the “Mighty Avengers”, the first installment of the movie comes with the story of his journey to get working with them to save  earth. The trailer was something worth making us look forward for the movie with Robert Downey Jr.(Tony Stark) guiding Tom Holland(Peter/Spiderman) on what to do and what not to do in his unique style. 

As a comic reader the Little Upgrade to Spidey’s suit has been a real hype! To see the new suit with some old school features in a live action movie is the greatest gift to us from the movie makers. The image is a still from the first official trailer, where Spidey is seen saving a ship from breaking apart and the Lady Liberty in the back amidst the smoke. It’s going to be a long wait to see the movie in theaters on 7th July 2017. If you haven’t yet watched the trailer, here’s the link: Spiderman Homecoming Trailer(2016)

Peace out.

Today, you fly higher!

​The life I live is the toughest.
Isn’t this the same thought you have before going to bed on a bad day? 

Everyone lives a different lifestyle, have been raised by parents other than yours and even have different opinions from each other. But that doesn’t mean that our lives are any better or worse as compared to that of others. “Nothing’s new under the sun”, they say, which is indeed the truest line of all. In the last 200,000 years since modern humans have existed, we’ve always got better at learning things the hard way. We’re a species who always make mistakes before learning something. That’s how we are, that’s how everybody you know is. Stop giving your life a hard time by judging it with someone else’s who has a great instagram profile that makes you think they’re cool. Of course one might be cool, but that doesn’t mean their life is flawless, or even if it is, it is because they’ve worked hard and/or still do. You can never know a person better than they know themselves, so next time before telling that dude, who you think has a  girly handwriting and eventually might be gay, wait for a minute and look at yourself in the mirror.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I don’t mean to say that I’m a person who’s a saint amongst all and you’re the one at fault, but I’m just a person who’s fed up of people willing to feel superior by making others feel bad over how they live, what they choose to do, and how they look. I represent every person who has something special in them but can’t express it as our society’s termed it a “Taboo”when I say ‘Let us live the way we wish to.’ 

For some people this talk won’t mean a thing, while some wouldn’t even care enough to read. And it’s completely okay. Whatever the case be, remember that you’re the only person who can be you, so be the best at it.💜

Ruminate joy in your heart, cause you're worth it.

     “You’re a liar, you never loved me.” She shrieked at me, holding back a nervous breakdown.                          “No. I cared for you more than anybody else, but you never saw it. You lived in your own utopia going around disrespecting my efforts to show you I cared, to show you how much I loved you, and how much you meant to me. You were never concerned if I loved you, until I stopped loving you. Don’t you see? You’ve hurted me time and again, but now, I can’t lose the last bits of self respect I’ve left with me.If you feel I didn’t love you, then so be it. But you should know that you were everything to me and still are, but I am afterall a human with a heart and bones. There’s only so much I can take. Good bye.”
But it was only a nightmare. 3 months had passed since she called him a liar and he still wishes he could tell her all he had burried in his heart.

The person I’m referring to, isn’t anyone or any guy in particular. It could be anyone. I’ve known many people closely who have experienced the same nightmare and wished they had said it at the right time.

But could unveiling your emotions out in the open change anything?

Yes. Though it won’t help fixing what’s wrong. It’d stop those recurring nightmares. It would stop the guilt of hurting your self-respect for someone who didn’t value you at all ’cause you were “fat” or “skinny” or not up to their “standards”. Caring about your self-respect doesn’t make one a selfish person, not at all. One can argue that you didn’t want to hurt the person more, but aren’t you a person as well? Don’t you have emotions, too?                                         Of course these are just my views and I may be wrong, but think again and give yourself a little more love and appreciation you need. You’re always worth being cared for, especially by yourself. 

Midnight visitor

In the palace of mirrors, one midnight,
An angel came to enlighten my mind.
He taught me what’s wrong & taught me what’s right.
The good, the bad and just a few tricks to make situations light!

He told me I was the one who’d change the world.
From a single soul to millions, I’ll help ’em learn!
At which I laughed and said, “Little do you know me, I ain’t a God.”

Patiently he smiled, his expression unfazed,
I wondered if he’s an angel or a crazed!

Breaking the silence he heaved a sigh,
“Don’t you see that you have it all?
The knowledge of your ancestors and
the gift of your youth.

You’re the one who can,
You’re the one who should!

Persistence is the ultimate start,
It is what you need to leave a mark.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so remember,
Time is what it would cost.
Patience will be your guiding light along the path,
Don’t you lose it for a second unless you layoff.

Hardships that come your way are so vital,
Without facing them what would be the story of your survival?

The luxuries you see are all a mirage,
Hardwork is the key to earn yourself a taj.

Napoleon as a boy dreamt of a world that was utopian,
So did Hitler and so did the Great Genghis Khan.

They were all dreamers just like you, son,
Now go, ’cause it is time to wake up and make it veritable!”